advantages and disadvantages of online classes during lockdown

In this article, I mention a Few points about The Advantages & Disadvantages of this Lockdown. Kumar added that the disadvantage would prove particularly unwieldy when it’s exam time. The after effect management is what is missing today. The common approach unfortunately stops with this ie. In today’s time, when both parents are working, it is difficult to do the tasks given by the schools,” she explains, adding how the school has shown no initiative to connect with the child. But there are also those that are failing miserably at this shift. What’s going on in the world right now is very strange, as there’s never been anything like it before. Instead of online class school can have online class in tv channels. The Indian government has been pushing for initiatives on the same lines by making lessons available on DTH platforms. According to the statement, the internet exposure puts children at the risk of “online sexual exploitation and grooming, as predators look to exploit the Covid-19 pandemic”. So while the environment gets challenging and disruption rules the day, the government which incidentally has been exemplary in demonstrating their preparedness and approach to fighting COVID-19 on healthcare & state administration may wish to also set up a High Powered Special Education Task Force on the lines of the Economic Task Force to tackle the disruption this virus has caused to lakhs and lakhs of young minds of the country. Even teachers are not used to teaching online. Giving a global perspective, UNESCO noted, “Half of the total number of learners — some 826 million (82.6 crore) students — kept out of the classroom by the Covid-19 pandemic, do not have access to a household computer and 43 per cent (706 million or 70.6 crore) have no internet at home, at a time when digitally-based distance learning is used to ensure educational continuity in the vast majority of countries.”, Also Read: States free to declare early summer break for schools if they wish to, says HRD minister. Even though it still needs internet connection, but still can work with spotty and patchy networks. SK4 3HB, Bromsgrove Office 13 New Road, Bromsgrove The student have a interest in that class which will be offline and the student can ask doubts how many times he wants so stop this nonsense online classes. India too had no choice but to enforce a school lockdown to ensure protection of one of our most precious young human resources. 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Otherwise, the school has moved into online teaching very smoothly.”, Barna Chowdhury, a banker and mother of an 8-year-old living in Jharkhand, has a very different story to share. You never know the opportunities learning can bring! With best wishes for betterment always, UNESCO, meanwhile, has advised “the use of community radio and television broadcasts” as alternatives “to lessen already existing inequalities”. Many don’t own a smart phone, especially those from economically poor backgrounds. These vary from a disruption in lesson plans continuation to half baked information that may have parents allowing children to play in the building compound during this period instead of following social distancing norms to a sudden breakage in the Teacher – Child – Parent interaction to disturbance in the flow of students who have been toiling hard to prepare for annual examinations to even something as rudimentary as explaining to smaller children about what has really caused the school to shut down. during classes for weaker subjects and stay on top of homework since they have trouble get it all down cause the teacher goes too fast. Rather than benefits it is burden for parents and tiny brains of our children. “It has its own share of disadvantages too. Objective: During COVID-19 pandemic, the institutions in Pakistan have started online learning. correlations between what you do and another team within the business and from This task force should quickly draw up guidelines and FAQs on 5 critical areas for both K-12 and Higher Education sectros. One thing which I find missing in this article is about potential harm for students under age 10 about 5 to 7 hours of exposure The Indian government has been pushing for initiatives on the same lines by making lessons available on DTH platforms. Some others have moved classes to Microsoft Teams. If you are one of those individuals who is living in a lockdown than you should read the advantages and disadvantages of lockdown – “Under the shadow of Covid-19, the lives of millions of children have temporarily shrunk to just their homes and their screens. Prabhjot Singh Khurana, French Teacher at Alliance Française de Delhi, notes that discussions during video sessions, interactive online games like Kahoot, screen sharing, tests conducted through customised portals and homework submission platforms, are some of the tools employed in favour of a seamless learning experience. Schools have been shut to prevent the spread of the virus and this has given way to online classrooms, a very new concept in India even for the most sophisticated schools. 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