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Bill's name, too, remains shrouded in secrecy. He is a valuable follow if you are interested in either college basketball or the NBA. Former major league slugger Canseco is one of the most entertaining follows on Twitter, regardless of category.

ESPN's senior baseball writer has amazing sources throughout the league and is quick to share the big news with his Twitter followers -- after running it through the ESPN desk first. His random tweets -- sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes somewhere in between -- can be entertaining as well. The National Baseball Hall of Fame's official account tweets historical information, and is an excellent follow for fans who care about the game's past. You can additionally follow the entire Top 50 list on Twitter via here. A veteran of the Kansas City Star and Sports Illustrated, his feed is full of insights, quick-hitting analysis and whimsical reflection befitting the slow-paced game. Brian Flood, Comedian, @BrianSFlood — Flood used to work with me at CBS, then he worked for years as the Assistant to the Director of Officiating with the NFL.

He's unafraid to wage war against the NCAA about injustices, while still maintaining his cool one Young Jeezy lyric at a time. It's almost laughable what they want us to believe.

Adrian Wojnarowski, NBA Columnist, Yahoo Sports, @WojYahooNBA, 214k Followers. The co-host of ESPN's SportsNation is one of the most entertaining follows on Twitter. @VernonWells10 you need to get in shape for an adult softball league or something?

Matthew Berry,, @MatthewBerryTMR – The face of Fantasy Sports, with a book, “The Fantasy Life,” hitting shelves this coming summer. Pat Forde, College Sports, Yahoo Sports, @YahooForde, 143k Followers. Axford has two things you probably don't: a professional baseball career and an epic mustache. Dan Wolken, National, The Daily, @DanWolken, 13k Followers. He's someone whose opinion should carry weight on virtually all MLB transactions. Olney's been in the baseball reporting game for a long time, and his status as a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine makes him a go-to source for news and information. A longtime sports writer, he's covered the NFL for and boxing for Forbes. We’ve spent many a drunken night in NYC before our Tout Wars drafts. An added bonus of following this account? He died in 1897, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be resurrected for this life in order to haunt us. Kay is all over the latest news in English Premier League, including transfer news, lineup changes, and keeping up with the drama that seems to always find itself attached to the most important soccer league in the world.

The curator of Hot Clicks tweets about everything from attractive ladies to hilarious viral videos to New York Sports -- he's a huge Yankees fan. Jeff Barton,, @JeffScoreSheet, Charlie Wiegert,, @GFFantasySports, Jon Aisner,, @theFantasyBums, Dan Curran,, @yetivedder, Howard Bender,, @RotoBuzzGuy, Brett Talley,, @TheRealTAL. Jones is one of the world's top feature writers - just read any of his Esquire stories. Deitsch is the person that will keep you updated of all of the events outside of the sports world in the smartest manner possible. Chapman's fastball is about 15 mph harder than mine. writer Law breaks news and offers analysis in 140-character bits. Twitter, of course, is about interaction, and few accounts engender better interaction on hot-button issues than the one run by the folks at MLB Reports. Jimmy Traina, Hot Clicks, Sports Illustrated, @JimmyTraina, 30k Followers. King breaks news like Schefter and Glazer, but his best attribute is delving deeper and telling us what it all means. He covers the Houston Astros mostly, but because covering the Houston Astros just is not much fun, Levine also has plenty to say on wider MLB topics. 60' net, L.A. Coliseum.2. John Ourand, Media, Sports Business Daily/Journal, @Ourand_SBJ, 18k Followers. Jaffe is a Hall of Fame guru and general stathead, working for Baseball Prospectus. As one might guess, Jazayerli makes up the other half of "The Baseball Show with Rany and Joe." He isn't afraid to rib his followers a bit when he gets the preposterous trade proposals that are an inevitable byproduct of the profession, but he isn't rude or dismissive.

!” In the end, I decided to just link to it instead. Tristan Cockcroft,, @SultanofStat — Cockcroft was my mentor coming up at CBSSports, which was then Michael Schlact is no star in the making. He is an individual, independent mind, and a smart guy. #hurtbyomission, — Fantasy Baseball (@therotofeed) March 29, 2013. It was hilarious, but also the sort of scathing satire the The Platoon Advantage has raised to an art. Josh Katzowitz is a staff writer at the Daily Dot specializing in YouTube and boxing.

This is not an exhaustive list, just the ones I happen to follow. @davidgonos Wow, dude. He gives an inside baseball look into the journalism world and is a great resource to anyone in or thinking about joining the journalism industry. Derek Van Riper,, @DerekVanRiper, Joe Sheehan,, @Joe_Sheehan, Steve Gardner,, @SteveAGardner. It's also the fastest and most concise means of communicating just about any message that we have in the world today.

He is the lone full-time employee on the writing side of the site, but his quality outweighs their lack of quantity in coverage. He's also good for an amusing tale or two about travel struggles in airports around the country. Logan Morrison (@LoMoMarlins) gets relatively few public references … It covers the big events like Tim Tebow heading to the Jets that everyone wants to know about, but also provides fantastic coverage of lesser-known free agent signings that fans want to read about. This former Dukie is one of the most entertaining college basketball analysts in the nation.

Kepner is the New York Times' national baseball writer. Jason McIntyre, General, The Big Lead, @TheBigLead, 36k Followers. Few understand the power of social media or even the Internet as well as Simmons. Despite a whopping 1.5 million followers, Yankees star Swisher is still grounded enough to tweet with fans about things like video games, fantasy baseball and birthdays. Greg Ambrosius, Stats LLC, @gregambrosius— I starting reading Greg’s Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football columns in magazines dating back to the early ‘90s.

You’ll definitely want to follow Dobish, then. He runs the fake Fantasy sites and once ate a Dorito that was shaped like Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton. And secondly, writers/readers will be letting me know which Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts that are awesome and I just don’t know. She also isn't afraid to give some behind the scenes access to life at ESPN. Miami Marlins outfielder Morrison may be the bigs' biggest bro.

Albert Breer, NFL, NFL Network, @AlbertBreer, 68k Followers. He also is clearly one of the hardest working guys in the business and that's reflected in his smart Twitter feed. Probably the funniest baseball account out there. So we have attempted to try to make the clutter easier to navigate for sports fans and followers by assembling a list of the 50 sports writers/media figures that diehards should follow to stay in touch and up-to-date on the latest and most valuable sports information on Twitter.

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