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A: This is the only sentence that clearly expresses the correct meaning. Reading books, listening to the radio, watching informative shows on the television and communicating with others also help improve the fluency in a language. Which of the following sentences is the clearest? It tests what you learned on our basic grammar rules page. 1. When two singular subjects are connected by or, use. D. Owing to her tardiness, she was given detention. D. I don’t want to have to repeat you better think twice before reconsidering.

In the example given, “student” is a general term and the specific student is not identified.

D. The student, who is limping, had a broken leg last summer. 3.

Choose an answer to complete each question. “Goodly” was an archaic form of the adjective “good” that is no longer used, but it is not an adverb. D. I drove for 30 years and then I got into my first accident. You better think twice and reconsider. 8. E.g: Oh its over their.

8. Here’s the grammar quiz experts claim only those with an above average IQ can ace. C. I was driving for 30 years when I got into an auto accident. Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holds. 8. 6. The doctor has photos at different ages of his children in his office.

2. 1. Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? You'll find scoring information and links to more grammar quizzes underneath the quiz below. A. Talking about where something is.

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“What” is not used to introduce a relative clause; it is used to introduce a nominal or noun clause (e.g. B. B. Using a semicolon is incorrect; a semicolon is used to separate two independent clauses (as in this sentence). a) a large letter b) a capital letter. B. I don’t want to have to repeat this.

A. more prettier B. prettier C. pretty D. prettiness. E.g: Their annoying. Colons are used to introduce lists of items following complete sentences, to introduce a sentence (or sentences in some cases) that explains or illustrates the preceding sentence, and in business letter salutations. Let's see how well you do! Take The Ultimate Grammar Fill In The Blanks Quiz. Choice C is the only one that clearly expresses all of this information. Which of the following sentences is the clearest? This matter is strictly between ________. 4. “I know what you did”). Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? The doctor in his office has photos of his children at different ages.

If an opinion-adjective and a fact-adjective are used before a noun, which comes first? “At different ages” does not modify the photos (as it does in choice B) or the doctor (as it does in choice D) but the children. “Clear” is also an adjective. “more pretty”). True/False. The pronoun “whom” is only used as an indirect object (e.g. C. The other witness, what was my brother, arrived later. One you get an idea of the rules for a sentence structure the next stage is learning how to pronounce the words you write and their meanings. The Basic grammar test below is designed to help you improve and test your English grammar skills. Each test contains 10 questions. D: The relative/adjective clause modifying “witness” should be introduced with the pronoun “who” since it refers to a person.

Total English Grammar - Basic … “Laid” is not a tense of “to lie” but the past tense of “lay,” a transitive verb (one that takes an object), as in “He laid down the law” or “She laid the book on the table.” “Lain” is the past participle of “to lie” used in the present perfect tense (“She has lain on that bed for hours”) and in the past perfect tense (“We had lain there for an hour before the phone rang”). This basic English grammar quiz helps to acquaint your child to the beauty of language and the necessity of grammar. D. The other witness, who was my brother, arrived later. 4.

After finishing a test, you can review your answers. “Lay” is the past tense (“She lay down last night”). B. I had been driving for 30 years when I finally had the accident. “…help you write books”). Grammar quizzes are great tools for helping you figure out what you know and what you don't know. When giving advice about a specific situation and implying “or else,” the auxiliary verb “had” is used together with the adverb “better” plus the main verb (“reconsider” in this example). B: Prettier is the comparative form of the adjective pretty. a large letter a capital letter. The first letter of the first word in a sentence should be. Does it matter if you don't use apostrophes? Tests and exams for all levels: elementary, beginners, intermediate, secondary and advanced. In British English, a collective noun is usually treated as, © 1997-2020 All Rights ReservedThe world's premier FREE educational website for learners + teachers of EnglishEngland • since 1997, a) Subject-Verb-Object b) Verb-Object-Subject, a) a fact-adjective b) an opinion-adjective, a) the same meaning b) different meanings, a) You're looking good b) Your looking good. Saying someone is something. All information on this site is provided as is, without warranty. Therefore, the description is essential and no commas are used. Instructions may be available for each test. By ALHonestyBox | Last updated: Oct 23, 2018, Grammar Quiz: Test Your Grammar Knowledge With Questions. “Prettiness” is a noun, not an adjective, and hence cannot modify another noun.

An easy test is to remove one of the pronouns: you wouldn’t say “between I” but “between me” (even though “between” makes no sense with either word), just as … You better reconsider this again. A. I had 30 years of driving experience when I first had an accident. The other choices all have misplaced modifiers. The student, who is limping; had a broken leg last summer. Give it a shot and keep an eye out for more. B. Since we are giving information away, we cannot be held liable for incidental mistakes. The other witness, which was my brother, arrived later. The correct answer, then, must be an adverb indicating how the person being addressed in the sentence will write.

C: The infinitive of the verb is “to lie.” “Lie” is also the imperative (e.g. Once you have that information, you can focus on the areas in which you need the most help. The other choices make it sound as if the writer drove continuously for 30 years before getting into an auto accident. C: The photos are of the doctor’s children; the children are at different ages in different photos; and the doctor has these photos in his office.

“Good” is an adjective, not an adverb. An easy test is to remove one of the pronouns: you wouldn’t say “between I” but “between me” (even though “between” makes no sense with either word), just as you wouldn’t say “without I” but “without me.” You wouldn’t say “with she” but “with her.”. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature, A title should have capital letters at the start of each word. 7. Knowing correct grammar will help you write ________. Did you find our English grammar quiz test useful? The Basic grammar test below is designed to help you improve and test your English grammar skills. A: The personal pronouns here are objects modifying the verb “is.” They are connected by the preposition “between.” In such prepositional phrases as “between you and me” or “between her and me,” the pronoun is always objective. The phrase “you better” (A, C, and D) is ungrammatical. C. I don’t want to have to repeat this again. 1. It sounds contradictory and does not make sense. C. The student who is limping had a broken leg last summer. A.

Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? C: When someone is specifically identified, the description in the relative (adjective) clause is non-essential, and is set off by surrounding it with commas (“Pat, who is limping, had a broken leg last summer”). D: When a dependent or subordinate clause comes before an independent clause, the two clauses are separated with a comma. The phrase “…think twice and reconsider” is redundant as well. Choice D lacks punctuation or a connector like “that” between the two clauses. “Her” and “me” are objective (used as objects); “she” and “I” are subjective (used as subjects).

B. Owing to her tardiness; she was given detention. The order of a basic positive sentence is, 3. “Lie down now”) and the present tense (“We lie down at night”) form of the verb. A. The adverb form (“to write clearly”) would be correct, but “to write clear” is not. A. I don’t want to have to repeat this twice. Grammar tests: worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts to print.

B: This sentence could be completed with a noun used as a direct object (e.g. She picked the blue dress because she thought it was ________ than the green dress. The other witness, whom was my brother, arrived later. “Repeat this twice” would literally mean to say it three times. Additionally, the meaning of the phrase “think twice before reconsidering” is unclear.

B: Because the word “repeat” is used in the sentence, “twice” is redundant. Basic Grammar Test Quiz.

“My brother, with whom I spoke, arrived later”) or as a direct object (e.g. “In his office” does not modify the doctor (as it does in choice A) but the photos.

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