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The main factor when a business selects its partners is, of course, the price. 75009 Paris With greater customization on the horizon and the continuing maturation of 3D printing technology, the urban distribution center will be well positioned to ‘print’ products on demand and then package and deliver them just as they do products from inventory.” — Michiel Veenman, Envisioning and Planning the Future Warehouse of 2030, Supply Chain 247; Twitter: @SupplyChain247, 24. The most important tip in mitigating the potential negative outcomes of supply chain disruptions is doing effective and careful pre-planning. Leverage your predicted volumes to reduce price. As Chair (Full Professor) in Supply Chain Strategy at the Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Cranfield School of Management UK, Richard works with European and International companies on Logistics and Supply Chain projects in all sectors including pharmaceutical, retail, automotive, high technology, food, drink and professional services to name a few. Biondo holds a BA degree in History and English from St. John’s University, New York. Moreover, we do not really enjoy email surveys — they are long and time-consuming. 22. Protect yourself by evaluating your supplier’s liability and insurance needs. (��Ҁ �@\�.��*��$!j��iA�P8��Q�0&%${X\\ܐ��TB����5���#���d� During that period AIMS delivered a world class international aid effectiveness management system (ANDMIS) to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan while also modernizing the Land Management System and Mapping the Electrical Service in Kabul. Or should you first spend more of your focus on identifying the best high-level organizational objectives and determine whether your overall logistics strategy contributes to that objective? Steve Murray holds the unique role of both a Principal Consultant and as Chief Researcher for Supply Chain Visions. . Within these organizations, careful tracking of shipments is essential. Within these vendors, you want to work with a combination of asset based companies and at least 2 third-party logistics companies (3pl’s). ), including online forms, to be filled in by the end user (internal or external) prior to submission to ensure that all necessary information is collected from the beginning. The need to predict demand is fairly obvious. My top tip is to acquire an experienced logistician who has great interpersonal skills, is well connected to the logistics/supply chain world (a CSCMP member of course! © 2020 6 River Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Asset utilization jumped by 30-35%. Award transparency to your customers. Set mutually-beneficial goals with your suppliers. Business risks for companies have risen significantly in the last couple of years. Now, your customer generally doesn’t see a distinction between the carrier delivering their order and the company they are buying from; for them it is all part of the same purchasing experience. The logistics value proposition for any company will focus on configuring in a customer relevant way while concurrently enhancing quality, productivity and operational excellence. Big Data may also add significant value when it comes to customer analytics, bringing more agility to model massive volumes of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. Mail Address Secondly, companies need to make sure they have the right people planning, executing and optimizing their transportation network. Work with an organization that doesn’t see you as a “project” but as a “partner” who will share with you their best practices and understanding of emerging trends. 10. Have a Question? According to survey respondents in the “Transportation Management Systems” Study by the Peerless Research group and Logistics Management, the top five areas that are important when focusing on a long term logistics strategy … Which brings me onto my next point…. Educate your company on the benefits of logistics management software platforms. As a result, having an easy-to-find returns policy will enhance the customer experience and reduce the number of inbound customer service calls. In terms of practicalities and in order to simplify the process as much as possible, consider providing a pre-filled returns label. “In the digital age, there are a number of ways you can automate the logistics process, including tracking and monitoring each delivery. Comes from many years working as a consultant to companies in the warehousing and supply chain areas. Business is about growing exceptional current results while building a strong base for the long term. 1. Teams can deploy new technologies to ensure responsible environmental practices such as optimizing truck routes to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions across the supply chain. If you decide you need to have 100 D movers, put them where the warehouse space and labor costs are lowest. Saleable merchandise can be restocked at a later time while unsaleable merchandise should be stored in a designated area in the warehouse to await being scrapped. From Brexit to tariff wars, leaders are facing a growing array of market uncertainties. “Businesses don’t compete; supply chains compete.

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