bloody romance ending

The director knows how to make such ending that doesn’t feel abrupt. LYT has a certain brightness to her that makes Wan Mei likable, and she was continually impressive in key emotional scenes. I Forgot). For a low budget web drama production it was absolutely amazing. It almost felt inconsistent at times. :), Bloody Romance 媚者无疆 Ep 36 FINAL EPISODE [Recap]. The cinematography and the use of chinese painting style animations for flashbacks and narration scenes are other highlights of this drama. LYT and Qu Chuxiao are good, plus they have great chemistry too. How shallow and sad your comment is. They have such strong bond that every time one of them tries to distance his/herself to this other (I lost count), it doesn’t take long before they will find their way to reunite. This is not a show like the usual popular romance dramas, when the couple have push-and-pull back and forward relationship. Loved how he could say so much with just his eyes and body language. And Wan Mei completely breaks down, knowing that Chang An would have been disappointed in her. Wang Duo as Gong Zhi/Pringce Ning,the 2nd lead guy, is also good. Still, it brings me the feeling of watching a wuxia and makes me emotional, because of the love and the hate and the pain and the sacrifices between the main leads (seriously, just by watching Wan Mei-Chang An hugging, I can feel their overwhelming emotions and yearning) .So, just try watching it to know whether you like it or not. You should put attention to the dialogues, coz you may miss something important. She has attachment issues thus failed to see that Chang An is not the only ONE who goes through hell for her. ♦ Ongoing Vision: I, see the yue ying love for the gong zi as little girl’s crushes as the same with wan mei. When did Chang An remind her about his good deeds??? Yes, I agree with people saying that it has a movie quality. Bloody Romance chapter 2. Our heroine, Wan Mei, is a woman who goes through hell and back to become an assassin. Chang An, on the other hands needs wan mei to live. I've watched the entire drama in raw, but everytime a previous episode is subbed, I always rewatch it. She knew when he lied, and she didnt always approve his choices. I won’t lie, I wish for another kind of ending. Don’t get me on the music because it has one of the best opening theme songs I’ve ever heard. All in all it was an OK watch, but wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone. Several scenes looked very pretty, even a simple one. Gong Zi smiles sadly, and leaves. So am I! Regardless, I did enjoy the series and I will watch it again. Wan Mei quickly gains the upper hand, and Cha Luo realizes that Chang An had transferred his internal energy to Wan Mei, allowing her to win the fight. The opening song is indeed beautiful and very touching. He love her not for her beauty but her will to survive; just like him he relates to her. And lastly, Puff Guo should play b**chy characters more often. What do you think I’ve been doing? Everyone has a different taste. Care to elaborate? The fight between Cha Luo and Wan Mei commences in Bi An Dian. lack of communication like proper, functioning adults; frustrating self-sacrificing noble idiocy in later episodes), this drama still exceeded my expectations and is ahead of the curve imo compare to other cdramas showing recently. Wan Mei confronts Gong Zi, that they were merely pawns in his game – and that whatever the ending, he would have wanted Chang An dead. That was a missed opportunity IMO. The cinematography was completely off the charts. The drama indeed truncated but the four characters wan mei, gong zi, chang an and yue ying each have it’s dimension in how they viewed love. For a low budget drama, this is a masterpiece. I was literally throwing my hands up in the air at the end. I also love the cinematography for this drama. As I continue watching, the cinematography is also good. ( Log Out /  Your email address will not be published. vies is one’s perspective. @Dianna, hence I don’t think Wan Mei truly love Chang An. She is ambitious and did not want to lose her power to gain the leadership to Cha Lou. Sitting on her swing, Wan Mei holds her fan. She understood him (that he was in love with Wan Mei but didnt want to admit it) and he understood her (that she loved him and was stubborn and devoted but not as clever as Wan Mei). Much appreciate the hard work , this shouldn’t be bloody romance it should have been bloody cliffhanger, now i will be tormented for several days on whether she decoded the message and went to stay there or she will get married with that bloody prince….. Darnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I definitely cared about WM & CA. The chemistry between the leads was lacking for the first few episodes, but then started to click for me. The way he clenches his jaws and furrows his eyebrows when he was sad, or stares sadly with eyes brimming with tears, these just really get to you. Dianna, personally I think it is the excellent acting of the three leads that really show the dynamics of their relationships. Xing Feng grants them an hour, and Wan Mei wants to escape with Chang An. The title seems perfectly apt for a story that is meant to be both thrilling and provocative. She is THAT idealist, so that she refuses to kill her victims despite being an assasin (which annoys a lot of viewers). Bloody Romance 媚者无疆 is a Chinese web series adapted from a novel written by Ban Ming Ban Mei 半明半寐. , Oh sorry, was gonna say thank you for the recap. The cinematography, costumes and props were gorgeous and you can tell from the directing that they purposely made it like a movie. The themesong kills me every time. In epi 30 something, Ruan Niang confronted Wan Mei, asking her to let go of Chang An. The script was tight (even accounting for the plotholes) and the acting was above my expectations for a mostly newcomer cast. This year there’s a weird trend that the dramas I expect to like are either disappointing, like Fuyao, or meh , like The Rise of Phoenixes (although this one might move up several places of my 2018 chart if I manage to watch it on Netflix with subtitles I can understand). But Chang An is still alive. The chemistry between leads definitely could have been better, the female role lack sincerity, but regardless, I couldn’t stop watching. On Wan Mei characters, she is not just ambitious, but she is also an idealist and righteous . Their acting were definitely above average compare to most young actors whom most of the time, has the look but lack the skill and charisma to pull off complex emotional scene. You should put attention to the dialogues, coz you may miss something important. Money certainly cannot buy class but it certainly can dismiss your ignorance. The role of leading lady seemed to stupid to be accepted. It is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a C dramas. The acting can use a little more polishing, as there are times when I feel like he just goes blank (unlike Li Yitong who is consistent throughout the drama). Every time I re-watch an episode I pick up something new. And each time there is always something new, something that I had missed before, or a reference to the previous events. He manages to portray Chang An who is quite, calm, stoic, smart and reliable, perfectly . Acting from leads and majority of cast was very good. That’s a love of a woman towards a man, who gives her the willingness to make her loved one happy. You cant force someone to love you just because you (think that you’ve made) bigger sacrifices. And I can tell from Li Yitong’s expressions that Wan Mei often feels uncomfortable with the Prince’s advances towards her. Like I didn’t really believe or understand why these characters fell for each other so quickly except for maybe loneliness or desparation. Uhm, I don’t know, Kappy. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I realize we don’t want someone over acting. I’m thinking….WTF????? I certainly wouldn’t have started watching this if it wasn’t for the great early reviews, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed that I watched it. Good, imaginative directing and use of a limited budget. The story is quite interesting and fast-paced. Wan Mei is ambitious just like Gong zi therefore best suited as a couple. Change ), Do leave a comment, and everyone can discuss the show! And in the final episode when she reminisces the past and thinks aloud of Chang An, shows a Wan Mei who has finally made peace with herself, and should I say, is more self-assured. Caught off-guard, Gong Zi is speechless. Did the lead female show any type of concern or urgency about the love of her life being tortured? I felt the finale stayed true to each characters story arc and growth AND it left hope for a happier ending – please bring on Season Two!! This drama was so bloody awesome. It started out addicting but kinda fizzled in the middle but there was enough for me to keep going. While they have been helping tremendously in understanding the plot, the hidden messages and how events are related one to another is the brilliance of the script.

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