botswana study abroad packing list

A tourist hub, Kasane is an amazing place to stay as well, located on the south bank of the Chobe river, it is a jumping-off point for the Chobe-Victoria falls. CIS abroad offers study abroad programs, international internships, and summer study abroad programs to college-aged students in 19 countries, with destinations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Asia, South Africa, and Hawaii. Bri’s Ultimate Packing List for Moving Abroad. You’ll also need to consider how urban the environment is. You may freak out a bit as you try to figure out what to bring, what to leave, and what’s actually essential. Located in Southern Africa, Botswana has one of the most robust economies in Africa and is famous for its wildlife. Students curious about the Namibian culture can even plan a trip with a local tribe to the traditional Namibian village on Imalila Island to observe their ways of life and how they carry out their days. You don’t want to be judged by your new classmates on something so minor, so if you’re expecting to have “cozy days”. You might think you’ll be able to fit everything in one or two bags, but until you really take the time to shove everything in there. ), pack something a bit nicer like leggings and a sweater. This Budget Botswana Camping Safari takes you on an authentic... Short and sweet, this trip combines three of southern Africa's most... An adventure through breath-taking wilderness in the cradle of mankind... On this overland safari you will travel through the diverse landscapes... Join Winterdodger Expeditions for an unforgettable journey through... Our Zambia adventure tours take you to the home of the breathtaking... Study abroad in Ireland for FREE with a full ride scholarship. Most students live in residence halls on campus in double rooms. Simply attend a fashion school to know what to wear and when to wear it. 5 Major Agencies that can help you with Study abroad Assistance. (���-% ��O �)qK@И�������J LQF(� ��������(��N��(:�K�Nh ��)iq@ �������Pu��Rb� F)h�bQ�h� �h�-�� 9�����J(�CE-LQ֖� oZ)Ԕ ���P)i( ��K�1@ F)i1@(�� J)h� ,QKF(�����R�� QF(� QE R�4cژ��������%�zPb�R��QK�(1K�Z) b�(�a�(�- %������������()E� 1h�R�)0��袁���h�bQ�Z 4�M��1A#h�b�Ph�Kҗ �LS�I�`������RP!1F) If you must wear heels, opt for wedges or block heels. �R�Ҋ 1EP0�R� E-�:�K�(���P�(��@ �)h� %��-�\Q@ K�(���1HbQK֖� �--i �R��b�Z(�֛N�c�KF(� CEA’s “program search wizard” allows you to search for programs by field of study, program length, program term, course subject, the language of instruction, and destination. Use the program database to search by term or course. 1 0 obj Decide upfront how much stuff you really want to carry and then stick to it. This is not your average holiday packing list, however. (��&%�PQK�\PQ�E Q�)q@ E.)h����p�Q@Š1K� OΊ\R�iiqE %��b� KE8Si��P)i%��b���bQ�_ʊ`%���L{R�;�!�OA��ZJfm�F(����(��(� ��:PRъ(�R�@ IN��cG�-/ZLPJ1�K�((�� (����R�� U %���� Studying abroad helps you to learn new languages, appreciate other cultures, overcome challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world. However, with a study abroad program, you can have the opportunity to learn with and about a unique culture by diving in and getting hands-on. endobj This is because it helps a student get out of his/her comfort zone to experience another culture, language, environment and education system. 1. Just because you can bring it, doesn’t mean you should. The academic and cross-cultural learning experience revolves around field projects – as there is so much natural, environmental, and social issues in Botswana. )qF((����(� RB�Ɩ�Q�E�hQ�P11�F)߭&(�b�b� �8��� �&)���@��RS���CE:�� F)h��E- �QN�% %�LPR�TQ@ G�K�j1@ �(�� The study abroad program in Botswana is exceptional. How possible is it to learn about all of these people? Jacket for chillier weather – it gets cold even in the desert at night. No matter where you go or when there are a handful of must-have items mostly everybody packs for travel. In most cases, two universities have an agreement to exchange students (hence the term ‘exchange student’) so that these students can study a foreign culture and expand their horizons. How much luggage are you carrying to study abroad? JZ1@ �qF)i? You might love the idea of feeling ultra-chic at that club in Paris by rocking your new stilettos, but walking down a cobblestone road after too many drinks is a very different story. College students can choose from nearly 200 study abroad programs in 40 countries, and high school students can choose from amongst cultural exchanges in 11 different countries: Australia, Chile, France, Ireland, Japan, Spain, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand. At night you could even go to the Trekkers Nightclub, which is especially popular with the locals. endobj )LQ�(�&&(�� J1�KE 6�S�F(�R�@h�ǽ(�(�-'Z 1EPQK�Q@ ��I@���b��(�h�b��6�Z(��QE %�b�����b�փKE 'Z:R�@ ��/�E %)h�h))h���� J(����)i1@JJu%��E 6�v)1@QHbQKE X�R�!1E. River cruises down the Chobe River are also offered by many operators, as well as day trips to Victoria Falls. Diamond mining is a huge part of Botswana economy, and continues to bring in lots of revenue to the country. If you grew up watching the Discovery Channel, desperately begging your parents to take you to zoos and safaris, or simply have a love for all animals, Botswana is definitely the place for you. You can search for programs by country, term, or subject. CISabroad also offers study abroad scholarships and financial aid counseling.

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