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This bowling ball weight guide is meant to make that decision-making process much easier. The first is simple physics. When it comes to young bowlers, a popular rule of thumb is that the average child’s age will directly correlate to the average weight of bowling ball they will be comfortable throwing. That can be a great starting point for knowing what number you will find your perfect bowling ball. If you’re the marketing for a new bowling ball, you can check out our best bowling ball recommendations here. Are you going home or waking up with sore muscles after bowling practice? A ball with a heavyweight will hit the pins harder than a lightweight ball. It is necessary to learn how to maintain a balance of bowling, weight for optimal results. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The maximum legal weight of a bowling ball is 16 pounds (or 7.27 kilograms). Finding the right bowling ball weight is crucial to one’s game. Skilled Bowlers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If it ”poops” or ”whooshes” when you remove your thumb quickly, it means holes fit. There is no single bowling ball weight that will work for everyone. Urethane will go through the pins much better than plastic, i.e., ball must hit the 1,3,5,9 in order to strike. The goal is to bowl more strikes and improve your scoring average, or for those bowlers who want to learn advanced techniques and skills, we have content for you also. Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist... Brunswick Shot X Repeater Positioner, Right, Large. If a 17-pound ball was allowed, plenty of those who currently use 16-pounders would move up to 17. However, there are female pros who can deliver up to a 16-pound ball just as good and powerful as their male counterparts. The weight of the duck-pin ball is from 1.5 kg to 1.7 kg. Having the right weight will allow you to throw consistent speeds that provide more pin action. Roman has been bowling since age eight, transferring from recreational to competitive in his early twenties. Secondly, determine your span distance. Weight is crucial. Six-pound bowling balls are usually meant for small children or those with severe physical disabilities which prohibit them from throwing a ball any heavier. This site participates in the Amazon Associates Program. But we promise you, when you learn the basics and find the perfect ball for you, you will get hooked on it! The heavier a bowling ball that you can comfortably throw, the more innate force you can utilize thanks to the mass of the bowling ball. The process of finding the right starting weight for you in bowling really comes down to a simple math equation. Not only will this do a disservice to your scores, it could also injure you if you’re not careful. If you can only throw high speeds at the beginning of a practice with a heavier ball and then lose speed you are better off switching to a lower weighted ball where you can keep your speeds consistent. I hope everyone interested in bowling can learn how to enjoy the sport. There are three basic types of bowling balls from which you have to select your perfect one. There are 3 sizes of the bowling balls that determine their weight too: Ten-pin balls weigh 7.3 kg, and their diameter is from 21.59 cm to 21.83 cm. For better understanding, you need to know some basics about bowling balls. The different formats of a bowling ball are the 10 – pin, 5 – pin, Duckpin, etc. That's a significant 10-pound range, and you can choose a ball anywhere within its limits. All rights reserved. of weight per year of child's age, i.e. If you are a beginner, you will find a few simple and useful tricks to determine the right bowling ball. One popular rule of thumb for determining what weight of bowling ball you should use is to find a bowling ball which is the closest to ten percent of your body weight which it can possibly be. House balls are drilled for the masses so it would truly be a miracle if a house ball fit you perfectly. No Packaging Fees. Bowling ball weight also matters in the reverse manner. For example, say that you weight one hundred and fifty pounds. But, can you throw it repeatedly for multiple games without risk of injury or tiring out in such a way that your overall shot efficacy is reduced? Do your joints creak in protest or seem stiff and sore? So, an eight year old will usually throw a ball around eight pounds, a six year old will throw a six-pound bowling ball, and so on. If your fingers get stuck on the other hand, that is a problem too. For example, if your ball is too heavy you will slowly but surely lose speed as practice progresses and your body is weighed down by the ball. We already mentioned ”pop” that ball makes if it fits you right. House balls are drilled to fit varying finger sizes and grip types and are therefore more general in the support and grip they can offer you. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Many bowlers have claimed that they can use balls up to two pounds heavier when comparing their custom made grip balls to house balls. Pin down is a place on the layout that is between the thumb and fingers holes. Performance-Enhancing Features. And then you are surely ready to bowl! would work. Also, it will make more pin action. 10% rule – another simple tip for beginners – your ball should not go over 10% of your total body weight. As for women’s pro bowlers, the average bowling ball weight usually thrown is around 14 pounds. Finally Learn How to Keep Score in Bowling. 8 yrs old = 8-lb. After this, you need to determine your bowling style that you will love to learn. Basically, they more weight behind a ball the more damage it will do to the pins. The usual range for an average adult male is 13 to 16 pounds, but there’s always variance based upon upper body strength, pre-existing injuries, age and overall physical condition. As for the average adult female, 12 pounds is the most popular weight for an avid bowler who hits the lanes at least one time a week. You also want the weight that works best for you because of that speed factor. The more popular weights for adult bowlers tend to range between 10 to 15 pounds, with male averages coming in at 14 to 16 pounds and females averaging around 10 to 14 pounds. It is acceptable for children to equate their age to ball weight. Bowling ball weights range from 6 lbs. Use a ball that is too heavy for you and you run the risk of injury or loss of stamina. You want a ball that keeps you at a level of comfort and doesn’t strain your muscles and joints as you use it for an extended period of time, whether it is one night of practice or throughout a whole season.

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