building an acoustic guitar kit

Critical steps such as neck-joint machining, fretboard slotting, soundboard finishing, thickness … Complete Guide to Building Kit Acoustic Guitars has helped hundreds, possibly thousands, of beginning guitar builders worldwide to begin to build their own quality acoustic guitars. What tools do you need to build this kit? Building an Acoustic Guitar: As with any new project I've attempted, each step along the way is unfamiliar to me and some steps are deserving of my apprehension, while others equally as worrisome turned … Our kit instructions has a complete list of all tools and supplies needed. The kit arrives in a box roughly the size of a small combo, and contains all the key bits you’ll need to build your own acoustic Advertisement Clearly then, Martin’s Guitar Kits can produce excellent results – some might consider it cheating, but if you only plan to build one or two acoustic guitars in your lifetime, a kit … Step-by-step DVD: Building an Acoustic Guitar Kit; View the complete parts list (PDF file 105KB). We offer easy-to-order sets of the tools that kit … All the wood and hardware you need to build your own high-end acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top. Until now, it's only been …

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