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[132] Bulgaria has some of the largest Natura 2000 areas in Europe covering 33.8% of its territory. [113] The 2020 Bulgarian protests were triggered on 9 July 2020 when the Presidency of Bulgaria was raided by police and prosecutors as a result of a long-lasting conflict between the prime minister Boyko Borisov and the president Rumen Radev. This state lasted until the early 11th century, when Byzantine emperor Basil II conquered and dismantled it. [91] By the mid-1950s standards of living rose significantly and political repressions eased. Maria: So nice! The language itself is actually spoken by quite a large number of people in the Balkans and southeastern part of Europe. For word lists and help researching in Bulgarian records, see: The Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “Family History Record Profile: Bulgaria,” Word document, private files of the FamilySearch Content Strategy Team, 1991-1998. In general, my teaching style includes, but is not limited to: [74][75], The Treaty of San Stefano was signed on 3 March 1878 by Russia and the Ottoman Empire. [344] An essential element of Bulgarian folklore is fire, used to banish evil spirits and illnesses. Когато ние се оженим, ще бъдем добри съпруг и съпруга. [344] After the Liberation, Ivan Mrkvička, Anton Mitov, Vladimir Dimitrov, Tsanko Lavrenov and Zlatyu Boyadzhiev introduced newer styles and substance, depicting scenery from Bulgarian villages, old towns and historical subjects. Мария: Колко хубаво! Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of every lesson: [151][152] The Oresharski government resigned in July 2014 amid continuing large-scale protests. Be sure you have completed your homework assignments. [88] The sudden death of Boris III in mid-1943 pushed the country into political turmoil as the war turned against Germany, and the communist guerrilla movement gained momentum. [76][79] This significantly contributed to Bulgaria's militaristic foreign affairs approach during the first half of the 20th century. Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female [344], The Bulgarian National Radio, bTV and daily newspapers Trud, Dnevnik and 24 Chasa are some of the largest national media outlets. Croatian, Most language learning apps only let you learn from English. [29][31][32] It was weakened and vassalized by Philip II of Macedon in 341 BC,[33] attacked by Celts in the 3rd century,[34] and finally became a province of the Roman Empire in AD 45. Ukrainian. After a disastrous defeat in the Second Balkan War, Bulgaria again found itself fighting on the losing side as a result of its alliance with the Central Powers in World War I. [323] Average life expectancy is 74.8 years compared with an EU average of 80.99 and a world average of 72.38. [263] The same year, Bulgaria ranked 39th out of 50 countries in the Bloomberg Innovation Index, the highest score being in education (24th) and the lowest in value-added manufacturing (48th). Best regards, Emilia. I believe that learning Bulgarian online with me gives you the best of both worlds: fast progress and enjoyment.Taking on the challenge to learn a new language is impressive. [60], The Ottomans were employed as mercenaries by the Byzantines in the 1340s but later became invaders in their own right. [377], Bulgaria appeared at the first modern Olympic games in 1896, when it was represented by gymnast Charles Champaud. [128] A third of all nesting birds in Bulgaria can be found in Rila National Park, which also hosts Arctic and alpine species at high altitudes. [212], The Yugozapaden planning area is the most developed region with a per capita gross domestic product (PPP) of $29,816 in 2018. Focus on things you had difficulty with. Some people give it a go because they just like new things. [307], Bulgaria is in a state of demographic crisis. The Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Court of Cassation are the highest courts of appeal and oversee the application of laws in subordinate courts. Meat consumption is lower than the European average, given a cultural preference for a large variety of salads. [335] Bulgaria has the highest ratio of female ICT researchers in the EU,[336] as well as the second-highest ratio of females in the technology sector at 44.6% of the workforce. [206] Expenditures amounted to $21.15 billion and revenues were $21.67 billion in 2017. Иван: Да, така ми се иска. I look forward to seeing you in my lessons. Coach Ivan Abadzhiev developed innovative training practices that have produced many Bulgarian world and Olympic champions in weight-lifting since the 1980s. R.J.Crampton. [71], As Ottoman power began to wane, Habsburg Austria and Russia saw Bulgarian Christians as potential allies. [110] It became a member of NATO in 2004[111] and participated in the War in Afghanistan. [144], Overall, Bulgaria displays a pattern of unstable governments. [190] The first deployment of foreign troops on Bulgarian soil since World War II occurred in 2001, when the country hosted six KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft and 200 support personnel for the war effort in Afghanistan. In Bulgarian the word for family is "семейство" - semeystvo. [160] The Democracy Index defines it as a "Flawed democracy". 1. Review what you covered in your previous lesson. [24] International military relations were further expanded with accession to NATO in March 2004[111] and the US-Bulgarian Defence Cooperation Agreement signed in April 2006. [339] Less than 3% of the population are affiliated with other religions and 11.8% are irreligious or do not self-identify with a religion. Bezmer and Graf Ignatievo air bases, the Novo Selo training range, and a logistics centre in Aytos subsequently became joint military training facilities cooperatively used by the United States and Bulgarian militaries.

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