byoc silver pony

BYOC Silver Pony II kit - TRADED BYOC Silver Pony II kit - TRADED BYOC Lazy Sprocket kit - TRADED BYOC L'il Pony kit - SOLD BYOC - Analog Vibrato kit - SOLD Lovepedal Amp Eleven 11 platinum - SOLD Boss RE-20 - SOLD Joined: Jun 29, 2006 Location: Upstate NY. My latest build, another guitar pedal from Build Your Own Clone is the Silver Pony, which is a clone of the revered Klon Centaur. The BYOC Silver Pony recreates one the most innovative and sought after overdrive circuits of all time, the silver-era Klon Centaur. All prices below are shipped/PP/ConUS. More on this later. Do you have a similar situation? The only markets left for the KTR are collectors and speculators. Latest Build: BYOC Silver Pony – Part 1. High quality components and pre built by the fine folks @ BYOC. S. smj Member. Check out the Silver Pony vs Klon video and see for yourself just how close it is. February 9, 2015 April 30, 2016 Jorge Harada Leave a Comment. The BYOC Silver Pony II takes one the most innovative and sought after overdrive circuits of all time and expands it into a dual channel overdrive with a few extras. Aug 6, 2014 #9 bduguay said: I have a gold Klon to compare when I get the first build done. Re: BYOC Silver Pony (Klon Centaur) Tue, Sep 02, 2014 2:16pm Padre Bonic wrote: In the YouTube vid on the product page, the clone sounds harsher and not as transparent The drive channel is a faithful klone of the original circuit. BYOC Silver Pony II kit in an enclosure with paint and screenprint. Posts: 40. It does NOT have a … I found some differences and I am wondering if they are mistakes in the Silver Pony schem or not. Condition Excellent (Used) Excellent items are almost entirely free from blemishes and other visual defects and have been played or used with the utmost care. In 2014, Keith from Build Your Own Clone degooped a silver Centaur (serial S2207) and released a kit called the Silver Pony. Anybody else compare the BYOC Silver Pony schematic with the "verified" Klon schem out on the web? The BYOC Silver Pony takes one the most innovative and sought after overdrive circuits of all time and adds a few switchable modifications to make it even more versatile without compromising the tone that made the original pedal such a legend. Rather, this post should’ve been entitled “Latest Build: They weren’t kidding when they said working bare aluminum is hard”. BYOC Silver Pony. Messages 1,800. Product Specs. Along comes EHX's Soul Food for around $70 - maybe not a 1:1 klone but close enough to compete - and now BYOC's Silver Pony for $99 - a genuine 1:1 klone. Same kit as Silver Pony II but with painted box and brown knurled pointer knobs. The Silver Pony employs a mechanical true bypass switching system for the clarity in bypass that only a true bypass circuit can provide. Aug 6, 2014 #24. duhvoodooman TDPRI Member. Keith found a number of discrepancies from the Soulsonic schematic, which were attributed to Gold vs. Silver differences. GE1 is the original Germanium diode clipping. The Clipping switch allows you to select 3 different types of clipping.

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