challenges facing the future of veterinary medicine

Web Design by PHOS Creative, Linking Animal Science to Human Well Being. When challenges facing veterinary medicine are highlighted in the national news, how do you feel this news, and the veterinary community’s response, impacts consumers’ views of our industry? The life of a veterinarian is very rewarding, and you likely enjoy your career. Rather than treating this as a normal roundtable, I tried to construct something a little different. The crux of the issue is likely the cost of a nonstipended, nonsubsidized postgraduate degree in general. When I was asked by the team at Today’s Veterinary Practice (TVP) to coordinate a roundtable addressing The New York Times (NYT) article by David Segal, I jumped at the chance. Having said that, there are certainly several new veterinary schools, and it does seem that many existing veterinary schools have increased their class sizes. It has been well-documented that the animal-human connection provides a powerful healing Examples include jobs in academia, private practice, pharmaceuticals, and both national and international governments. In order to solve this problem need professionals who understand and have carefully studied animals. I would absolutely recommend this profession to highly motivated, entrepreneurial young people who want to contribute to society in a meaningful way by pursuing a unique career in the health professions. Together with his partner and wife, Dr. Eliza Lischin (also a Ross graduate), they founded One Love Animal Hospital ( in 2010, which has grown into a thriving 5-doctor practice. Dr. Eleanor Green is the Dean of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Any time consumers can become better educated and receive a glimpse into the real-world struggles many young veterinary professionals face, it is always helpful with regard to influencing how they view the profession. Certainly the current U.S. method of putting 20,000 cattle in the desert in California won't work and the developing world way of having chickens in the city doesn't work either. I don’t think this is happening yet, but I believe it will over the next decade or so as more seasoned veterinarians retire and look to sell their practices. It’s heartbreaking, but what can you do? Many veterinarians transcend the animal world and advance our quality of life through research. The country has a growing need for healthy, qualified … How do you see these changes affecting you? If you’re struggling with a specific problem or simply want to improve your practice, read on for the most common problems and how to solve them. Students should graduate and have certain nonnegotiable ideas about what they want out of their first jobs—I’ve been told by current veterinarians to think about this. Whether they’re […] At the same time, the cost of providing high-quality medical education has increased. The Future of Veterinary Medicine. Each one of the roundtable participants has his or her own unique impact on our profession, but it’s important to remember that each one of us has an impact as well. As an industry, we have to be more flexible regarding our clients’ needs, increase our availability, and improve our focus on the client if we want to stay competitive. Prior to applying for a practice startup loan, I made sure to manage a good FICO score and develop a strong business plan. As a result, graduates have more debt to pay off. I have seen commentary that more women in the field will drive salaries down but we are not seeing that occur in our partner hospitals. There are two major driving forces that determine class size in veterinary colleges, both deeply rooted in the responsibility to meet societal needs: The first is demand by the public for a veterinary education. At this point, I think student debt is a motivation to be financially successful, not a limitation. The life of a veterinarian is very rewarding, and you likely enjoy your career. In 2001, veterinarians developed surveillance technology that provided the ability to stem an outbreak of avian influenza in Pennsylvania. How do you feel this news, and our response, impacts consumers’ views of our industry? An additional outcome may be that the person ends up in a nursing home with little animal contact, which has been shown to improve their quality of life as well as, at times, their health.

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