chasing aurora borealis

What are the Northern Lights? on While you relax, enjoy your meals with local specialities, listen Here is everything you need to know before chasing the Northern Lights. The incredibility and unpredictability of Northern Lights are what appeals the travelers the most. vacation is on its way. Last bit not least here are the top spots for chasing in Reykjavik: You can chase aurora by yourself or with an organized tour. Optional (not included in the tour price): Cultural events (Concert in Moscow) and Ballet in  St Besides exploring the famous metropoles Moscow and St Petersburg, discover the Far North of Russia on board a private charter train for chasing Aurora Borealis. It is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic). You need to see the chance that the aurora’s will occur. There’s no doubt that the stunning light shows, known scientifically as the Aurora Borealis, are not only an item on many people’s bucket lists, but also a boom to the local economies lucky enough to have a front row seat for the show. Sitting by the fire in a teepee just north of the Santa Claus Holiday Village with our son cooking smores. Accommodation: Instead of just staying in a city it is best to find accommodation on the outskirts of Alaska. When geomagnetic activity is very high, the aurora may be seen at much lower latitudes around Earth that would otherwise rarely experience these polar lights. For aurora viewing, the magnetic poles are more important. the hard part. Our train offers a choice of Scientifically, Sun is known to go through activity cycles every 11 years redefining the solar activities from high to low. Russian Vodka & Pierogi Tastings, Russian Tea Ceremony, Sightseeing: All sightseeing tours in Moscow, Kirovsk, Murmansk, St day 1 and day 10, Gold cabins have private toilets and showers, Standard cabins have shared bathroom facilities, no shower facilities, Lectures on board: Introduction to Russian culture, history, language, todays’ life, Tour escorts: English, Spanish speaking tour guides throughout the tour (other languages on request), Tour Director: English speaking tour director throughout the tour, Optional (not included in the tour price): Cultural events (Concert in Moscow) and Ballet in  St Standard Plus are the most popular type of accommodation on our private train. Our train offers a choice of 2 accommodation categories, either with private toilet and shower in your cabin (Gold) or shared facilities (Standard Plus). Families traveling to Alaska to view the beauty of sparkling lights over the sky should plan their trip around the seasonal time i.e. Very helpful and wonderful guides, knowledgeable and patient with all our questions. To do this, you’ll check an index called Kp, a number from 0–9, which is used to rate the global geomagnetic activity for a 3-hour period. With your local amigo, you can wander through the wild, visit the best viewpoints, stand beneath the Northern Lights and click perfect shorts of Aurora Borealis. Arrival in Moscow. Today you visit to Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace) is a cultural highlights of the tour. Please correct the marked field(s) below. 2 WEEKS TRAVEL ITINERARY IN AFRICA – TANZANIA... TANZANIA SAFARI TOUR BY MWEWE EXPEDITIONS, TRAVEL PACKING LIST FOR A TRIP TO TANZANIA. The lights appear in both the northern and the southern hemispheres, but for the Aurora hunters, the Northern Lights is the most suitable destination. An excursion to St Catherine Palace with its remarkable Amber Chamber is another unforgettable highlight. Day 7 (Thursday) - Onboard the Northern Lights Express. Great memories, did 5 days chasing the aurora and we only missed it one night. With the SWPC OVATION Aurora Forecast Model, you can predict the probability of a visible aurora by watching the changes in the green band as it circles the Northern Hemisphere. Accommodation on board the Northern Lights Express. Euro-Sockets for 220 V are in each cabin, capable for Some of the Northern landscapes in the UK also witness the grandeur of Northern Lights on rare occasions. • Aurora Borealis Hunting is subject to weather conditions. collections of the world. weather reasons. So if chasing the Aurora is in your plans, here are some tips to help you chase it to the full! As the solar activities keep declining, the season up to 2020 is the best time to experience a decent display of Aurora Borealis. The resulting ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents emit light of varying color and complexity. Hunting will be after dinner. We pioneered Aurora Chasing photography tours in Fairbanks and have an incredible track record, having helped thousands of guests view and take stunning photographs of the Northern Lights over the years, often even on the most challenging nights. There are restaurant cars on the train which serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner as part of the full board service to all passengers of the Grand Trans-Siberian Express. There you visit a unique Snow Village which consists of Igloo’s constructed from ice In the evening you reach Murmansk, the most northern point of the tour. Gold cabins have a private toilet, wash basin and a spacious shower cabin en suite. How The Aurora Occurs. Bars in red have a Kp over 4, indicating a better chance of aurora activity. So that means the chase is still on! The green band that appears on the video changes colors based on the likelihood of aurora activity. It is just north of the Santa Claus Holiday Village and is the perfect view over the lake. Aurora Australis is the southern lights, a.k.a. The world is a book and those who do not travel…  read only one page! Space weather—caused by geoeffective solar activity such as solar flares—can impact the space between here and the sun, causing an aurora as a byproduct. Your email address will not be published. You can find their website. To begin with we have to know what is exactly the aurora. Most shops are open in Moscow even on weekends and usually up to 22:00 – you have lots of opportunities to chase souvenirs and gifts for your friends. Petersburg, - Flights to Moscow and from St Petersburg, - Tipping (Guideline: EUR 100 or USD 120 tipping budget recommended), St Petersburg, Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, e.g. Petersburg, Transfers: Arrival & Departure transfers airport-hotel or v.v. Tailored itineraries. The red bars indicate a Kp higher than 4, which makes your odds of seeing an aurora greater. Our High Definition Geomagnetic Model (HDGM) provides a clearer picture of Earth’s magnetic field. Snowmobiles will take you into the mountains where its best to chase the Luckily, SWPC has developed a handy table that lists many major cities and their corresponding magnetic latitude (see table below). Also, your tour escorts offer a language course introducing the Russian language to you. We pioneered Aurora Chasing photography tours in Fairbanks and have an incredible track record, having helped thousands of guests view and take stunning photographs of the Northern Lights over the years, often even on the most challenging nights. You should definetely try it and be prepared for the cold. Sockets for 220 V are available in each cabin, Required fields are marked *. A 3-level tour management system with a multilingual team: ✓ Eurasia Tour Guides throughout the tour, Daily change of local specialities of Russia, ✓ in specially selected local restaurants or, ✓ in the restaurant on board the private train. If weather permits, in the evening you have the opportunity for going outside the city and chasing Aurora Borealis. Each cabin offers 1 lower and 1 upper bed, a table at the window, a chair opposite the beds, a small wardrobe and storage space. Being able to see the aurora depends mainly on two factors, geomagnetic activity (the degree of disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field at the time) and your geographic location. If you want to know how far south an aurora can be observed based on geographic location and the Kp index, check out links to the following maps of different regions. according to your flight schedule, settling the accommodation, and preparing for a no-stress holiday is Come, sit down, enjoy the scenery passing by the window and relax while having a drink and listening to the In fact, 2016 was an outstanding year for Iceland’s tourism industry.

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