crossing the red seapreschool lesson

t show you all the steps. Encourage the children to celebrate God’s power over Pharaoh through song and dance just like the people of Israel did (. For the next four weeks, we’re going to challenge you to become something more than just a wimpy kid. Thanks! GREG: Dear diary, my name’s Greg, and until just a few days ago, I was a slave. A pillar of cloud led the way by day and a pillar of fire guided them at night. This … s pain, and somehow, hearing his stories makes us feel better about our own stories. He opened the sea to let his people pass through to the other side, walking on dry land. There was nowhere to go to get away. Israelites Cross the Red Sea. Pharaoh rallied all of his chariots and chased after them. When we follow God, we grow in our faith, and growing in our faith is key to becoming a godly kid. Based on the fact that there were 650,000 fighting men (Exodus 12:37-38) the entire number of Israelites who left Egypt could be estimated at near two million people. A few years back, a writer named Jeff Kinney released the first in what has become a very popular book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I combine them only to be able to squeeze more Bible people into the year that we have the students. But the cloud provided light for God’s people so they could see everything. Exodus 14:13-14 NIV. Moses then stretched his hand across the sea and the Lord caused a great wind to part the water and hold it back while the estimated two million Israelites passed through. It. There were a lot of people and animals! Greg enters, dressed in Biblical clothes. Joseph, he, s one of my ancestors, had saved Egypt from a famine, and Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, invited Joseph. The Israelites were really scared when they saw Pharaoh’s army coming after them, but Moses said that God would fight for them. We want you to become a godly kid, a kid driven to live your life for the Lord. Have your parents ever taken you some place you didn. Will Pharaoh catch up to us? Last week we learned about Moses going to Egypt with his brother Aaron. The Egyptians can never win because God will fight for you.”. Choose a few kids to come up and try to assemble the puzzle together, without the help of a photo or box. Bible Verse “Oh, the joys of those who trust the Lord” (Psalm 40:4a). Whatever path he gives you, follow it. God had chosen Moses as their leader so they packed everything they owed and followed him of Egypt. s worse, Pharaoh and his army came after them, threatening to destroy them. Your welcome. He sent all of his horses and chariots and all of his horsemen and troops. Moses reached out his hand, and God split the sea right in two! All the Egyptians followed them, but God wanted to slow them down. God wants us to have faith in him. Then one day, a man named Moses showed up. Why? They became confused, the wheels fell off their chariots, and the water came down on them and drowned them. We want you to become a godly kid, a kid driven to live your life for the Lord. A few years back, a writer named Jeff Kinney released the first in what has become a very popular book series, . Wherever the crossing took place it involved an amount of water significant enough that the Israelites were frightened by it and the entire Egyptian army could drown in it. s not the destination but the journey that matters. Help us to grow our faith every day. When we trust him with all our hearts, he will always make a way for us. You can use "Parting the Red Sea" in Sunday school, children's church or at home. The Egyptians then urged the Israelites to leave quickly. There He Goes- Jesus on a Donkey Song, Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock Song. Slowly but surely, things come into view and you can see what God is up to. God did open the way for us! The Wimpy Kid books tell the story of a boy named Greg, who describes in great detail the struggles that come with going to school, making friends, being big brother to a devious little brother, and being the helpless victim of his older brother Roderick. Let me go talk to Pharaoh, and I. t listen, but after God did a little convincing, he agreed. s trusting that God will never leave us or let us down. One, wherever we are going, God will lead us there, and he will not let us down. Discuss the memory verse. s a word for the kind of trust that Moses had in God. Joseph, he’s one of my ancestors, had saved Egypt from a famine, and Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, invited Joseph’s whole family to move in. We’re going to the land that was promised to our forefather, Abraham! Memory Verse: “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19, NIV. The water rose up and divided and the Israelites walked across the Red Sea on dry land! Guide us, and show us where you want us to go. “Moses” holds his staff up and we are using chairs and putting a blue table cloth over them on two sides to cross thru. That means God wants us to trust him without knowing all the answers ahead of time. Awesome page!! Download the slideshow or download the pictures to print. Each team member will reach up and put their hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. That’s good news, because the obstacles we face rarely get smaller. The Lord protected his frightened people. God’s people were finally on their way to their own land—Canaan! The books have also been adapted into movies, and they, ve sold millions of copies around the world. Click here to print the Pictures to Color. Not only that, God made sure the Egyptians would never hurt his people again by sweeping their army away into the sea! - 1 Chronicles 16:11 (NIRV), Ask the kids what they think the writer was trying to say when he wrote these words. But after Pharaoh and Joseph died, a new Pharaoh made my people slaves. It’s God’s desire that we grow from wimpy kids into godly kids, and that growth begins with a godly following. An angel of God had been travelling in front of the Israelites and he moved back behind them along with the pillar of cloud. Moses wrote a song about what happened and everyone sang it. The more we follow him, the more our faith grows, and the more our faith us challenged, the more it grows. We know Greg. God Bless. Give them a little help if time runs a little short. No one knew this better than Moses and the Israelites. When the Egyptians saw the dry land they followed the Israelites. Now that the Israelites were all safely on the other side God told Moses to stretch his staff over the water again. As the Israelites arrived at the edge of the Red Sea, Pharaoh and his army caught up with them. Sometimes God lets us know where we are going, like the Israelites knew they were going to the Promised Land. The wall of Red Sea water can be up when Moses has the staff up or down when Moses has the staff down. Now they were finally free to leave and go make a home in their very own land. It’s trusting that God will lead us on when we come to a dead end. s when God stepped in to truly lead the way. Scripture Reference: There’s a word for the kind of trust that Moses had in God. Then ask them how this verse is connected to today’s story. Sometimes you don’t know what comes next. They said, “Why did you lead us out of Egypt into the desert to die? I only know two things. Moses and the Red Sea Sunday School Lesson For Kids: BOTTOM LINE: Follow God and trust him to lead you. That’s when God stepped in to truly lead the way. Just before dawn, after the Israelites were safely on the other side of the sea, the Lord caused wheels to come off the Egyptians’ chariots and confusion to spread through the army. He may not even show you where the path leads. In the end, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. Thank you so much for sharing your work! If you were one of the people there would you join in the celebration? Use a 24 or 48 piece puzzle, depending on the age group you are addressing. Follow God, and know that every step of the way, you can have faith in his leadership! Then God caused a strong wind to hold back the water so they could cross. And two, we. By that time it was too late. Will we get there safely? The Egyptians Are Downed in the Red Sea + more. ©2011-2020 Mission Bible Class. The first team to completely cross the finish wins. 3. m here to save you all! Moses always knew which direction go because God put a big tall pillar of cloud in front of them to point the way. Soon all of the women were dancing with joy for all God had done that day. God has a path for all of us to follow.

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