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This is a man who is a remark away from killing someone with his bare hands, and as Dodge's helpful narration has informed us, that someone is definitely a woman. Pitiful excuses for human beings, that’s who. According to a BBC report, the male designer ran the idea past his team of male colleagues before going ahead with it. The legacy athletic footwear and apparel giant ran into trouble in 2012 for an advertisement that heralded this sage advice: “Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout.” Yeah, priorities guys -- or not. A time-tested technique of TV commercials is promising their product will allow you to solve some uncomfortable predicament, like your boss showing up for dinner unannounced, or your favorite dress being stained right before a party, or being surrounded by black people, or ... wait, what? @IKEAUKSupport Saw this in a "Bedroom" in your Cardiff store yesterday. The Ad: Pepsi is known for its high budget ads which usually feature famous faces such as Lionel Messi, Beyonce, Pink, Michael Jackson, and Beckham to name a few.This ad was no different and featured celebrity fashion icon, Kendall Jenner. Some have called for the firm to be boycotted.

The controversial image, featured in a 2010 ad in the United Kingdom for the premium gelato, was offensive enough to be banned by the country’s Advertising Standards Authority. More like #BrutallySexist, says pretty much the entire internet. Go home, Sprite. The model, who said five years after the campaign that Burger King never sought her permission to use her face in the “Blow Your Mind”-themed ad, claimed in a seething YouTube video (since designated as private) that the company “raped my face.”.

Related: The 5 Worst Marketing Fails of 2015. It's clear from his wife's reaction that he does this kind of shit all the time, which at best means their marriage is doomed, and at worst means she's the victim of psychological abuse. However, the message was almost entirely lost. In the ad – which aired in China – a bride is seen being manhandled by her mother-in-law on her wedding day. What part of obeying your thirst includes “slut-shaming” and women-hating?

A Dodge Charger speeds into view, coming to save everyone's penises as the slogan "MAN'S LAST STAND" explodes authoritatively on screen. Ever wonder what happened to him? “We simply wanted to highlight that Thredbo, much like the Kluger [car], has something for everyone,” a spokeswoman said.

The men at the party are excited, while Sovani’s fellow women look on in envy and disapproval. Antonio Federici Gelato Italiano hoped it was enough to move you to put its heavenly frozen delights on the tip of your tongue. Dominic Powell . Except, as you probably guessed, that isn't even true. “What are you doing?” the groom asks, before his mother finally approves his bride.

And yes, Belvedere really did make a twisted joke about sexual assault in a bid to sell alcohol. The backlash was immediate and vitriolic – and, while the billboard was later removed, the estate agents didn’t exactly own up to their mistake. Snickers is kind of like an old racist relative. Or something more along the lines of “use our vodka to render a woman too drunk for consensual sex – and then assault her”? He does all of this without a trace of emotion, like a soulless automaton murdering scores of striking factory workers because that is all it is programmed to do. “I will not buy an Audi in this lifetime,” another said. That burned.” What a “Toasty Torpedo” it must’ve been.


When the clip went viral, KFC apologized unreservedly and explained that it wasn't really racist at all, because they were unaware of the "black people can't resist fried chicken" stereotype and would never, ever demean minorities. And Toyota clearly agreed with critics, promptly removing the banner and releasing an official statement of regret.

The ad consists of a series of static shots of miserable-looking men looking at the camera as the narrator lists a number of hellish chores they'll have to suffer through today (like "cleaning the sink after shaving" or "getting to work at 8 a.m."). We’re not eager to “fill” our “desire for long, juicy and flame-grilled” meat either. So is misogyny and homophobia, yet somehow some of the world’s biggest brands missed the memo. In this Australian KFC ad, a very white dude finds himself sharing bleachers with a bunch of considerably less white dudes, who are being all loud and nonwhite-like. Audi have yet to apologise for the deeply offensive ad, but a spokesman has told the South China Morning Post that they have taken note of criticism and will be looking into the advert (which they hastened to point out had been made with a joint venture partner). Suddenly, the crowd is soothed. Have a Snickers, the commercial screams, and return to your natural state of objectifying terrified women who want nothing more than to walk outside by themselves in peace. How long was it taking them before? Tanya Lukyanova does not have a Twitter account, so that was a link to their homepage. There’s nothing quite like an outrageous show of slut-shaming to sell a few bottles of fizz, eh?

For example, they are possessed by the singularly baffling notion that suicide sells Hyundais. Filled with jellybeans, it was supposed to provide a pleasant surprise to anyone who cracked it open – yet the egg’s ridiculous advertising campaign left a seriously bad taste in people’s mouths. Get your tickets here, and we'll see you on the other side of the bridge!
“The woman was fully nude, shown full-length side on, with her bottom sticking out, her back arched and with some of her breast visible under her folded arms,” a spokesperson said. Antonio Federici Gelato. You’re drunk.

Well, because the complaints we hear narrated over these sad-ass dudes bizarrely shift from focusing on petty day-to-day work/life annoyances to being specifically angry at a female significant other. I understand that the data I am submitting will be used to provide me with the above-described products and/or services and communications in connection therewith.
That was the year the South Korea-based automaker released a morbid commercial in Britain depicting a man attempting to kill himself by running his Hyundai IX35 with the garage door closed. It was a real "known Hollywood bear" -- a phrase presumably indicating that this bear is a regular fixture at cocaine-misted after parties on the Sunset Strip.

If you thought that misogynist advertising was restricted to Mad Men and, y’know, the non-liberated past, think again.

And yes, according to Chevy themselves, that wasn't CGI or two little people in a suit.

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