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Summary. Batman defies gravity as he teeters on the edge of the gargoyle, armed with claws of batarangs, ready to defeat Deathstroke. What about the fact deathstroke already lost to him and also wolverine will out last hime and won't have to worry about fatigue or getting tired. It appears New 52 Slade is just as badass as pre new 52. nth metal armor pretty much seals the deal. Deathstroke drags Batman into an arena on the ship and they begin to fight. Name: Slade Joseph Wilson, Deathstroke the Terminator, Classification: Metahuman, Assassin, Mercenary, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Enhanced Senses (Can see faster than a normal human[1], all of this senses are increased by a thousandfold[2]. send you an email once approved. Check out, you will see what Marvel thinks about Wolverine's hand to hand combat skill. Actually Wolverine can beat Captain America, All 3 fights I have seen Captain America vs. Wolverine in the comics, Wolverine always ends up on top. May 2018. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Mod Adds The Mandalorian As Pla... Magic: The Gathering Reveals Bob Ross Secret Lair Drop, Main Pokémon 2021 Games Will Reportedly Be Remakes. I remember one sure win for Cap, and the rest were inconclusive. The Winter Soldier is a bigger problem for him than Cap is, and would have to be left to Deathstroke. Deathstroke takes assasination contracts way worse than cap and winter soldier, aka lobo, he got his ass kicked but still. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Issue #29. Using his superior problem-solving skills, Deathstroke can work out a battle ahead of time for many possibilities and predict enemy movements and tactics after the battle has engaged by recalling and utilizing memorized mannerisms acquired through past experience on a moment's notice.). It’s riveting to see it play out – and this is only the first issue, mind you. Batman vs. Deathstroke Wolverine is in no way on par with the top fighters in Marvel. Although destroke was a G wolverine might possible take this. And Cap isn't that much stronger than Batman, while apart from his mechanical arm Bucky is weaker. 1. Besides that i don't think deathstroke actually has anything that would take out wolverine unless he wants to take himself out even then it still wouldn't work. But if a had to choose I would go with Wolverine. I agree with the superhuman strength and speed bit, but Batman has taken down enemies like those two before. Deathstroke may be a problem, though, but most of his weapons can be blocked by Cap's shield. -Deatstroke beat 2 Green Lanterns.Both more powerful than anyone Wolverine's beaten. If you actually paid attention to wolverine while he was out all theses years he doesn't carry guns and has claws when you have claws you have to come close to hit some one i don't know if you haven't noticed tha yet but thats how you use them. I consider that a definite win. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Deathstroke outclasses them physically by a huge margin, is more intelligent, and wears better gear(nth metal or promethium armor). Batman.". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When the dust finally settles, the Dark Knight asks Slade about the test results. Simple in wolverine first comic who did he fight Hulk and Wendigo. The experiment did not go as expected, and Slade fell into a coma. The only character that has been able to really match Deathstroke in hand to hand is Dick Grayson, after years and years of getting his ass kicked. I don't think Wolverine ever straight up beat Captain America. That would imply that he could lift a couple tons right? Consistently dodges gunfire), Lifting Strength: At least Class 1, possibly Class 5 (Should be much stronger than Batman. 0 wins (0%) Deathstroke Slade Wilson: power stats. No prep time. Comic Vine users. his hostility does exactly what the person who set them up wants. The Best Horror Movies To Stream This Halloween. Chinatown Part 1. A few good weeks. Wolverine is one of the best fighters of Marvel. Batman vs. Deathstroke (9781401285890): Priest, Christopher, Neves, Diogenes: Books Deathstroke beat the JLA.Wolverine probably couldn't even beat the weakest member of the JLA.I still don't understand you post either because you basically explained how much better than Wolverine,Deathstroke was and then said Wolverine wins..that doesn't make sense. -Deathstroke is smart enough to know how to use his weapons.". Woverine is. I don't think Wolverine ever straight up beat Captain America. He has a way of making every story distinctively his, and doesn’t shy away from wry humor and stepping outside of the box, either. Deathstroke easy. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll It’s an action-packed spectacle as Batman receives DNA test results suggesting that he isn’t Damian’s biological father – but Slade is. Even against metahumans, he has proven more than a match for them all at once with time to prepare. Everyone is in-character. any Comic Vine content. Post Edited:2008-02-19 03:15:47Post Edited:2008-02-19 03:26:57. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, all of this senses are increased by a thousandfold, Can rip apart steel restraints with his injured arms, Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics, Preceding one-shot: Deathstroke: Rebirth (2016). In 20 pages, it sets the stakes, unleashes a fierce battle between the two men, and leaves unresolved questions and mysteries for the forthcoming issues. That makes no sense the reason wolverine tried to go close up was because that was the only way he would winobviously and he by accident got caught just by accident deathstroke has lost to the heros unless he was so smart he did it on purpose??? Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! No,because Deathstroke isn't dumb enough to take Hulk head on. Yes he has your just making things up as you go along now wolverine has fought others like the juggernaut Thor captian america thanos galactus even tell me when yo have seen deathstroke take on any of those types of people??? Thier are way more versions then two wendigos this happens to be in the category of the strong wendigo that was stronger then hulk. Defiance Chapter Three: Like Father, Like Daughter! Doctor Who 12x10 "The Timeless Child" Review, Doctor Who Season 12x09 "Ascension Of The Cybermen" Review. -Deathstroke is smart enough to know how to use his weapons. In Wolverine's own book I do know that Cap beat Wolverine with Wolverine's sword. Yes, he draws on the parallels of their help, as well as their children, but his writing of their tit for tat is simply terrific. Can rip apart steel restraints with his injured arms), Stamina: High (He can fight even while heavily injured), Range: Standard melee range, Extended melee range with melee weapons, Hundreds of meters with ranged weaponry, Standard Equipment: Promethium Sword, Energy Staff, Firearms (Automatic Pistols commonly), explosives and detonators, sword(s) of various metals, Intelligence: Genius (Slade is a great strategist and tactician. Some time later, Wilson volunteered for a medical experiment designed to stimulate his adrenal gland in the hopes of increasing a soldier's ability to resist truth serums. Standard load-outs. All buildings are sealed and not able to be entered, so it is just a fight on the streets. I'm thinking Wolverine might have the slight edge in fighting ability.Post Edited:2008-02-18 18:21:25. Are you talking about the X-Men/Teen Titans team up. Wolverine surrendered to Cap. Created by DeanDinosaur6. Roy Harper once claimed the Slade was, "The world's greatest tactician."

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