deathstroke vs superman

Heres The Book If You Want It! Spider-man goes off and on. But he used a kryptonite sword he got from Lex Luthor and drew blood, and almost killed her. If he's doesn't think of Deathstroke as a real threat or he's on the rag, or whatever, Deathstroke might take it. They give hope to th bullied DnD nerd that at some point in your life, you will have an indestructible metal grafter to your skeleton and then those quaterbacks will be sorry. he will ko slade before ds even knew a fight started. Thus, a pissed off superman puts DS into a full body cast. How is it so easy for Batman to simply pull out kryptonite from his belt to stop a mind controlled Superman, but someone with better stats, similar prepping ability can't do it with unlimited amount of kryptonite and red radiation against a superman with morals and unsuspecting? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Super hearing alerts Clark well before Slade gets in the house. Slade still easily takes this. I think this fight takes about 3 hours or more, but in the end S-M takes it. In this corner we have, Deathstroke the Terminator! If you take Clark's senses around, he would be seeing the kryptonite, and fly away as fast as possible. Slade takes this, Superman is morally burdened and clueless that Slade has prepped for weeks and possesses a kryptonite sword. Ikon suit is an impressive gear, but against someone like Superman it wouldn't help much. Deathstroke is a genius. Spider-Man serious got beat up by Steve Rogers. Superman hears Slade, pokes him in the head, game over. If the sword was sheated, then Clark doesn't have a problem, he could finish it sooner and with less damage. plus hes evaded Supes before with ease. Slade stomps him. If you take Clark's senses around, he would be seeing the kryptonite, and fly away as fast as possible. When cap has run to save his teammates in the end of the battle, Peter didn't even bother to chase him. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes-Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash-it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.Director: Zack SnyderCast: Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry / Aquaman), Ezra Miller (Barry Allen / The Flash), Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman), Ray Fisher (Victor Stone / Cyborg), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Amber Heard (Mera), Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth), J.K. Simmons (Commissioner Gordon)...DC ComicsTM \u0026 © Warner Bros.#JusticeLeague**********************************************************************If you like 'DC Comics' - welcome! @parryboy: you are acting like Clark knows someone is after him. This topic is locked from further discussion. Not saying ti will be easy for either one but I think in the end Spidey would win. But what gear has Luthor given to him in this battle? @Crom-Cruach:  sorry,my computer is lagging like f*ck". Had no idea that it was unable to tank Superman. He would do something different, like a kryptonite time bomb that will blow up the house, once done he would go in with his kryptonite sword and finish Superman, that would be weakened by the explosion. that plan still involves a lot of useless risks, what if superman see he's carrying kryptonite? Alright we all know Deathstroke is skilled and smart but is he going to beable to handle Spider-Man's speed and spider-sense? the one with wolverine. Deathstroke vs Superman (Read) 55 results; 1; 2; DigitalShooter9. @tonystark6999: There is literally no point in continuously bumping old threads just to say the same thing everyone on thread has been saying. ohhh what comic is that. For Wilson's part, writer Christopher Priest has anchored the hero's new series in his origin story, along with the supporting characters, former wives, past lovers, and children that make Slade no ordinary mercenary. He can literally airdrop kryptonite around Clark's house and keep him from leaving, he has soo many options. Even when Wilson tastes defeat, he rarely gives up -- the Terminator has continued to fight the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. Also, do you know if he's ever fought Superboy? Also he would chop Superman down to size with his Kryptonite sword and bullets. But I could see it going either way, really. Deathstroke's tactics will give Spider-man a run for his money, but "super reflexes" don't beat border-line pre-cognition any day of the week. he would make a better plan, but i agree to the fact that he could do it, i'd say with a 90% chance in this scenario. @ghostravage: not even close, how do you suspect Clark to do that when he has kryptonite and red radiation all around him? @ordinaryalan: yes, and superman will go to him and try and talk (morals/confusion). @cf12793: I don't have access to my computer for another 2-1/2 weeks. The Ikon suit couldn't handle a barrage of punches from Superman and was disabled in their most recent fight. Because unless you don't have the experience, insight or skill, your seriousness won't compensate for the incredible deficiencies you have. Anyways, if this is the case, then Slade might lose. I don't see spiderman serious taking Deathstroke, he doesn't have the skill to back up taking the man who takes of the Teen Titans and smacks then around saying "I could do this all day" or stop a character that has humiliated the justice league. spite. plus hes evaded Supes before with ease. Also, i know that cap is fast and skilled, but if spidey was really trying, cap shouldn't really be able to hit him. How does that prevent Superman from flying up faster than bullets travel and then liquefying all of Slade's weapons & armor? Slades 2 week prep= a win to you? IMO yes he could do it, but he needs all info on Superman's powers. Your Collection Today! what if he fly away out of range before it has effect? That is still stupid... Slade would never hide in Superman's house knowing that Clark has superhearing and x-ray vision... @annoyedimmortalspirit: he doesn't have to hide, like I said, he can simply request to talk to superman, then when he gets close enough reveal a bunch of his greatest weakness. However, he got the sword from Lex, the idea and his resources would allow him to replicate one. Deathstroke the Terminator, assassin for hire, will find a way to kill it.

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