denon receiver gets hot

My denon receiver keep shutting off and too hot - Answered by a verified Technician. It looks like pretty much every Denon receiver, and … i have a denon 2400 love the sound, full, powerful, has no problems running a 6.1 psb setup and barely gets warm. I would probably consider getting a new AV unit that fits your current receiver than get a slimline one (probably cost about the same). Although the company claims to use only quality parts, it sometimes happens that appliances don’t live … Denon is a company with a 100-year history of manufacturing powerful audio and visual equipment. The sub has not yet arrived so it's really only a 7.0 system right now, but come Monday it will be 7.1. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Combine the two and you can see how the sub will be sucking a lot of current from the amp which is why it is getting hot. How hot should the system get … The bigger the speaker then the more energy it takes to drive. Hot air goes up. If the AV receiver is getting too hot to touch then that's a worrying sign. The Denon AVR-S650H proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a modern, high-performing AV receiver. through an opening in the back), and fresh air can enter. Afterwards I read that Denon recommends 5" of clearance above the receiver. In this very same room, a Denon AVR-4802 120w x7 A/B receiver that's about 7 years older barely even gets warm playing on my Infinity IL40 towers (Just 2 channel). The top is very hot that it's 'getting to the point' that I can't leave m The space at the sides of the receiver are not as important as the ones at the front and back, and especially the room above it. If you don't get it moved you're going to either fry it or shorten its lifespan considerably. Doubling the budget to $2,200 gets you 140 watts per channel from their SC-37 receiver. The problem with just adding the fan is the hot air needs to go somewhere and without a bigger air gap on top or to the rear it will go back into the receiver. Denon's brand-new $5,500 AVR-5308CI delivers 150 watts per channel! Just make sure the air above the receiver can get out of the cabinet (e.g. At minimum slide it over and add an AC Infinity fan of some type. It's not so hot as to not be able to touch it, however, it is still quite warm. Currently its product range includes home theater, wireless and portable audio devices. A speaker with a low Ohms rating will also be very power hungry. its a thx select receiver running another psb speaker system 5.1. gets HOT (is one of the onkyos that suffers from bad chip/heat problems but still works as i baby it) dont … FWIW, my personal opinion. Last edited: Mar 21, 2014 Vistance , Mar 21, 2014 I just got a new Denon X3600H and after testing it out I have quickly realized that this thing gets pretty hot in this space. However, slimline receivers generally are compromised in terms of sound quality due to their small size (and hence small power supplies) so I would try to avoid getting one unless you really have too. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described … Anyway, the receiver I have (Denon AVR-S930H) seems to be getting pretty hot during use. My receiver is currently playing music from my PC at -37.5dB (quiet background music). Hello! Cees i have an onkyo htrc470 also sounds good, maybe a bit less than the denon.

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