do i need to rototill before laying sod

You need to thoroughly water your lawn. How to Level a Large Lawn – Ultimate Guide, Mushrooms in Your Lawn and Getting Rid of Them, The Best Time to Spray Weeds | Season | Weather | Time. The first step in preparing your lawn for sod is to perform a soil test. Yes, you can indeed till right into the grass and not dig it up. University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program: Establishing a Lawn from Sod, University of Maryland Extension: Lawn Establishment, Renovation and Overseeding, Colorado State University PlantTalk Colorado: 1517 – Sodding a Lawn, University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program: Turfgrass Selection for the Home Landscape. To collect a sample of your soil, fill a bucket with the top 4–6 inches (10–15 cm) of your soil from at least 10 different spots in the area you’re laying the sod down on. As you walk through your yard to place the sod, the weight of your body on the pliable earth will cause it to compact. Keep the pallets of sod in a cool, shady spot while working and water the sod frequently. Prepare the Ground. Garden weeds are unwanted annual or perennial plants that limit desirable plants from growing vigorously because of the strong competition they offer for soil moisture and nutrients. This prevents further degrading of the area and reduces the collection of water at the trough of the hill. It’s better to have too much sod than not enough. For smaller areas or those working alone, you can purchase sod in rectangles. Leveling the lawn area so it's level, by removing soil in high areas and filling low spots, limits inconsistencies in the appearance and when mowing. tilling is not necessary. UPDATE: I'd still turn it over, but it's up to you - you haven't said whether you're sowing seed or planting actual plants, or laying sod though. Sod produces a lush lawn quickly, without the time and risk of planting grass seed. After laying the first row, use the knife to cut off half of the next piece so you … Round-up the existing, till it, rake the slag off, do your final leveling with a landscape rake, and lay your sod. Newly laid sod needs about 1 inch of water per week, and more in hot or dry weather, spread over one or two waterings each day. Laid on top of the soil, peat moss can take some time to break down. Watering the ground before laying the sod prevents shock to the roots and drying. These rectangles are easy to maneuver and cut down to get around corners. The most important step in installing sod is the preparation of the area. Properly eliminating your old lawn before laying new sod is the first critical step in ensuring that your new sod grows a strong root system. Use a rototiller to till the top 4 inches (10 cm) of the soil. The type of sod you choose is dependent on the grass you want to grow. While rototilling before laying sod gives the roots loose soil to grow into, as well as working the old sod and weeds into soil rather than digging them out by hand, other soil preparation methods also work well in helping sod to take properly. This will mix the lime directly into the soil, making it more bioavailable. This enables the sod to quickly root into the soil. Aeration is the process of agitating the soil in a way that results in increased oxygen exchange. If there is a driveway adjacent to your lawn, use the border of your driveway as your guide. ft. If you attempted to root only cool season grass here, it would be scorched by the hot summers experienced in this zone. The first thing to do is loosen the soil in the area. Kit Arbuckle is a freelance writer specializing in topics such as health, alternative medicine, beauty, senior care, pets and landscaping. Based on your knowledge of previous seasons, you can establish whether where you live is mostly warm or mostly cool. Regardless of the form of your sod, as you get to your second, third, and next row of sod, you’ll need to misalign the seams of the previous sod. How to Rototill a Lawn Gather Materials. Once sod roots, it will be much stronger and able to withstand damage. The pH will adjust more quickly than if you simply sprinkled lime on top of the soil. But sod requires just as much care before and after laying it as sowing seed. After confirming that you have all the equipment and materials you need, start preparing the ground… Do I Need to Rototill in Organics Before Installing New Sod? © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. The transition zone allows the most wiggle room. It’s worth the effort to do your research on prices. Posted on November 15, 2020 November 15, 2020 by Ryan. When picking a grass, you should consider the climate you are in. Tilling aerates your soil. Start next to a walkway or driveway and work out and over the yard. You should not do this immediately before you lay it, however. Continue this until you reach the end of your property. Call local landscapers and ask them what the price of sod would be. This will result in the death of your turf. Laying the Next Rows. If you see fungus develop or mushrooms beginning to sprout, cut back on the watering. If you purchase a blended sod that has warm season and cool season grasses within it, you’ll notice the cool season grass pucker up and fade away as the warm season approaches. The sod will never take before it dies. However, when it is incorporated into the soil, it breaks down much more quickly. If you don’t have a tiller on hand, you can borrow one from a friend or neighbor, or you can rent one from your local home improvement store. Not only will it loosen your soil, but you have the opportunity to add micronutrients directly to the soil. Killing existing weeds prior to laying sod increases the chances of the grass establishing itself and growing healthy. After installation, the sod is most delicate. Heavily compacted areas can appear trampled and dry despite watering. apply a good lawn fertilizer and use a garden rake to work it into the soil that the sod will be laid on and you should get healthy happy sod. Topsoil also helps level low areas, improve the yard’s grade and should have little to no weeds seeds in it if it has been sterilized. Lay the next patch of sod directly butting up to the edge of the first piece. After determining the type of grass you desire and what the best price for the sod would be, place your order. When the soil of your lawn is compacted, sod will not establish itself. Since sod establishes so quickly, you can be flexible when you implant your lawn. When you want a green lawn in a pinch, sod is the answer to your prayers. Watering the sod properly keeps it healthy and growing. Once sod is laid, there is only a short waiting period between when the sod is installed and when you get to enjoy it. Begin at the edge of your line, whether it’s your property line, your driveway, or the paving of a walkway, and lay down your patch of sod. Approximately 4 inches of topsoil spread over the area gives the roots plenty of soil. Once completed, your sod and its seams should resemble the pattern of laid bricks. A soil test will help you figure out what you need to add to your soil so it’s healthy and ready for the sod. Tilling the soil will help mix in the topsoil … Water the topsoil to help it settle and make adjustments so the entire area is level. The foremost advantage sod has over growing grass from seed is the fast establishment. My question is should I rototill my lawn before laying bermuda sod? You should have the measurements of your area on hand when you call. This is especially important when not rototilling to prepare the soil. Remove existing weeds, grass, rocks and other debris from the area. When starting a lawn or repairing damaged spots, laying sod is a quick shortcut to achieving an established lawn in a short period. This will lower the pH of your soil and bring it back down to an acceptable range. While you wait for the results of your soil test, you need to measure the area to be sodded. For the first few weeks, you’ll need to water your sod three times a week. The plus is that rototilling will help integrate the old soil with the new topsoil/compost. Sod is patches of established grass with a thin layer of soil attached to a biodegradable material.

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