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Plus, they’re all fairly equal in power with only some minor gaps.

If backed into a corner, what’s stopping Dr. Gero from giving himself infinite stamina? He’s the first villain we see outright change his form and it’s a doozy. Because of his child-like appearance, pure Buu is often labeled as Kid Buu.

Kid Buu is a monster. Despite being stronger on a base level, Goku burns through all his stamina just trying to keep up with the Djinn’s final transformation. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! Like the Androids, Zamasu basically has infinite stamina. None of the villains would have a chance if they encounter the Devil Man. He ends up losing, of course, but not due to a lack of strength. All he really did was travel with 16 and 18, and have an awesome fight with Piccolo. So who are the strongest villains in the franchise? He only really got to beat up Krillin, which isn’t that big of an accomplishment. Krillin's evolved so much as a character over the years. However, they themselves aren’t powerful beings.

During Goku’s and Jiren’s first fight, it is revealed that Jiren’s strength matches that of a God of Destruction. It’s interesting that King Piccolo is often thought of as one of the franchise’s best villains, whereas Raditz is often ridiculed as being one of the weakest foes in Dragon Ball Z. That’s because Raditz probably is the weakest villain in Z. Until Beerus was introduced in Battle of Gods, Super Buu was the peak as far as antagonists were concerned, and it wasn’t until Zamasu’s introduction that a brand new villain came to claim his title. Of the three Saiyans, he’s designed with power in mind and his battles in the arc prove it. He comes incredibly close when he’s in his Mastered Ultra Instinct state, but the technique ends up breaking down his body before he can land the final blow. Dragon Ball is a massive franchise with so many powerful villains. Kid Buu is a monster. Cunber is a new villain exclusive to the Dragon Ball Heroes series which is an expansion on the multiverse of Dragon Ball lore and is based on the Japanese exclusive game of the same name. Super Buu can theoretically be reasoned with. Other villains transform to get stronger, Frieza transforms to get weaker.

Frieza's brother showed up, was kidnapped by Fu, and placed on Prison Planet. The debate over who’s the best villain in Dragon Ball will continue until the end of time. The Piccolo that we all know and love didn’t have a long career as a villain, but his status a series icon can never be disputed. He knew he was outmatched by Vegeta, so he decided to run and hide. However, is he as powerful as Cell by the time Dragon Ball Super happens? Vegeta was able to tear out the good Buu from within Super Buu, regressing Super Buu back to his pure form. When creating a top thirty list of the series’ strongest villains, some characters place rather interestingly. On Namek, Frieza mentions that his father is the only person to push himself enough to bust out his final form. The beam is meant to amplify a person’s negative thoughts, turning it into pure energy. While Frieza is often cemented as the “big bad” of the series, my favorite has always been Cell. For more antagonists see either List of Film Antagonists or List of Video Game Antagonists.

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool geek who's into all sorts of comic books, video games, movies, and TV shows. It takes a global Genki Dama for Goku to finally get an edge on Kid Buu, and he stills needs to turn Super Saiyan to fully connect the attack and secure a victory. In effect, Yurin turned tons of people into zombies in Dragon Ball Super - including Master Roshi. Jiren’s also more demoralized at this point and not fully out for the count as evidenced by how furious he becomes when he gets ready to fight Goku, Frieza, and 17. Goku and his friends emerge victorious in the conflict, and Vegeta ends up being an unwelcome ally to the Z Warriors. 19 would have really been a sight to behold. He was able to hold his own against the combined might of Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks. His technique is meant to work on anyone, no matter if they are good or evil.

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