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El Union Coffee On your next road trip from La Union to Baguio, you will drive past the Cordillera mountain range town of Sablan, Benguet, just an hour or so from our coastal Surftown home—that is where this whole bean offering comes from. El Union Coffee, MacArthur Highway Urbiztondo, San Juan, Ilocos Region, Philippines +639454834825 elunioncoffee@gmail.com . Link in bio to shop. Our coffees are categorised into one of four key flavour profiles. How soon after I order will my package be shipped? Select as many as you like to help the Roastmaster choose coffees you'll love. RATINGS. Or have a guess and if you get it wrong, we The more you get into coffee, the more interesting and subtle flavours you'll taste - :). How exciting! What makes them special: If you miss the coffee from El Union Coffee Shop in La Union, you must get one of their locally roasted single-origin grounds. What to get: Commune Blend, WFH (Seasonal Blend). information card showing you the main tastes to expect, along with other details about They also conduct workshops and sell coffee equipment. Check out another top 10 article we hope you'd like: Minor edits have been made by the editors. This drop features a limited batch of single origin beans from Sitio Naguey produced by Kalsada Coffee, and roasted by your friends in La Union. They have open communication with coffee-farming communities so they can meet their needs. Registered Address: 29 The Green, Winchmore Hill, London, N21 1HS, Weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription plans, Free, letterbox-friendly delivery anywhere in the UK, House Blends, All Single Origins and Microlots, Morello Cherry, Macadamia, Milk Chocolate, Clementine Orange, Gingerbread, Milk Chocolate, Cranberry, Blood Orange, Chocolate Truffle. What to get: Dalisay Blend, Tinatangi Blend, Muni-Muni Blend, Price range: P210 to P350/250g, P395 to P680/500g, P220 to P280/7 pieces Single Brew Set (Beans and grounds). For more info for each variant, just visit their website elunioncoffee.com. 4 out of 5 stars 11 reviews. Check out our table of shipping fee estimates. You can choose from different grinds, too: whole bean, coarse (for cold brew), medium (for your drip coffee machine), and fine (for espressos). 0 coffees Get discovered on the Philippines' #1 online seller directory. Where to buy: Firefly Coffee Instagram account. One of them is El Union Coffee, a popular coffee shop in La Union where people hang out for a cup of joe and dirty horchata. Our team grinds and packs our coffee on the same day that it is picked up by the courier. If you lock in orders and payments by noon, you'll get your coffee by tomorrow! VAT Reg No. Photo from @elunion. Like our Microlots - limited parcels of rare, seasonal coffees you won't find anywhere else in the UK. Just a whiff of it while it brews will take you back. What to get: Bagobo Tribe, Danilo Salazar, Golden Ticket, Switch. More are finding joy in making their own coffee—including myself. All photos (90) All photos (90) Ratings and reviews. And some good news! Hope everyone is having a great holy week. Without traffic, it is an easy drive of less than two hours from our shop—That's how close Surftown is to some of our coffee producers. If you don't have a grinder, we have grinding options. Big thanks to one of our machine suppliers, El Kapitan coffee in Greenhills/Banaue for lending us a great bulk grinder: the Compak R8. the world and an ever changing selection of Microlot coffees. We're starting to dispatch our beans directly from San Juan, La Union. A coffee bean is a seed of the Coffea plant and the source for coffee. What to get: Colombia Cerro Azul Natural Gesha - Competition Lot, Brazil Sul De Minas, Where to buy: The Good Cup Coffee website. If you need to buy Kalita coffee gear like kettles, drippers and filters, they are the official supplier. Specialty coffee roaster dedicated to making your coffee life better, and introducing the first ever Draft Latte cold latte in a can. Matumtum, and Mt. (Deliveries are free, so pick the frequency that works for you), (Deliveries are free, so pick the frequency that works for them), The postie's average delivery time is 3 working days. Given these extraordinary times, we want to continue being helpful so check out our updated food delivery guide, where to shop for groceries online, and more. Each serving is cheaper than what you buy at coffee shops, plus you get to customize the taste, too! One of the favorites would be their iced Dirty White, a coffee blend that’s made from farm fresh milk and espresso. Looks like you're not Logged In or Registered yet. Time to decide how often you get a delivery…, Here's where you can create the perfect coffee gift to suit your budget and your loved one's coffee habit! Share your favorite if we missed it! Ahead, a list of the best shops where you can get them, in no particular order. Just a reminder: tomorrow, Tuesday is our next delivery date for our latest roast of Sablan Naturals. Greetings from Surftown! What makes them special: If you miss the coffee from El Union Coffee Shop in … 99 reviews #1 of 1 Coffee & Tea in San Juan $$ - $$$ Quick Bites Cafe. Union was created to make coffee … We have a new origin coming your way: Sitio Naguey Naturals from our friends Kalsada Coffee in Benguet, roasted by us, your friends in Surftown. They're transparent with the locations where the beans come from. What makes them special: They've got beans and ready-to-drink coffee that are guaranteed to be fresh. speciality coffees sourced from personal relationships with smallholder farmers, batch-roasted to develop distinctive

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