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Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fish | plural of fish, Spectacle In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for spectacle in a sen[Class 1-5], Miracle in a sentence | Short example sentence for miracle[Class 1-5], Always Wanted in a sentence | Short example sentence for always wanted[Class 1-5], Unborn in a sentence | Short example sentence for unborn[Class 1-5], Adhere In A S in a sentence | Short example sentence for adhere in a s[Class 1-5], Razor in a sentence | Short example sentence for razor[Class 1-5], Conductor in a sentence | Short example sentence for conductor[Class 1-5], Marvel in a sentence | Short example sentence for marvel[Class 1-5], Quickly in a sentence | Short example sentence for quickly[Class 1-5], Came As In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for came as in a sen[Class 1-5], Words to describe Fishes | Fishes Adjectives. 504.. Other fish, like the South American electric, Fish is the most common plural form of the word fish, as in Squiggly brought home fish for the aquarium, but there are some instances in which people use. The Sun Mother created all the fish of … 2. In his speech, the hunter does not chase the deer, but brings it before his gun by a magic power; the mystic fisher calls the fishes; the enchanted bullet finds its own game and needs only to be shot off; the tanner even lays a spell upon the water in his vat and makes it run up hill through a tube bent in a charm. Venture a small fish to catch a great one. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'. (fresh) " They eat a lot of smoked fish. 4. Fish were once classified together as a single group, but are now known to compose numerous evolutionarily distinct classes, including the. (countable) An instance of seeking something. A Fish Story: Used for people who fail, incompetent, thoughtless and lie in the face of a job, event or situation. 16. Often the bones, teeth and scales of fishes are to FIG. Fish need water to stay alive, and the water needs fish to stay fresh. The Dipnoi show a distinct transition between fishes and amphibia. Without them, sentences would just be messy! 40. CK 1 1173700 He can swim like a fish. To catch or try to catch fish, or shrimps, lobsters, etc. (countable, poker slang) A bad poker player. Whatever you choice you make does not really matter, as long as it is one of those two. Example: Elissa told a big fish story. Venomous spines are found in a wide variety of fish including stingrays, chimaeras, scorpionfishes, catfishes, toadfishes, rabbit fishes, and stargazers. The melting point of the fluids within these polar fishes is - 0. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? (intransitive, followed by "around") To attempt to obtain information by talking to people. CK 1 1025859 Tom eats a lot of fish. How to use fish in a sentence. Where Terry Jorgensen fishes is one of the only areas of deep water nearby. Fishes sentence examples. To try to find something other than fish in (a body of water). To fish is defined as to try and obtain information or to catch animals that live in the water, such as salmon. Examples of fishes in a sentence: 1. Example: If John accepts what he will come up with next year, he will be big fish. 鱼 (魚) Pinyin: yú Definition: fish . Fish begins to stink at the head. The seafood pasta had lots of fish but not enough pasta. Origin (freshwater, marine, saltwater, cold-water, tropical) " They are doing research on farmed fish. (farmed, wild) " It is expensive to buy fresh fish in this area. An example of fish is when you try to catch salmon using a pole and bait. Accessed 24 Nov. 2020. His wife ought to control this if she can. 3. Though often used interchangeably, these words have different meanings. (intransitive) To attempt to find or get hold of an object by searching among other objects. Big Fish: This statement is used to describe that the gain or person to be gained is valuable. › Disorganisations [disˌôrɡ(ə)nəˈzāSH(ə)n], › Photovoltaics [ˌfōtəvōlˈtāiks, ˌfōtōväl-], © 2020 UseEnglishWords.com. Fish is used either as singular noun or to describe a group of specimens from a single species. fish example sentences. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Fishes, with an apostrophe, also serves as the plural possessive of fish—for example, the fishes’ scales were yellow.. And of course. Any animal living in water only, as a dolphin, crab, or oyster. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Most venomous fish deliver the toxins through the use of a spine. The constellation and sign of the zodiac known as "the fishes" is treated under Pisces. 6. What the grandmother called fishes were the little birds; the Princess could not understand them in any other way, for she had never seen a bird. The definition of a fish is an animal that lives in the water and breathes through gills.

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