food combining breakfast

Breakfast: An oatmeal porridge or cornflakes, with yogurt and sultanas. Breakfast: Fruit on an empty stomach. Lunch: Green salad with wild rice, sweet potato, avocado, veggies and olive oil dressing. Because fruit digests so quickly, I usually enjoy it most at breakfast in the form of a large smoothie. LUNCH: Protein and plenty of veggies. DINNER: Starches with plenty of veggies. Snack: Chia seed pudding, small handful of nuts, hard boiled egg, green juice (veggie only), or veggies and hummus. Protein animal (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, yogurt) beans (both starch and protein) nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts) seeds (hemp, chia, flax, pumpkin, sunflower, watermelon, sesame) tempeh … Lunch: Fresh fruit or vegetable salad, potato roast or hot garlic potatoes, salad, and a banana. I like to serve nuts and seeds with plenty of fresh veggies, to keep the overall meal hydrating... Starch:. However, given below are some sample menus for food combining that will help you in planning your meal well. Dinner: Green salad with chicken/or fish, veggies and lemon juice for dressing. Nut/Seed/Dried Fruit:. » Sample Menu #1. Food Combining Recipes Fresh Fruit:.

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