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For smaller clear resin castings such as jewellery or resin art (up to 10mm) in thickness, choose GlassCast 10 Full details of the sealing process and further tips for the use of GlassCast® can be found in the detailed Technical Data Sheet. In some areas it has not hardened properly. Uncured resins are classed as dangerous goods and would need to be disposed of correctly. As the resin has cured, you will need to key the surface with sand paper to ensure the fresh resin can achieve a good bond. Yes, I would certainly say so. GlassCast 3 is perfect for my Artworks and home decor pieces, and GlassCast 50 never fails me when it comes to casting and preservation products. GlassCast has very good clarity in castings up to around 25mm thick. We would recommend an initial cure period of 48 hours to allow sufficient hardening prior to any machining work. Before storage or use you must download and read the accompanying safety and technical datasheets. Can GlassCast be used as flooring in a bathroom or kitchen? I don't know how deep the areas with problems are but you may need to flood coat the whole surface with a very thin layer to ensure a perfect, level surface finish. By all means conduct your own tests but I would strongly recommend that a carbon fibre plate was not marketed as 'dishwasher safe'. See samples of resins and pigments and customer work. a stone floor which isn't thoroughly dried), the moisture and cooler temperatures can cause curing issues. If you need a thicker consistency then you'll find that anything you add to make the resin thicker will affect its clarity (making it milky) which may or may not be a problem. 14 years ago the mantle was passed down and Stuart has been busy moving into furniture design, manufacturing and finishing so the company are now able to offer a fully bespoke service for both modern and traditional furniture designs. One such product is GTS 1750 which is sold by Caswell Europe. Mixed and cured fully and properly the resulting plastic should be stable and non-toxic but testing would be required to prove this. The hardener for each of the GlassCast products is unique for that product. This would result in a much weaker repair and needs to be avoided by careful measurements. Should you get any scratches, you can polish them out in most cases. Once you're back to fully cured resin; you can abrade the surface with a 120-240grit abrasive sand paper. Also is it uv resistant? Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear, Resin for Bar Table Top, Wood, Art, Jewelry, Super Gloss Resin for Casting, Coating and Art, 1:1 Ratio 1 Gallon Kit, Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating for Wood Tabletop - 2 Gallon Kit, Jean Patrique The Whatever Pan - Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan with Glass Lid | 10.6" Diameter, Induction Compatible, Non-Stick, Beionxii Outdoor Wall Mount Lights | Exterior Porch Light Fixtures, Sand Textured Black Cast Aluminum with Clear Glass - A331W-1PK, Best Kits for Smooth and Polished Resin Projects. Note: Your name will be abbreviated and your email address will only be used to email you the answer directly. Can GlassCast be poured on polystyrene foam? GlassCast grabbed my attention from the start. Because cured resins are inert and safe for disposal it's often easiest to mix un-needed or out-of-date resin and hardener together to cure them. ], Need any help or advice?+44 (0)1782 450300. Can this resin be used in a commercial bar floor application? which would certainly mark the surface if they're placed directly onto it. The main consideration for a resin coated kitchen worktop is temperature, especially hot pans/plates etc. Where pigments and tints are being used, you can sometimes hide the loss of clarity for thicker casts, although we recommend doing a test piece to see if the cosmetic effect is acceptable for your desired end use. Once the resin wets these edges they will still become virtually invisible, even though they had a coarse keyed finish. The coins are heavy enough to stay in place and will not float as long as you are careful pouring the resin. Please share any questions or comments you may have about this video tutorial. For domestic users, usually your local council recycling centre will have a disposal service for such chemicals or containers. These incredible lamps and table were created by the very talented Mateusz from MB Resin Art using GlassCast Resin! Available in 500g, 1kg, 5kg and 37.5kg kits to suit all projects. Instead, you need to remove any tacky patches back to hard, fully cured resin. To create stunning translucent colours (like stained glass) just add a few drops of our resin tinting pigments. If the material you will be pouring GlassCast over is porous such as wood, chipboard, MDF or ceramic materials then it is highly recommended to apply a sealing coat before the main pour. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? One important thing you need to be aware of would be the heat stability of any epoxy, including this one, would not really make it suitable for HOT drinks as they could leave a small mark in the resin. You should be aware that on a vertical surface like a wall you will not be able to achieve a self-levelling effect and so the surface will be more like a thin shiny coating over the texture of the pennies, rather than a thick, flat glossy finish like you can achieve on a flat floor. Due to its low viscosity (runny) nature, it would be impractical to cast GlassCast onto vertical surfaces such as walls, so we would not recommend its use in such circumstances. If using this resin to make paperweights or coasters, what can you use as a mould that wont get stuck to the resin? For other objects such as bottle tops, it may not always be practical to use grout. This resin would work fine for small pieces or small jewels up to 15mm in thickness. It will coat the tiles as long as a good key is given to the surface to help with adhesion. Can you recommend any materials that can be used? We recommend starting with a small drill bit then carefully opening out the hole size to the desired diameter, taking care not to apply too much pressure or build up too much heat. What would happen if I get the mix ratio wrong? There is just the faintest smell but, as stated, this is not fumes and so there is nothing really to consider in terms of density. Thicker projects will require multiple pours to a maximum recommended thickness of 25mm. How much GlassCast do I need to cover a layer of bottle tops or a penny floor? Stuart started experimenting with wood and resin around 2 years ago and quickly realised that this combination opened up a huge design freedom which he is really enjoying!

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