grape and gorgonzola pizza recipe

By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. I just made one small change, I add some hemp seeds, we learned to put it almost in every dish. HAHAHA! Pineapple is a successful pizza embellishment, but what about grapes? Flatbread dough recipe makes enough for two large flatbreads. ), but I love doing it when my husband finds something he loves. If gorgonzola cheese is too much for you, stick with a more mild mozzarella. huge selection of flatbread and pizza recipes. I just found your blog on boston blogs, I love it! I won the book on a giveaway along with flour and vital wheat gluten and the gluten makes an ever better difference! So, instead of getting stuck in a restaurant rut, I can make his fave dish at home and we can happily try a new restaurant next time we go out. And I love the thin crust. While store-bought is fine in a pinch, it can never really compare to homemade, in large part because you can control homemade and make it exactly how you like it. Just dying in side. Place 9x13 baking pans in the oven as it heats. In other words, this is a pasta that can be thrown together from whatever you have in your larder in about 10 minutes. A seemingly unlikely combination, the flavors in this Sausage, Grape, and Gorgonzola Flatbread Pizza work so well together, you'll find yourself craving this ultra thin crust pizza all the time. The gorgonzola is a powerhouse of sharpness that brings the perfect boldness to the sweetness of the grapes and onion and more mellow seasonings of the sausage. OMG, totally making this!!! All text and photos ©2007-2020. That crust looks easy enough for a busy mom to try, too. I also liked how this is a flatbread pizza, that way you can eat more and not feel as full! No thanks! I love how easy the no-knead flatbread recipe is! Remove sausage to a bowl and set aside, leaving sausage grease in pan. Once oven is pre-heated remove pan and working quickly, sprinkle a little flour and/or cornmeal onto the pan (this will prevent the dough from sticking) and carefully place the dough rectangle on top. Don't overfry it, otherwise it will end up chewy. Sometimes this leads to mistakes (once an M&M pizza was served in my college’s dining hall). Pies & Pints brings sweet red grapes to savory heights by cutting them in half and scattering them generously over a thin-crust pizza with gorgonzola and rosemary. Success! What do you think of fruit on top? © 2020 Food Republic. Once the pancetta is browned on one side, start stirring it, continuing to fry until it's cooked through and there is a tablespoon or two of rendered fat in the pan. If you’re scared to make your own flatbread dough, don’t be! Mmm, I’m craving it now as we speak haha. Add to the baking dish. I truly believe that this sausage, onions, grape, and gorgonzola cheese combination makes for the best flatbread in the world. He’s a major creature of habit and will want to go back to the same restaurant over and over and over when he finds a dish he likes. Mix grapes, maple syrup, shallot, rosemary and salt in a small bowl. Guanciale, bacon or even ham will work in place of the pancetta and the grapes don’t have to be black (though I would recommend seedless ones). Yum! What's The Difference Between Bananas And Plantains? Oh yum! A few bites of a cheesy pasta can be delicious, but by the third bite I’m bored and ready to move on. Bake for 9-12 minutes, until crust is golden. I might give this a whirl atop my new love, the Iggy’s pizza shell if I’m too lazy to do the homemade version . Pies & Pints brings sweet red grapes to savory heights by cutting them in half and scattering them generously over a thin-crust pizza with gorgonzola and rosemary. I love spice, so I used a spicy Italian sausage for that extra kick, but sweet Italian sausage works, too. Required fields are marked *, Sues started We are not Martha to show you how to make recipes that impress without stress, including easy weeknight dinners, delightful desserts, + lots of cocktails! Of course, you can also use a pizza stone to bake your flatbread (I stuck with a 9×13 pan to keep things simple for everyone following the recipe). One of my big goals for this year is to revamp a lot of the content here on We are not Martha, including re-shooting photos and adding improvements to my recipes where I can. I first made it in 2009 after Chris had something very similar for dinner at a little restaurant on Boston’s Newbury Street called Bouchee. With a wooden spoon, mix the flour into the mixture.

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