guitar making classes near me

Build every part of the guitar from scratch! One on one instruction. Hands on - body staining, neck finishing. Classes are once a week for 3hours (take more classes each week if you wish, $40 per class). Work at your own pace. Now considered one of the UK’s top guitar builders, Mark Bailey is opening the doors to guitar building, making it more accessible for everyone and allowing people to achieve their dream at home.If you've ever wanted to build your own guitar then look no further. Gigbags will be provided, hardshell case upgrade available. Hundreds of students, young and old, some with experience some with none, have attended the school over the years. Guitar Building Classes. Intro to finishing. Evening class times M-F are 6pm-9pm. Dive in to an intense 25 day course while you build a beautiful Acoustic guitar completely from scratch (this is NOT a kit guitar course). Our staff will complete the finishing, assembly & professionally setup the instrument once the class has concluded. Wayne will teach or co-teach occasional classes in the art of building a guitar at the Wayne C. Henderson School of Appalachian Arts in Marion, Virginia ( are limited to six students. Hands on - guitar/bass sanding. Eric Schaefer Guitars is a guitar building school located in Reading, Pennsylvania. NO KITS ALLOWED! (Joss Winn - read Joss' guitar course journal) “I have completed a classical guitar-making course with Roy and now have an excellent traditional Hauser fan-braced guitar … We specialize in acoustic, flattop guitar making, offering hands-on workshops and online courses. We offer group workshops or my one-on-one Custom Guitar Dream Class. Earn your Certificate in the field of Lutherie as you build a top shelf guitar (One on One) with Luthier Brian Hawkins. "I had a fantastic time on your guitar making course and I would recommend it to anyone who loves guitars and who has ever dreamed of making one. After only four weeks I took home a beautiful guitar of which I am very proud and which gives me daily pleasure. Algranati Guitar Making School 22 Usishkin St 47210 Ramat Hasharon Israel +972 077 2063636 Complementary packing of guitar, shipping charges will apply Starts at 9 am It was a fascinating experience. In the years following, I opened Nazareth Guitar Institute, a fully equipped studio and workshop located in historic Nazareth, Pennsylvania. hawkins acoustic guitar building class. Full of patience, confidence in me, and enthusiasm for the whole project." American School of Lutherie 2745 SW Scenic Drive Portland, OR 97225 503-292-2385 Utah School of Guitar Making Daytime class times are from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm Monday thru Saturday. Roy has been a superb teacher. It is impossible to describe my feelings as I played the first chords on my new guitar.

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