heavy weather sailing techniques

Reduce sail as needed and in the true storm-force wind you can continue sailing downwind "under bare poles" with no sail at all. Never attempt this in an open boat that would rapidly fill with water and sink; a larger boat with a closed cabin should bob back up. HEAVY WEATHER SAILING BASICS Be Aware And Stay In Control. Sounds like a question from the ‘60s, doesn’t it? Most sailors are familiar with reefing sails, but you can also take several steps before or after reefing to help balance the boat, reduce heeling, and keep the helm light and easy to steer. Racing sailors, for example, usually have a selection of sails and may prefer to keep going rather than wait out the storm with a different tactic that would essentially stop the boat's progress. Featuring over 150 lofts across the globe, innovative products and materials, and the North Sails Collection. You must--irrelevant of the skill level of your crew--take a few hours before you set sail to go through reefing, changing to storms sails, deploying a sea anchor, man overboard, and any other drills you believe necessary. First of all, heavy weather is not an absolute wind strength. So…if you’re going to become a Bluewater cruiser it’s important to know what options you have bad weather strikes.When we get hit with heavy weather or high winds - say above 30 knots, we furl the headsail into the first reef or second. As the genoa is rolled, adjust the jib lead to maintain proper sail shape. Once under control, unroll the jib again. The pitching motion may also stir sediments off the bottom of the fuel tank, which may then clog the fuel lines or fuel filter. [For more about proper lead positions, read JIB TRIM]. Even after winning a Volvo Ocean Race and two world championships, the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is… Read More, On Tuesday September 26th, 51 of the world’s top Etchells teams gathered at SFYC for the opening day of the 2017 Etchells World Championship. You can’t avoid heavy weather - squalls and even storms pop up unexpectedly. This motion will cause the mainsail to stop luffing and fill, which causes forward motion. The anchor is adjusted off to one side to help the bow point closer to the wind than when heaving to without a sea anchor, but the boat still drifts back slightly to make a slick. You may have better options staying in open water and riding out the storm using the tactics described below. Required fields are marked *. Whatever your setup, make the change to a smaller jib early – as soon as the thought occurs to you – and while it is still relatively easy to do so. Of course it means buying an extra sail, which will require the room to stow whichever sail is not rigged— and it means an occasional sail change. Put your best driver at the helm, particularly for the initial blast of a squall. And big, breaking, or irregular waves are tough to sail in. 6. These brief descriptions serve only to introduce tactics for heavy weather sailing. And to protect the life of your sail, be sure to leave a portion of the tack patch exposed to handle the loads along the foot. If you anticipate a breezy day, a smaller jib makes it possible to change while still at the dock or at anchor. Techniques; Places; Picture This; News; Advertise; Heavy Weather Tactics: 5 Options for Sailing Through a Storm "I hate storms, but calms undermine my spirits." In my mind, this isn't the time or place for ego or shyness. The following storm tactics are more applicable when offshore or nearshore and expecting the storm to last for some time. Offshore voyagers typically carry special sails for use in high winds. Lying ahull simply means dropping the sails and letting the boat fare for itself, possibly while you go below to seek shelter. Reduce Sail, Slow Down and Keep Control. Offshore voyagers are more likely to have invested in a sea anchor, which is like a parachute deployed underwater to keep the bow pointed into the wind and waves. However, with the rudder hard over turning the boat to windward the mainsail will luff again and lose forward drive. This becomes more important if your sailing crew needs to work on the foredeck. For the coastal cruiser, the ability to sail comfortably and safely in a good blow is essential.

If you are still heeling too much, ease the sheet an inch or two to get your boat back on her feet. © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved  |  Kennan Holdings LLC, Capt. Prolonged heavy weather at sea generates fear and uncertainty, saps morale and leads to poor decision making. First, the wind will push against jib that is aback to send the bow to leeward. When the weather gets really bad and our headsail is too large for the conditions (even when reefed), we have the ability to furl in the headsail in completely, and then move a stay from the side of the boat up to the front so to use a staysail. But it doesn’t need to. If the genoa is carrying greater sail area than the main, reef the genoa first. As the boats surfs down a wave, loads on the sails are reduced. Storms and Thunderstorms: Radar Detection and Sailboat Storm Tactics, When to Adjust Sailboat Sails for Stronger Winds, Why Sailors Die - The Most Important Safety Lesson, The Most Essential Sailing Safety Equipment, A Comprehensive Review of the MacGregor 26M Sailboat, Guidelines for Staying Safe on Your Sailboat. First, add twist to your trim for a wider steering groove. Satisfying because the duel with the forces of nature was met successfully, and rewarding because of the confidence gained while expanding one’s repertoire of sailing skills. The challenge in heavy weather is to depower enough to keep control, but not too much to fight the waves that come with heavy winds—and to maintain sufficient speed. Make the drills fun and low stress.

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