history of animal biotechnology

For example, female horses have been bred with male donkeys to produce mules, and male horses have been bred wi… History Of Animal Biotechnology Assignment Help The use of animal biotechnology for producing desirable traits in animals is being used since long time ago. Although animal cell culture was first success­fully undertaken by Ross Harrison in 1907, it was not until the late 1940’s to early 1950’s that several developments occurred that made cell culture widely available as a tool for sci­entists. By becoming farmers, humans were able to gather in greater numbers, have better and more consistent nutrition and develop technology. The practice of ... ever to occur in human history. The offspring from these crosses then are bred selectively to produce the greatest number of desirable traits. Rapid changes in animal production had been made in previous decades through procedures such as artificial selection, vaccination to enhance health, and artificial insemination to enhance reproduction. 3. 1. Classical biotechnology (2000 BC; 1800–1900 AD): Built on ancient biotechnology; fermentation promotes food production and medicine. 22 History of Biotechnology: 3 stages 1. Some of the first biotechnology in use includes traditional breeding techniques that date back to 5000 B.C.E. History of Animal Cell Culture:. Animal biotechnology is any technological application that utilizes animals to make or modify products. Modern biotechnology- manipulates genetic information in organism; Genetic engineering 23. The application of biotechnology to animals has a long history, beginning in Southwest Asia after the last ice age, when humans first began to trap wild animal species and to breed them in captivity, initially for meat and fiber and later for transport and milk. Animal biotechnology has a long history, beginning as far back as 8,000 years ago with the domestication and artificial selection of animals. Ancient biotechnology (8000–4000 BC): Early history as related to food and shelter; includes domestication of animals. Classical biotechnology- built on ancient biotechnology; Fermentation promoted food production, and medicine. Such techniques include crossing diverse strains of animals (known as hybridizing) to produce greater genetic variety. The animal biotechnology in use today is built on a long history. Ancient biotechnology- early history as related to food and shelter; Includes domestication 2.

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