how do you structure a group coaching program

Your email address will not be published. This is a group of like-minded clients who not only look to you for expert advice, but are also able to help each other when you’re not around. jQuery('#inf_custom_Timezone0').attr('readonly','readonly'); Coaching is not a remedial activity; in my experience, it’s mostly utilized by people who are already performing at a high level and want to become even more successful and effective at their job. Coaches do not expect your employees to share sensitive information or business secrets unless it’s covered by a nondisclosure agreement or another appropriate contract. And if you haven’t been through something similar, is the tone empathetic or abrasive? jQuery(document).ready(function(){ Maybe you are an amazing organizer and can coach on clutter management systems. It’s not a formal consultation or sales call, but she does explain what she does and what she can help with. This is something that might come later, and it’s more along the lines of operating as a membership. Thanks for a great article. View the. So before hiring a business coach for yourself, take some time to think about what you really want to accomplish with the coaching relationship. Naming is half science and half art. This will help you focus on higher-ticket clients who are going to be a better fit for what you’re offering. Of course, you can always offer both. Group health coaching gives people who are not in a financial situation to spend money on one-on-one health coaching an opportunity to seek guidance from a health coach and to meet a community of like-minded individuals; which may be all they need to keep their health on track. What do they want to learn? In general, I believe therapy services should be accessible to employees under the auspices of mental health care, such as an employee assistance program. To determine if an employee could benefit from coaching, consider the context of why they're needing help. I feel like it will allow some lightness to the seriousness of the subject. My first rule of running a service-based business: If you’re not charging at least $45 for your time, you’re not going to survive. Even for serious or dark topics. and that is a desire for results again. Imagine you want to learn how to play guitar so you can play a song at your sister’s wedding in a few months (awww). Six hours go to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and the last two hours focuses on your individual needs and answering questions. Hey Shelly! 1. It’s written beautifully and gives so much value and useful information. When positioning your coaching or consulting package, you must make it clear if your content is results-focused or more in the ongoing-support camp. But you want to learn guitar fast, and the second option ensures you’ll learn how to play a song quickly. With executive coaching, clients typically create a specific timeline of goals and measurable progress they want to achieve during their coaching relationship. Personal network. Here are the key decisions you’ll need to make as you plan your coaching package: What result are you promising, and what steps will your client need to take to get there? A results-based coaching package can often look a lot like an online course—except it’s live and highly personal. I would love more examples. I haven’t taken her training myself, but you may want to poke around her blog. A high price tag can ensure your clients are engaged and ready to do the work. Here are a few tips to keep your confidence high when self-doubt starts to creep in: To recap, here are the 5 tips was have explored in this post: With 80% of all chronic disease being due to preventable lifestyle habits, there is a need to shake up the current health care format. These are your friends and family. Chessa Eskandanian-Yee is the CEO of LeaderEQ, AI-Based Executive Coaching. The best way to draw in clients is to make your program irresistible to your target market. By packaging your services into a system that solves that problem, you can charge far more—even if it’s the same number of hours on your end. The purpose is to operate as a trusted advisor and accountability partner to your client. Getting coaching clients is all about building relationships. Thanks for the efforts! Building a sense of community is one of the most essential aspects to making your group coaching fun for your clients. Great question. And you know, some people will hear your price and turn you down. Packaging your services allows you to charge more for your services not only because you’re likely delivering a more effective product, but also because you are drawing customers into a value-based mindset. In general, I think humor (or humour ) can make just about any copy better. But getting people to take action is hard, and great coaching alone isn’t enough. It should look good written down and sound cool to say, It should evoke an emotion, feeling or idea. Coaching has less of the complexity and confidentiality factors that I've found are often connected to therapy. But they’re models, and they’re solid tools for understanding what benefit you’re delivering as you flesh out your coaching concept. If you’ve studied social media marketing but haven’t done much of it yourself, go get some social media clients. Group coaching is both a virtual and in-person modality. The key is to have a system that continually offers new value. What solution would they pay good money for? This is highly valuable to the right clients. Your Action Item: Decide on the format and structure of your coaching program. Sure, the second option is literally double in price than the first. However I find it hard to set a proper price for the group. Life coaches. Once you have outlined your system / program, start using it is a framework for your coaching. However, individual health coaching remains out of financial reach for many people.

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