how does a foveon sensor work

How is this camera vs Sigma DP2 Merrill?I had a DP2 which I loved and hated (mostly hated)for IQ - didn't like the colors produced by this sensor, e.g. At iso 100 I can get better results for far chepaer. This is of course something that the new cameras have rectified. Sigma should just acknowledge that they're not a sensor company - they're a glass company. You could do this in Lr and it would do the job but it doesn't have all the options as the general NR adjustment does. And for other tasks, it's just fine. With those sensors the one-third colour resolution and the need for further processing means conventional sensor resolution is vastly over-stated. In comparison to the mainstream? Read more. So unless the issue is doing a whole lot of files on one sitting SPP is not that much of a burden. . You might have an issue with the noise of the Quattro sensor. The main limitation was not being able to choose colour temperature (white balance). With this camera someone can put together a really great two or three-lens kit with a camera capable of very high image quality, and they can save over $1,000 doing it. Especially since Sigma have now released an adapter that allows their Canon mount ART lenses to AF on the A7r II, something that isn't consistent across the range currently. especially since I will have live view, once I get the SD Quattro H. You only say that because you don't know what they've done with the image processing. In the very conservative Bayer sensor dominated stock photography market, this can be a disadvantage. Sure, it's not even close to Pentax K1, it's silly to claim otherwise, but it's still a very interesting choice. . There is also the issue of strange CA patterns once you go out of the center and around-center parts of the image. It's slow software, even with the update that utilises computer ram to speed it up. I dunno what they did from ISO 800 upwards, but it looks worse than a point-and-shoot camera from the 90s. how is it going to save me money..does it shoot 4k video? We've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. I'm sure if I had a D800 or 5Ds then I would probably shoot in situations where I would need to set my camera to ISO 400 or even ISO 800 a lot more often, but I'm happy with what I have been shooting, so I find no significant need for that. For me it is a very good tool and i like it. Unfortunately, Sigma scale the data to DNG. There is some noise at base ISO specially if you pull the shadows a little, however the files are so sharp that Noise Reduction does not affect sharpness in any way, EXCEPT in foliage and grass, which becomes awfully mushy, so I would go for localized noise reduction to prevent this. SPP is a underestimated tool which can deliver really stunning output. . In the X3F file this is not made, which is a great advantage. That's true, except that this camera will save you money vs. a Canon 5 Ds or Sony A7r II or Nikon D810 or any one of many other cameras people buy to get high resolution. The basic sd Quattro has the same pixel density as the DP Quattros and the H adds more surface area, without increasing that density. But Foveon sensor resolution is the truth and Bayer filter sensors mislead. You hear experienced photographers say it all the time: shoot raw format to get the best quality. There are two potential disadvantages of this approach. Now I'm not claiming and special influence here and I was just one of a number of people that expressed the same views. And where does the DNG format come into play? If optimum image quality is your target, there's little wrong with Sigma's Art lenses. If you pay attention to the cyan-orange and blue-red bullseye you see the problem: all manner of color artifacts and very strange boundaries. I'm seeing the K-1 and 810 samples produce at least 30-40% more detail in that scene than the Sigma. Battery life is awful, though compared with what else is happening these days with other cameras, maybe not as bad as it used to be. I will be interesting to see a comparison of Raw processing of X3F with SilkyPix Pro 8 when it begins to support the SDQ-H (it currently supports DPQ). Years ago I made the same decision you did, and I got a Canon 5 D instead of the Sigma SD 14. Foveon without interpolation provide the true resolution, even Quattro sensor has better per pixel resolution than bayer or xtrans.Downsizing from 36 or higher MP is a kind of solution, even it's not perfect, and not match to foveon.If you want high resolution (higher than 20MP), then you'd go for MF cameras.

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