how to draw avocado

The more plump the more realistic it looks.Step 2, Draw a parallel line on each side of the two circles. 1) We begin to draw such an exotic green fruit as avocado with a sketch. This line should connect the two circles creating a full avocado base.Step 3, Erase all the excess circles and lines. Make the circles as plump as you can. On the whole avocado all you have to do is sketch in texture detailing which are the bumps or dimples on the skin. Next, draw two forms of pear. 2) … Start with a simple light outline drawing of the avocado. Step 1, Sketch two round circles: a bigger one on the bottom and a smaller one on the top. If your … For each arm, draw two curved lines extending from the body. So, the drawing guide about how to draw an avocado is successfully completed, and you just have to consolidate your skills. Avocado's have large round pits or seeds so you will draw this inside the halved slice. Apply a light hatching to the right part to mark the shadows. First, draw two auxiliary lines in the center of the sheet. You can also outline a shadow on the surface, to avoid the effect of a fruit hanging in the air. Generally they tend to be shaped somewhat similar to eggs with one end being pointier than the other. Draw the avocado's arms and hands. Then, use a series of long, narrow, "U" shaped lines to outline the hand and fingers. Use curved lines, connected on each end, to draw the cuff of the glove at the end of the arm. Erase the mistakes if you made any at all. They should both be overlapping each other.

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