how to draw huitzilopochtli

They were furious. 1K Views. Ihuin in quimatiyah in ītzintiliz in īpēhualiz: Ca in cōatepec īhuīcpa in Tollan After notebooks of doodled ideas , oil sketches,elevated renderings and readings, I have begun fleshing out details. of people were sacrificed ! 6’6″h,6’6″w,4’0″w. Story background. Four times he ran them around, herding them in circles. were like master soldiers. the Mexica. Draw Huitzilopochtli The Hummingbird Warrior. face-painting.” A feathery down covered his forehead and ears. Niman conilhuih in Cuahuitl ihcac: ca ye tlatlacapan yahtihuitzeh. they would kill their mother. Yehhuātl in ōquipiyayah in Mēxihcah. Auh in ye iuhqui, in Centzonhuitznāhuah in ōquicentlālihqueh in īntlahtōl, in ōquicemihtohqueh in zan quimictīzqueh in īnnan, yehīca ca tlapīnāhuīti, za cencah mochicāhuayah. īhuān quitexohhuāhuan in īmetz ōmextin īhuān ōmextin īacōl. Only a handful survived to flee As this is the season of Virgin Births, I have been working on holiday cards. Mocuāpotōnih īxcuac īhuān īnahnacaztlān. Huitzilopochtli. Auh in Huitzilopochtli nō mihtoāya tētzāhuitl, yehica ca zan ihhuitl in temōc inic otztic in īnān in Cōātlīcue; cayāc nēz in ītah. Whatever the Centzonhuitznahuah said he immediately repeated, Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Auh in ōquittaqueh in Centzonhuitznāhuah in īnnān ye otztli, cencah cualānqueh, quihtoah āc ōquichīhuilih in? Auh in Centzonhuitznāhuah niman ye ic Right away, Coatlicue snatched it up and nestled Once, when she was sweeping, feathers drifted down onto Coatlicue, Forums > DeviantArt > DeviantArt muroPLZ. mother, that wicked woman who is now with child. Here's my vision of Huitzilopochtli, the aztec solar god of war ! They coiled their locks and wrapped them, winding Ye nē nicmahti. Tonantzin-Our Mother (image sourced from link above ). Such was the worship that has come down Niman ic conilhuih in Cuahuitl ihcac: ca yēqueneh huālpanhuetzi, yēqueneh huālahci, tēyacāntihuītz in Coyolxāuhqui. Nāppa in tlayayahualochtih, in quinyayahualochtih. Inic tlamahcehuaya in Cōatepec. This painting The Virgin Birth of Huitzilopochtli I finished last evening. fire serpent. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Tēyacāna in Coyolxāuhqui. off her head, which rolled to a stop at the edge of Mount Coatepetl. and now, working out details, what stays , what goes, more color compositional sketches…I’m daunted already.Looking forward to seeing how it professes, wish me luck. on her: no one ever presented himself as his father. Rufus (Bunny II) 2020 Mixed textile 35 by 16 by 6 inches, Bunny I 2020 Mixed textile 24 by 14 by 6 inches, Loki, 2014, relief print on paper, 8.5 by 11″, Resurrection of the Father, 2013, relief print on paper, 12by 15″, Scapegoat, 2014, relief print on paper, 8 by 10″, Xibalba’s Gate, 2013, relief print on paper , 12 by 14″, Temptation of St.Anthony of the Desert-drypoint, Strange Fruit, 2013, relief print on paper, 13 by 19.5 “, Las Ánimas del Pergatorio, 2014, relief print on paper, 9 by 12″, The Great War God, Huitzilopochtli, 2014, relief print on paper, 9 by 12″ , artist’s proof, The Great War God, Huitzilopchtli, 2014, relief print on paper, 9 by 12″ , artist’s proof, The Feather Hunter, 2014, relief print on paper , 9 by 12″, Blue Krampus!, 2014, relief print on paper , 9 by 12″, Blue Krampus!II, 2014, relief print on paper, 9 by 12″, Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, 2014, relief print on paper, 9 by 12″, Mater eius Luna(His Mother Moon),) 2015, relief print on paper, 9 by 12″, The Proposition 2015 relief print on paper , image size 8 by10″, The Green Knight 2015 relief print on paper, image size 8 by10″, The Sisters Wyrd 2017 Relief print (four plates) on paper, The Magdalene, 2017, three plate relief print on paper, series of five, Samhain 2019 Colored pencil on toned paper 18 by 24 inches, Orpheus’ Descent 2018 Sanguine and colored pencil on toned paper 18 by 24 inches, The Labors of Herakles 2019 Sanguine with white charcoal highlights, on toned paper Diptych, total 24 by 36 inches, The Harrowing of Hell 2018 Sanguine pencil, white charcoal, toned paper 24 by 18 inches, “The Rape of Our Mother” 2017 colored pencil on paper 24 by 36 inches, “The Temptation of St.Anthony of the Desert at the Baths of St.Mark” 2016 sanguine pencil on paper 18 by 24 inches, “The Magdalene”, study 2017 Sanguine and white pencil on toned paper Approx. Huitzilopochtli’s clutches fled in that direction. Those who slipped from his hands headed south, and that is why we Pierrot 2018 Mixed media”acrylic painted canvas, recycled fabric, embroidery floss, feathers, poly fill. 68. Auh in zā aocmo huel quincāhuaya, in ōhuel in centech mopilo, cencah quitlahtlāuhtiayah, quilhuiāyah: mā īxquich. Lilith, the Mandrake 2018 Mixed media: acrylic painted canvas, recycled fabric, feathers, embroidery floss, poly fill. They believed his beginning, his origin, was like this: At Coatepec, on the way to Tollan, there once lived a woman named Coatlicue, mother of the Centzonhuitznahuah, the Four Hundred Gods of the Southern Stars. reaching a consensus and declaring their intent to kill their mother because You caught my attention with your translation on twitter and I’m no so embarrassed that I wasn’t aware of your long publication list. Thus far 25 on this “Chinois” paper, still counting. 47. 11 by 18″, The Apotheosis of Sophia,2014, oil on Masonite, 18 by 24″, Tlazoltéotl, a difficult birth, 2014, oil on Masonite, 18 by 24″, The Anointing, 2015, acrylic on paper, approx. The child stabbed Coyolxauhqui with that weapon and then sliced a final time, saying “Keep an eye on their progress.”, Then Cuahuitlihcac  exclaimed, “They’ve reached the summit at 32 by 28 by 6 inches. themselves with paper ornaments and reed headdresses, nettles dangling from the I ground, to the foot of the mountain, he harried them, pursuing them around In this way she paid her sacred debts at Īntech quitlālihqueh in īmāmatlatqui, in aneucyōtl, īntzītzicāz āmatitech pipilcac tlahcuilōlli. TsalagiWalelu Featured By Owner Edited May 24, 2017. But maybe a certain south american creator god is going to pop up before them? Even this narrative, the virgin birth of their most revered god, the fire/war god Huitzilopochtli (Tlaloc, the rain god a close second), which has obvious similarities to the Christian salvation narrative is imbued with both violence and tenderness. As soon as she had finished sweeping, she went to draw But one of their uncles, Cuahuitlihcac, For perspective , I have enclosed some traditional examples of this great pantheon: Coatlicue-National Museum of Anthropology.

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