how to get rid of grain beetles

Locating the source. Remember they are not harmful and are just temporary nuisances. Possible ways on how to get rid of this beetles: properly dispose of the infested food product. How to get rid of foreign grain beetles. Remember they are not harmful and are just temporary nuisances. 3. Purchase dried foods, grains, cereals, and spices in small quantities that will be used in a relatively short period of time. Removing excess water around you home with … Sawtooth Grain Beetles are a small brown to black beetle measuring 1/4 to 3/8th inches long when fully grown. Keep all empty vacuum and shelves clean to keep off other pest infestation and food remains. Grain beetle prevention and how to get rid of grain beetles. The saw-toothed grain beetle and merchant grain beetle are similar in appearance, requiring the same treatment for elimination. The best way to get rid of these beetles inside your home is going to be getting rid of humidity. 1. Clear the shelves and cabinet and thoroughly check all the packages. Feel feel to disinfect your food storage in whichever way you'd like, this step is not really necessary but it is encouraged. Clean thoroughly and with gusto, get your vacuum cleaner involved to make sure you get rid of all beetles as well as the larvae. Rotate stock by using older products before opening new packages. It is quite easy to get rid of the grain beetle, simply follow these steps and you'll not only prevent re-infestation of it but other bugs as well. They are among the most common of pantry and cabinet infesting beetles and will readily … Lastly, set out traps in any cabinet, pantry or where activity has been noted. How to get rid of foreign grain beetles The best short-term control is to remove them physically with a vacuum cleaner. Keep the traps fresh so they will monitor the areas to insure the problem has been resolved. Practices like reducing clutter, checking newly bought items from the store and storing food in hard plastic containers can reduce the likelihood of a future Grain Beetle infestation. Both beetles are small, flat brown beetle… To break their life cycle, you’ll need to remove contaminated food and treat with the products listed above. Therefore, differentiating between the two is unnecessary. Freeze and kill it: It is advised to keep packets of spices and flour in the freezer for four days as … Sawtooth Grain Beetles can be a persistent pest once n the home. How to prevent Grain Beetles invading The easiest way to prevent grain beetle infestations is to keep food storage areas clean and properly sanitized. Once you find the source there's no use in saving salvaging it, get rid … Inspect Unopened Boxes. Pesticides are rarely required because: Foreign grain beetles … Try these methods to help get rid of the pests: Throw away infested food - Empty cabinets and pantries and check every package Vacuum - Clean the empty shelves with a vacuum to remove any insects and food particles. Pesticides are rarely required because: The best short-term control is to remove them physically with a vacuum cleaner.

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