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But they lost themself into the knowledge and forget them body, that die in the real world. These organizations continued the research that was originally done in Byrgenwerth, though following two different schools of thought, and made varying progress like the art of blood ministration and contacting the Great Ones through dreams using the Mensis Cage. You can find a drop on either side of the stairs: left is 3x Molotov Cocktails, right is 6x Blood Vials. Founding of the Healing Church by Master Laurence, this is also the beginning of the beastly scourge. Yharnam's whole culture became focused on blood, even to the point of blood-based drinks surpassing alcoholic beverages as the most commonly consumed. Even perceiving the Great Ones properly requires great amounts of Insight--something Master Willem tried to do, at his own cost. This would explain the existence of the Celestial Emissary, this boss is not a Great one but in fact a human created/experimented by the choir as a tool to communicate with Ebrietas. The truth it is not expressed by simply a sentence or a phrase, rather it is a state of being in existence. Their goal was to kill those who were infected, turned, and those who may be infected. So Micholash, as the only survivor in the nightmare, proclame himself "Host of the Nightmare", summoning the Great God of the Humanity Kos (probably the creator of all the dimension) to give to him more eyes to discover the method of Mensis. It ultimately never leads to the Elderitch truth as the humans wanted (ideally they got to be elevated, understand more with a clear mind, and be in control of themselves), just a monstrous transformation but considering many of these enemies end up in the true reality you could say they reached the physical state of enlightenment but their minds are completely gone in most cases and they just attack anything they can. The founder of the School of Mensis, Micolash  seems to have telepathic powers, being able to plant nightmares and illusions into the minds of his victims. Notice this doesn't mean that everyone is cured from turning into a beast, but just the trigger is suppressed. The antidote description cites it as being a more severe case, and in the case of Ashen Blood, the antidotes only provided temporary relief. lets be honest here, the lore is just random habakuck and makes no sense at all. But Mergo die in the birth and we don't know what happen to her child. Whereas many of them returned victorious, bringing along precious artifacts, equally many were lost, perished or gone mad due to the treachery of the deep. I read the entire page, but this section is what made me scroll all the way down to comment, since I really could not tolerate another paragraph. Exhaust his dialogue then head out of the far end of the boss room and up a set of stairs. Father Gascoigne came from a foreign land where he was referred to as "Father" leading to the belief that he was a cleric or a priest in his former home. Just head over to Cathedral Ward, and proceed down the stairs into the open area with gravestones. Before you progress to the Research Hall, make sure to reload the area as the Harrowed Hunter will appear over Ludwig's remains. Kos (or some say Kosm) granted eyes to Rom, the spider that hid the Mensis Ritual and the horrific consciousness of Queen Yharnam with a veil. It may be possible that these messengers are a type of Kin tied to the insight, given that you have to have a minimum amount of insight to see them, that they are very small, and that they are only partially in this world and that each time you kill a boss they somehow are able to obtain the garb and weapons of the fallen foe. Maybe she really did to have a child, but the blood sign on her dress tell us that she died in the act. Places like the Tomb of the Gods are merely born of rituals involving noxious concoctions of rotted blood and hallucinogenic materials, but the events that unfold there represent the evolution of thought that the characters experience, which culminates in physical consequences, such as the "ashen blood" sickness, and the subsequent burning of Old Yharnam.The Hunters are administered a dose of this powerful sanguine drug, which provides them with a fever dream that draws upon their subconscious to fill in the blanks of their conscious mind and find a way to halt the nonexistent beast scourge, while also providing them with the secrets of the past that Byrgenwerth and the Choir each desire. During the times of Byrgenwerth, Master Willem taught all of his student to blindfold themselves so that they can "look into oneself" and that they needed to "line their brain with eyes" in order to see what the Great Ones see and acquire more eldritch knowledge, also known as insight, to further evolve into greater beings. Henryk is an old hunter, partner of Gascoigne. But there are certain people who survive the blood transfusion and became hunters, they were then used by the healing church to eradicate Beasts that grew too strong that could threaten the experiments.

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