iron bull betrayal

qunari Bull is simply doing it again for the Qun. I don't think that this would be a three-day-mattter (or one week). Sacrificing what you love for duty. Given Iron Bull's upbringing, he has always been a dutiful member of the Quanari society where you act for the betterment of the society and be at peace doing so.

A community of Dragon Age fans, noobs, and … dragon age 2 Anyone got a link to this scene? I wouldn't be surprised if Viv WASN'T surprised at his betrayal - She's Orlesian, after all. No, really, he can be in your party and you’ll have to kill him and a bunch of other Qunari and still deal with a dragon afterwards with only your Inquisitor and 2 party members.

Press J to jump to the feed. I mean, if he stays with the Qun, he might feel that he can never truly be happy. I yelled "NO. I'm now playing second round with him as Tal-Vashoth and so far it's pretty interesting. He's seen enough of the outside world to know the Qun doesn't have the answers for everything.

What does bas mean? A true Qunari who thinks like Tal Vashoth. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Edit: Just went around reading other people's posts on the subject and read a pretty interesting one that stated he's following the Inquisitor's example. demands of the qun i wanted to know if the new dlc has any serious ramifications for either choice. krem spoilers

I heard a rumor that even if you saved the Chargers, if you have low approval, Iron Bull will still betray you. From men and women fitness apparel to belts, straps & sleeves, we have everything you need to get in shape in or out of the gym! Hmmm, but he was too long away. Maybe the order to betray and kill his friends killed his soul. the one where at the end u choice if the Chargers live or die. save. Not a friend. hide. da2 bull's chargers All the romance and approval from him was then just part of his job as an espionage agent -- his real name was "Liar" anyway.

At least this way, he can die by the hands of people who he respects and make them think he doesn't care by calling them "bas."

Shop quality fitness exercise, strength and conditioning equipment online. dorian

(Even if you don’t take him with you, he’ll show up later with the rest of the Qunari and try to kill you).This can be prevented.From the research I’ve done, it’s based on Approval ratings and what happened with Bull’s personal quest.Not doing Bull’s personal quest- Bull always betrays you.Letting Krem and the Chargers die- Bull always betrays you.Making sure Krem and the Chargers live- Dependent on Approval levels; If high enough, Bull will stay in the party (Unconfirmed).Note that being in a romance but letting the Chargers die will still result in Iron Bull betraying you. patrick weekes, Iron Bull Betrayal - Trespasser DLC *Spoilers*. bioware dragon age (I’ve heard of a work around or alternate solution where you can prevent this with a romance option, but I haven’t found it yet, so for now, still unconfirmed).As for the action itself, I give kudos to Bioware and Patrick Weekes for doing this. I never did it on the save game I used for my first trespassing, and he turned on me. at my TV for a good half hour before I unpaused. This hurt me so much, I really wasn't expecting it. As for doing it anyway if his quest wasn't done, well you're only an employer to him at that point. james vega I wouldn't be surprised if Viv WASN'T surprised at his betrayal - She's Orlesian, after all.

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