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In addition, Guggenheim introduced a new character named Red Beetle (a gadget-wielding heroine clad in a red variation of the Silver Age Blue Beetle's costume), and brought in Ri and Darknight, two Chinese superheroes that he had created for his Batman Confidential run. [82] Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who were separated from the rest of the Justice Society after being pulled into the timestream, merge into a new Hawkgod being, resulting in their deaths. These meetings produced a considerable number of notable events and characters in JSA history, including Black Canary leaving to join the Justice League, the return of the Golden Age team the Seven Soldiers of Victory,[29][30][31] the creation of the Freedom Fighters, which incorporated several Quality Comics characters into DC continuity after the characters were purchased by DC Comics,[32][33][34] and the introduction of a number of other alternative Earths to house these other teams. [10] Gardner Fox left the series with issue #34 (April–May 1947) with a story that introduced a new super-villain, the Wizard. [21] Fan letters on the pages of following issues were wildly enthusiastic about the revival of the original Flash, both from older fans who remembered the old JSA tales, and younger fans eager to learn more about these new heroes. During the Silver Age of Comic Books, DC Comics reinvented several Justice Society members and banded many of them together in a new team, the Justice League of America. "Thirteen Against the Earth! Hawkman is the only member to appear in every JSA adventure in the original run of All Star Comics.[7]:178. Nevertheless, the Legends force their way into the JSA's mission to intercept and seize a mysterious package. But as silly and borderline cheesy the line delivery got, I still had some fun with this episode.I was glad to see Sara step up and take on the new leadership role for the team as Stein simply could not handle it. On July 16, 1940 again, Doctor Manhattan moves the lantern six inches out of Alan Scott's reach so that Scott dies in the train accident and leaves no family behind. In 1940, DC Comics launched an anthology series titled All-Star Comicsthat featured stories highlighting their best superheroes. The Justice Society was established as existing on "Earth-Two" and the Justice League on "Earth-One", different versions of Earth located in different universes. This is later revealed to be a simulation created by Odin searching for a way to thwart the real Ragnarök. [8] Unlike the other characters who had their own titles, she was allowed to appear in the series, but only as the JSA's secretary from #11 onward, and did not actively take part in most adventures until much later in the series. Most comic books obscure the timelines or periodically relaunch the series to keep the characters youthful. The password to get in was "Ma Hunkel" where Green Lantern mentioned that she was the first guardian of the JSA's first headquarters.[108]. This historic meeting thus became one of the classic DC comics of the Silver Age. In 1992, the JSA was given an ongoing monthly series titled Justice Society of America, written by Len Strazewski with art by Mike Parobeck, featuring the original team adjusting to life after returning from Ragnarök. [43] The 1970s run of All Star Comics was written by Gerry Conway and Paul Levitz, and artists included Ric Estrada, Wally Wood, Keith Giffen, Joe Staton, and Bob Layton. The team's main enemies were the Injustice Society of America and both teams often fought. Discovering the truth behind the Golden Age team, their death and existence of the Injustice Society in Blue Valley, Stargirl began recruiting new members from Blue Valley High School after taking the abandoned equipment of the JSA.

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