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The same can be said for birth control! South Korea is a Very Safe Country To Travel and Live. Are you moving abroad with pets? Another item for the "don't waste packing space on this" list. Now, things with heating elements or motors, like hair dryers or electric shavers, typically only work with the voltage and hertz of your home country (110/120V and 60 hertz in the US). Converter plugs, clothing, medication, pet food, etc., should be packed and ready to use from day one. Sure, it’s cheaper to move with carry-on luggage only, but you’ll spend a fortune replacing all of your stuff. Although we left the majority of ours with family, we brought over a few things to personalize our new space. If you’re thinking of living here or simply fancy a visit, Melissa Lang’s article will give you the lowdown on this small but prolific country. The Korea Expat Shopping List: What to Bring With You to Korea, While stores in South Korea obviously sell personal hygiene items, they might not carry the exact products you are used to using. It's also a good idea to stash a photocopy of your passport, plane ticket and insurance information in another place, as well as to leave copies of this information with a trusted family member or friend. A mix of fun & thought-provoking articles. Using duffel bags for clothes is far cheaper than suitcases, and they fold down to nothing once you unpack. A dead phone is a nightmare scenario, especially if you don’t speak the local language or find yourself in an unfamiliar area. Stresses me out just thinking about it. But I did devote an entire storage bin to Christmas decorations. To ensure they stayed closed during transit, we secured them using these luggage straps. Here women would catch up on their gossip and wash each other in such a nonchalant way, completely unsuspecting that it would strike unorthodox from a Western perspective. Bring shoes that are comfortable to walk in, but don't try to bring a pair to coordinate with every outfit. To keep your bags from ballooning out of control, go through everything your closet and ask these questions: It sounds tedious, but doing this in earnest will save you a lot of money in shipping/baggage fees. You essentially sit at a table with a grill placed at the centre of the table. Wardrobe space is generally limited over here, and you aren't expected to have a different outfit for every day of the month. Since I've discussed materials at length on another page, I won't waste bandwidth repeating everything here. South Korea is a major destination for English Teachers in Asia, mainly due to the high wages that can be achieved by anyone with a University degree and a TEFL Certificate. This might seem like a bit of a strange thing to include on a list of things to bring with you, but hear me out. Things to Do Before Moving Overseas Update Your Passport and Obtain Your Necessary Visa. Sweet or salty, Korean’s love them all and they are available anywhere. It only cost a few hundred dollars in excess baggage fees, and saved time on customs paperwork as well. Technically, you can bring electronics that use different voltages, but you’ll need to use a transformer or converter rather than an adapter. Always keep your entry documents on your body or in your personal bag. The Expat Culture in South Korea is Thriving! However, it didn’t make sense to bring my bulky printer, because it was cheaper to buy a new one than give up the luggage space and weight. Korea has endless snack options - and I really mean endless. I’ve been there and have the crazy spreadsheets to prove it.I’ve done the hard work of outlining a packing list for moving abroad. There’s also the option of packing everything yourself and outsourcing the shipping. What to Pack for Korea: An Expat’s Guide 1. Koreans are gutsy with conviction, and will do what they think is right for you, no questions asked. I was especially interested in your moving abroad packing list. Renting: This is the easiest option for many expats moving abroad. Whenever I tell people I taught in Korea, many people’s faces quickly change to resemble a dishevelled monkey’s in horror immediately asking me, “It’s not North Korea, is it?! This is one of the best things I’ve read about moving internationally! It is already stressful enough as you point out to deal with everything in a new country so our haven has been being in a similar looking home with most of the same furniture. Things like wills, insurance policies, and resident cards fall into the legal category. This is where you’ll want to pack semi-fragile items like your electronics and small appliances. However, the foreigner expat population is growing at an impressive speed and you can easily find now in almost every major city a number of popular foreigner-specific bars and restaurants. Most cities of any size have "gray market" vendors that re-sell goods purchased on U.S. military bases. Don’t worry! Personal Hygiene Items. I hope you have a successful 9th move! For example, you may need to show a letter proving you have the legal right to bring your child to another country. You can easily buy 2 pin power cords on Amazon before you move, and have them ready to go as soon as you move into your new place. It is in the bathhouse where you can be completely uninhibited and can just relax. Many modern electronics accept a range of voltages and hertz, so you can use them with an adapter. Sign up for a TransferWise account today to get real exchange rates, speedy transfers, and ultra-low fees. As long as they fall within the size requirements for excess baggage, you’ll be good! If you're picky or larger than the typical Korean, pack enough underwear to last you the year. 1. Granted, none of them would win fashion awards, but they all fit and are acceptable for daily wear. So what do you actually need to pack? It should be noted that it IS a violation of military policy for military I.D. Medication and prescriptionsIf you take any prescription medication, be sure to get a refill right before you leave. For more information on that, you can check out our guide to. Studying abroad is more than just an academic experience it’s a life experience. Wow, that’s a lot of moving, Sonal! I’m here to tell you that South Korea is so much more than “Gangnam Style” and being unfairly associated with its unruly brother North Korea. Below are some amazing things that I learnt whilst living in South Korea…. Read more of her observations of South Korean life on her blog, Slice of Kimchi. Practical items are things you use in daily life. What did make the packing list were expensive and sentimental items, like my Wustof knives and Michigan-shaped cheese board. When it came time for me to get off the lady gave me the biggest smile and gave my bag right back to me. You can now blame Western media for hyping North Korea’s current danger as a neighbour to unnecessary proportions! When it comes to packing for an international move, you have a few different options. There is a lot to organize when moving and one of the things that you might overthink the most is what to pack.

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