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Chain & Link Bracelets All Bracelets Anklets ... How To Sell On Etsy With Instagram, Photo Overlays, Social Media, Blogging & Home Business LifeUnderControl. But what if you have many products and want to promote all of them using Instagram? So, What Are the Ways of Connecting Instagram to Etsy Shop? The same can be said for your visuals; be consistent with certain elements so your audience will have a firm grasp on your brand. From shop LifeUnderControl. Unlike your Instagram bio, you can’t add a hyperlink to your captions. #3. Take a look at this video for further information: The good news: the tool is completely free! So, the policy has made Etsy a particularly worthwhile platform for art lovers and art crafters. This format is perfect for featuring your products and driving people to your Etsy shop because it allows your audience to tap on your content to find out more about what’s being featured. This feature is perfect for when you want to launch a new product, but would like to test the waters and see if people would actually be interested in buying it. Not a lot of brands add a watermark to their images, but it’s actually still good practice to do so — especially when people repost your content, or take your post and share it on their feed. But what to do after you have found your target? Once a sponsored post has been paid for, it will automatically show up on the feeds of users with interests similar to your account, even if they’re not following you. Instagram officially allows adding one external link in your Instagram Bio. But what if you have many products and want to promote all of them using Instagram? I just opened the IG first attempt at social media. But if you already have an organized page for the collection of your products on Etsy, using shoppable posts on Instagram cannot be helpful. When selling your goods and wares on Etsy, the main goal is to show them off in every detail. Don’t worry too much about getting all the details of your product in the shot; think more about getting people excited about who you are as a brand and curious about what else you have to offer. That is the only place where it will be clickable. It’s also one of the few places on Instagram that allow you to have and create a hyperlink, so use this to your advantage. If you are promoting only one product from your Etsy shop on your Instagram account, then you will not have any trouble. Here is where you need, a tool to add multiple links to your Instagram bio, Instagram allows for only one link in each Instagram bio. The last way to add an external link from your Instagram to your Etsy shop is to place the link inside your Instagram stories(the swipe-up link). What if there was a way to maximize Etsy’s tools by hacking the power of social media, driving flocks of new followers to your Etsy shop? So, you need to find ways to link Instagram to your Etsy shop, where customers can make their purchase. Those with an Etsy account also gain access to a number of great management, analytic, and advertising tools. Instagram has become a huge monster in the digital marketing world today. Adding white borders to your images allows you to keep your feed clean and fresh, visually increasing the spaces between images (as seen below). Some of your posts are going to contain text, especially if you’re announcing something like a promo or a sale. The goal is to catch and hold their attention, and then lure them to your Etsy page to see more and hopefully purchase. I’ll show you how retailers like yourself can use Instagram to connect with your target market, increase awareness and affinity for your brand, and ultimately, drive traffic to your Etsy shop. Think of your brand as a person: what story would he or she tell? You can use this link to guide the traffic to your Etsy shop as well. Take a look at the Instagram accounts mentioned below to get an insight into what this tool really does: As you see, you can dedicate an external link to each of your posts. But what if you wanted to take your marketing prowess up a notch? Anything related to art can be sold on Etsy from clothing and jewelry to ornaments. I will try from my desktop. Besides using filters, another great way to unify your posts is to play around with borders. Why Do You Need to Link Instagram to Etsy Shop? Top 3 Apps to Find and Clean Ghost Followers, How to Make Friends on Instagram During COVID-19, How to Build a Brand on Instagram? Everyone is trying to use social media to boost his business growth, and so are eCommerce owners. With all these tips at your disposal, there’s one goal to keep in mind: get people interested with who you are and what you say on Instagram. Whether you’re a marketing rookie or a business savvy professional, Etsy is definitely a platform for you. Here are some ideas: Engage with your followers and viewers by giving them a sense of what your brand is really about. Once you’ve come up with a strong look or a visual guideline, stick with it. Let’s jump into it: Have you ever thought of adding a direct link from your Instagram posts to your product page on your Etsy shop? This is why the system performs customer-to-customer (C2C) e-commerce, which is contrary to the B2B/B2C performance of other online marketplace platforms. The downside though is there is no 100% guarantee. Another thing that’s worth noting is that, unlike posting the organic way, turning your content into an ad also allows you to link people to your Etsy shop through a clickable call-to-action found at the bottom of the image. Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. Instagram has become a huge monster in the digital marketing world today. Are you looking for a way to link from Instagram directly to the product page on your Etsy shop? Try using a free tool like AiGrow and link your Instagram to Etsy shop seamlessly. Then, play around with filters. How to let them order their wants? Luckily, there is a much easier way to do it: Use AiSchedule to link Etsy shop to Instagram. Instagram officially allows adding one external link in your Instagram Bio. Think of it like having a “uniform” — when you own a certain look, it’s easy for people to know and remember who you are and what you stand for. Commit to a few that best show off your aesthetic, and run all your visuals through them before posting. That way, after you’ve found a good filter that works for your brand, you can also play around with its layout and typography tools — something we’ll get into next. What hues, tones, and colors best define it? You do so on your About page. Just glancing at this makes it easy to see why Instagram has shaped up to be the best social media platform for brands looking to amp up their e-commerce game. However, there is a hack to, add swipe-up links in your Instagram stories even without 10000 followers. Working with an influencer soon? You might be selling your own products on Etsy, or you might be doing affiliate marketing. I see a lot of shops have the clickable social media links on their Etsy pages. ©2020 GoDaddy Sellbrite, Inc. All rights reserved. Putting it in this space, as opposed to your general profile, makes it clickable. So if I’ve piqued your interest, read on. Instead of your typical white background, try playing around with natural or organic backdrops and layouts. After creating your Instagram profile and before sharing your first post, know the first and most important rule: be consistent with your visuals. Take them behind the scenes of a photoshoot or give them a sneak peek of a product in the middle of being made. A great way to maximize IG Stories’ 24-hour limit is by creating time-sensitive content, like quick and dirty promos and pop-up events. Captions; Unlike your Instagram bio, you can’t add a hyperlink to your captions.

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