mcq on protection and deprotection

Can't read the image? 24 Aug 1986 B. �R�&�9��yu���SQ0=(���+�$�пd݇���0����0�Z`!�š�'l���a'upu‘�]yNR7Wܤ^xH�M�|\�#���4 �-! c) Insulators An electric fuse works on the heating effect of current. c) PUT (a) Mechanical tests: These are mechanical endurance type-tests involving repeated opening and closing of the breaker. The bi-metal strips are arranged so that normal currents will not heat the strip to tripping point. 11 0 obj A fuse wire is connected in series in the electric circuits. c) Copper tungsten alloy Multiple choice questions. The heat content property is much more which will assist cooling of the arc after current zero. They are ‘open’ during the normal operation of switchgear in ‘closed’ status and carry no currents. The arcing contacts in a circuit breaker are made of. Which of the following statement is true? As the volt-ampere characteristics of an arc voltage are negative i.e arc voltage is high when the arc current is low and vice-versa. per phase is considered. These type of fuses can be plugged in and out even when hot or in service with an insulated fuse puller. /Registry (Adobe) d) SF6 circuit breaker Ques.6. c) Relays This test does not indicate the quality of primary insulation. hence, the relay should be selected which is less affected by arc resistance. d) Fuses This combination is placed in series with the line steep wavefronts. b) Bound electrons are always present in the semiconductor. ��34���l5:��w�����hR_��&�Y����k�Q�2�n�@ 9�[�Os���L~�]����eH*�$�b� (d) Short-circuit test: These are conducted in short-circuit testing stations and are mainly meant to prove the ratings of the circuit breaker. Back-up protection is installed to operate when, for whatever reason, the primary protection does not work. %���� Fuse is a simplest and cheapest device used for interrupting an electrical circuit under the condition of short-circuiting, or excessive overload, current magnitudes. c) Water The least expensive protection for over current in low-voltage system is, 4. Mean Free Path:- In physics, the mean free path is the average distance traveled by a moving particle (such as an atom, a molecule, a photon) between successive impacts (collisions). This may deteriorate the contact surfaces. In view of this, the test results should only be interpreted for comparative purposes. >> The routine tests are performed on each individual circuit breaker of proven design; the purpose is to prove the correctness of the assembly and the material used and to check the proper functioning of the Circuit Breaker. /CapHeight 728 However, if current increases beyond the rated value, the heater increases in temperature and thus the bi-metal strip is raised in temperature, trips the latch and break the circuit. Economics of Operation page-4, Objective Type Question or MCQ of B. The materials whose electrical conductivity is usually less than 1 × 106 mho/m are A shunt trip relay completes the circuit between the control-power source and the solenoid coil. Both of these, high voltage and high currents decide the breaking capacity (i.e., the capacity of the breaker to deal with high currents without being damaged). Ideal Transformer | Characteristics of Ideal Transformer, Construction of Alternator | Synchronous Generator, Why synchronous motor is not self starting, Methods of starting of Synchronous Machine, UPPCL AE Electrical Engineer Solved Paper 2019, SSC JE electrical question paper 2019 with solution SET-2, 100 Important MCQ Question of DC Motor | Objective type question of DC Motor, SSC JE synchronous motor & synchronous generator question, 100 Most Important MCQ Of Transmission and Distribution | Objective Type Question Of Transmission and Distribution. Several factors should be remembered when performing this test. /FontName /Arial,Bold These rights ensure that consumers can make better choices in the marketplace and get help with complaints. Within how many days the opposite party has to answer after they are informed about the complaint? A. Ans: (a), a) Restriking voltage Shunt trips are used to open the circuit breaker contacts by energizing the solenoid from an external source. 10 0 obj (b) Thermal tests: These are conducted by passing alternating current of normal frequency through the current carrying parts of the circuit breaker.

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