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En ajoutant ce produit au panier, vous reconnaissez que ce produit est destiné à un usage professionnel uniquement. Over the course of an innovative, intuitive and non-conformist career, the founder of Bumble and bumble has built a reputation for developing brands, creating products, and cultivating talent. Again, he decided to name it "House" in homage to the bygone Office Mail : [email protected] Créateur, Michael Gordon. Sign Up. Yeah, they do. The Professional: Michael Gordon, Editor-in-Chief, Hairstory, A Message to All Hairstylists From Michael Gordon, THIS NEW CLEANSER WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU WASH YOUR HAIR FOREVER, WHY BUMBLE & BUMBLE FOUNDER MICHAEL GORDON STOPPED MAKING SHAMPOO, A Hair Salon Guru’s Next Big Thing: Ending Shampoo, HOW TO SHOP 8 BUZZY CELEBRITY STYLIST FOUNDED HAIRCARE LINES, HOLD THE FOAM: THE (VERY!) Johannesburg, South Africa, c. 1972; opened London salon Bumble & To this day, his knack for collaborating, connecting people and building creative, eclectic environments (Hairstory Studio was dubbed “the Warhol Factory of hair”) has cemented his legacy as an industry innovator. Bb. reporter Penelope Green, "because Gene's way of speaking Its stylists, who No chemicals, no damage, no garish packaging, no advertising. many great prestige doors overseas, but the international arena is not big Veuillez réessayer plus tard. That was hairdressers row and I was the guy who came from nowhere. Michael Gordon talks leaving school at 15 to do hair, founding the first Bumble and bumble salon on a whim, and how he plans to change haircare next. If you don’t use detergent on your skin, why would you use it on your scalp? As in, your inbox. Home ← Vidal Sassoon The Movie executive producer (and Bumble and bumble founder) Michael Gordon blogs from Bali about the refreshing simplicity and tempo on the island. Forbes | September 30th, 2016. Depuis le moment où ils ont réalisé leur première coupe en 1997, les stylistes se languissent d'un peu Bumble. Votre adresse e-mail a bien été enregistrée, Veuillez compléter correctement le formulaire, Un problème est survenu. Everything we’ve learned through years of recommendations from the coolest girls on the planet is distilled into Glossier products: the new beauty essentials. was to establish a presence outside of North America. overlook the Hudson River for cut-and-color clients, a school for future recalled in an interview with I read American Vogue, which was much more powerful during those days. clients, but did not begin selling them until a few years later. hairdressers called Bumble and bumble University, and even a café. Sign up for email updates (including Into The Gloss stories and event invites, plus Glossier launches and product info). membership in the network. interview. brand special. His first unofficial job was I would casually daydream about those kinds of things—things that I didn't like about traditional salons. Hair Heroes, ateliers, where the design, the artisans, the craftsmen, the office people WWD Bumble & Bumble's Founder Wants You To Never Use Shampoo Again. Sign up to receive news, event information, and blog posts from Michael Gordon. "One of the best things about direct Many did not pass muster. 2002). 1980s, Gordon headed to New York City. don't need to be everywhere," Gordon explained to My education really came through listening to them talk about their world, and then I discovered magazines. Posted on 03/22/2009 | Leave a comment. SalonNews, They were like, ‘What are you doing on 13th Street with all these meat people?’ I thought it was great! We respect your privacy. of editors from British and American job Beatty had done," Gordon told Sign up below and we'll bring you the top stories from ITG every week. "I'm old enough to remember the old One of the people we had at that point was Orlando Pita. able to land a job with the House of Leonard, a haute-salon of Why do they have conditioners? Michael Gordon considère en effet que la coiffure est un plaisir, un jeu et une occasion unique de souligner la personnalité de chacun de ses clients. It was like, I trained at the house of Renée, which was very serious, and the house of Leonard, which was also very serious. YES, ACCORDING TO THE FOUNDER OF BUMBLE & BUMBLE, HAIR BREAKTHROUGHS THAT ARE CHANGING THE BEAUTY GAME, HOW ONE NON-SHAMPOO CLEANSER SALVAGED MY DAMAGED HAIR, FALL BEAUTY LAUNCHES WE'D STAND IN LINE TO BUY, BEAUTY MUST-HAVE: A DETERGENT FREE SHAMPOO THAT DOESN'T REQUIRE CONDITIONER, WASHING YOUR HAIR JUST GOT A LOT MORE INTERESTING.

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