natural ways to get rid of japanese beetles

Drop cloths can help cut down on Japanese beetles, too. It’s actually a very clever way to get rid of Japanese Beetles because it acts in two ways. During this time, they will also start eating. Invite the family and friends over to your homestead for a Japanese beetle plucking work detail – cookout. Onions3. Plant deep-rooted grasses like tall fescue. Chamomile6. Although efforts to kill off all of the Japanese beetles in America were in full swing by 1916, the government abandoned its effort to eradicate the pests by 1920. Treat the soil in your lawn and garden with Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) or milky spore. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Tall fescue also tends to be more resistant to grub damage. Cultivate these plants around the crops most vulnerable to Japanese beetles to help deter a potential infestation: 1. Before you can effectively deal with Japanese beetles, it is essential to learn more about how they develop and what plants they both loathe and love. If you have had significant Japanese beetle issues in the past, spray this mixture once a week in the spring and again in the late fall before winter sets in to kill as many grubs as possible. This cocktail will force the beetles to the surface, which will then attract hungry birds. There’s a huge infestation again this year. One of the best ways to reduce pests in a natural way is to introduce parasitic roundworms. My answer to the Japanese Beetle problem this year is Milky Spores. Interestingly, although Japanese beetles are attracted to geraniums, geraniums emit a substance that paralyzes these pests temporarily – it can make them more vulnerable to predators. Catnip. Asian lady beetles, also known as Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) were first reported in the early 1900s. (Meanwhile, I have a couple freezer bags full of bugs – egads!). Repeat as needed, typically two applications a week are necessary to thwart Japanese beetles and other determined garden pests, like the cabbage looper. Japanese beetles almost always feed in small groups, meaning a host of them will attack a single plant together – the primary reason why an infestation becomes severe in an especially short amount of time. Because we are in the midst of a heat wave, it hits 5 degrees early, usually before 9 a.m. While planting these plants won’t necessarily repel Japanese beetles, planting options that are unattractive to the pests can help cut down on your losses. her homesteading skills are unmatched, she raises chickens, goats, horses, a wide variety of vegetables, not to mention she’s an expert is all sorts of homesteading skills such as hide tanning, doll making, tree tapping and many, many more. I hope my sprays work for you and your husband as well as they worked for me. If you love to garden, you probably already take pretty good care of your plants. Read More…, Invite the family and friends over to your homestead for a Japanese beetle plucking work detail – cookout. However, know that Japanese beetles are most attracted to overripe or rotting plants. Combine both mixture into an agricultural sprayer or jug with a firm-fitting lid. Puncture a few holes in the sack to the smell of decomposing beetles can be sniffed by other members of their colony. The shiny green and copper colored beetles are tiny, but the threat to your growing food supply is enormous. While the beetles can be found most anywhere in the United States, their largest colonies exist in both the Midwestern and Eastern regions of the United States. Japanese beetles are usually most actively eating on hot sunny days and seem to prefer eating crops that grow in full sun. Start at one plant at the beginning of the row and look it all over, plucking all the beetles you can find from the plant. Currently, Japanese beetles are established from Maine to Georgia and every other state east of the Mississippi River. 4. Mix together 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt (standard table salt works fine) and sprinkle it liberally onto plants. Spray onto plants during the early morning hours and between plants, for best results. We have 10 acres. It’s laughable. Geraniums are a favorite snack for the beetles. The dish soap is added to the water to make it more permeable and prevent the Japanese beetles and other crawling or flying insects, to save themselves from drowning. Japanese beetle larvae will leave brown, deadened spots on your lawn. This recipe works well because garlic is very unattractive to Japanese beetles. I also applied the mixture before it was 85 degrees, as recommended. You want to draw them away from your crops rows and not towards them. The best defense when combating these pests is through prevention and early detection. Geez. My husband wanted a way to kill and reuse those traps and talked about putting them in the freezer. I just couldn’t believe that the Milky Spores worked that well, and that quickly! I did not use the Kaolin clay spray because I didn’t need to! I want to give your sprays a try. Chickens do love them so you are providing a great source of natural protein to their diet without costing you a dime – and getting some great revenge on those dang Japanese beetles in the process!! This is a far too familiar sign to homesteaders and farmers that they now have a monumental problem on their hands. With this method, you’ll just need a plastic cup that is filled half-way or a little … Simply walk around your garden plot or growing area and find plants that have been eaten by the beetles. You can find most nematodes at your local home and garden store. The little Japanese beetle had proven itself just too durable a foe to completely vanquish. There is just no way I could afford, or justify, the cost of enough bags to cover our entire property. Holes can be poked into the lid of the jug so it can become a delivery method for the “spray” so you can sprinkle it over the plants. The bad news is that it won’t help with the adult Japanese Beetles THIS year. This natural and inexpensive Japanese beetle and garden pest control opton is comprised of fossilized seashells.The miniscule yet highly sharp fragments in the diatomaceous earth will puncture the bodies of beetles (and most all other garden pests) both internally and externally as well as provoke deadly dehydration to occur.

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