nhs scotland maternity pay

It’s important to go to all of these. (d) and provides a MATB1 form from her midwife or GP giving the expected date of childbirth. 15.4 Paragraphs 15.61 to 15.65 … iii) for the next 13 weeks, the employee will receive any Statutory Maternity Pay or maternity allowance that they are entitled to under the statutory scheme. 15.6 Where, locally, staff and employer representatives agree arrangements which provide benefits to staff beyond those provided by this section, those local arrangements will apply. 15.39 If it is agreed that the employee will return to work on a flexible basis, including changed or reduced hours, for an agreed temporary period, this will not affect the employee’s right to return to her job under her original contract, at the end of the agreed period. 15.5 Paragraph 15.66 explains how to get further information about employees’ statutory entitlements. v) absence on a employment break scheme in accordance with the provisions of section 36 of this handbook 15.3 Paragraphs 15.56 to 15.60 give information about the position of staff who are not covered by this scheme because they do not have the necessary service or do not intend to return to NHS employment. The Scottish Government has more information on accessing care in Scotland for overseas visitors. 15.2 Paragraphs 15.7 to 15.55 of this Section set out the maternity leave and pay entitlements of NHS employees under the NHS contractual maternity leave scheme. 15.38 If, at the end of maternity leave, the employee wishes to return to work on different hours, the NHS employer has a duty to facilitate this, wherever possible. Random Acts of Kindness and All things Positive! Sickness following the end of maternity leave. 15.7 An employee working full-time or part-time will be entitled to paid and unpaid maternity leave under the NHS contractual maternity pay scheme if: i) she has 12 months’ continuous service (see paragraphs 15.61 to 15.65) with one or more NHS employers at the beginning of the 11th week before the expected week of childbirth. ii) she notifies her employer in writing before the end of the 15th week before the expected date of childbirth (or if this is not possible, as soon as is reasonably practicable thereafter): (a) of her intention to take maternity leave, (b) of the date she wishes to start her maternity leave – she can choose when to start her maternity leave – this can usually be any date from the beginning of the 11th week before the baby is born (but see paragraph 15.8), (c) that she intends to return to work with the same or another NHS employer for a minimum period of three months after her maternity leave has ended. You'll be sent a maternity exemption certificate (MATEX) that lasts for 12 months after your due date. 15.58 If her earnings are too low for her to qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay, or she does not qualify for another reason, she should be advised to claim maternity allowance from her local Job Centre Plus or social security office. FIRST MORTGAGE PRISONERS FREED UNDER NEW AFFORDABILITY RULES AFTER MSE CAMPAIGN, TRAVELLERS ARRIVING IN ENGLAND TO BE ABLE TO CUT QUARANTINE IF THEY PAY FOR CORONAVIRUS TEST, HSBC AND FIRST DIRECT CUT REGULAR SAVINGS RATES TO 1%, https://www.litrg.org.uk/latest-news/news/181127-childcare-vouchers-and-maternity-leave. 15.17 Any such work must be by agreement and neither the employer nor the employee can insist upon it. take the notes with you to all your appointments, take them with you if you’re away from home for any length of time - this helps to make sure all health professionals that care for you know how your pregnancy has been, so they can give you the best possible care. You must not be refused treatment or have it delayed because you need to pay. You should be given information about your rights and choices to help you make your own decisions about treatment and care. 15.31 Where an employee’s baby is born before the 11th week before the expected week of childbirth and the baby is in hospital, the employee may split her maternity leave entitlement, taking a minimum period of two weeks’ leave immediately after childbirth and the rest of her leave following her baby’s discharge from hospital. 15.11 To facilitate the process of keeping in touch, it is important that the employer and employee have early discussions to plan and make arrangements for keeping in touch days (KIT days) before the employee’s maternity leave takes place. If any health conditions are found, you and your baby can be treated early if it’s needed. 15.32 Where an employee’s baby is born dead after the 24th week of pregnancy, the employee will be entitled to the same amount of maternity leave and pay as if her baby was born alive. 15.61 For the purposes of calculating whether the employee meets the qualification set out in paragraph 15.7 (i) to have had 12 months of continuous service with one or more NHS employers, the following provisions shall apply: i) NHS employers include health authorities, NHS boards, NHS trusts and the Northern Ireland Health Service 15.59 All employees will have a right to take 52 weeks of maternity leave whether or not they return to NHS employment. 15.9 Following discussion with the employee, the employer should confirm in writing: i) the employee’s paid and unpaid leave entitlements under this agreement (or statutory entitlements if the employee does not qualify under this agreement), ii) unless an earlier return date has been given by the employee, her expected return date, based on her 52 weeks paid and unpaid leave entitlement under this agreement, iii) the length of any period of accrued annual leave which it has been agreed may be taken following the end of the formal maternity leave period (see paragraphs 15.49 and 15.50). iv) a period of voluntary service overseas with a recognised international relief organisation for a period of 12 months, which may exceptionally be extended for 12 months at the discretion of the employer which recruits the employee on her return Section 15 Maternity leave Northern Ireland. 15.53 Women who have recently given birth should have paid time off for post-natal care for example attendance at health clinics. 15.2 Paragraphs 15.7 to 15.55 of this Section set out the maternity leave and pay entitlements of NHS employees under the NHS contractual maternity leave scheme. 15.54 Employers are required to undertake a risk assessment and to provide breastfeeding women with suitable private rest facilities. The Health and Safety Executive Guidance recommends that employers provide: a clean, healthy and safe environment for women who are breastfeeding; suitable access to a private room to express and store milk in an appropriate refrigerator.

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