north american super 10 slam

All DIY. the paper means nothing to me i don't enter anything i shoot anywhere. I drew a montana bison tag in area 395-02 but I'd have to look. Focus on what you can achieve and do, don't get caught up in others and their abilities to pay or do hunts and be happy with them. To complete a Super Ten, you must harvest and register an animal from each one of ten species groups (Bears, Cats, Deer, Elk, Caribou, Bison/Muskox, Moose, Goat, Antelope, Sheep). If you achieve all of the reasonable hunts you can do close by, or get lucky on cancellation hunts or last minute opportunities that will save you some money. Check Out the Super 10. And it helps to live in a state with more than one or two big game animals to hunt. Good point Mathews Man. I currently have 19 points. A goal of the Super 10 is simply a framework and channel in which to help me experience the country. It doesn't matter what a piece of paper says for a "super 10" or not. The dedication and commitment it takes to getting that done has to come from someone who loves all aspects of the hunt and that's not something that ever gets turned off IMO, especially after checking animals off a list, Mr_steve, for only being 23 years old your approach to hunting impresses me (I am an old timer). The odds of drawing in your time frame will be poor. You likely wont draw a lower 48 bison in your life. They are both cool animals to hunt, but the muskox hunt during the cold season will also give you a life adventure that few bison hunts could rival....and it will also introduce you to the Inuit culture, which probably isn't going to happen on a bison hunt. Especially kota-man, loesshillsarcher, and wildwilderness. Next an elk. Deer: Already shot many whitetail back home in North Dakota. Yes, there is. Seems as though youve killed a lot of chit over the years. His foresight into an amazing lifetime achievement was the forerunner for what is today part of GSCO’s family of Slams as the Super Slam of North American Big Game. Also agree that its more about the adventure than just ticking off a box. Right now I'm more interested in hunting additional species in categories"that I've already "filled". Antelope: Shot a WY public land antelope last fall. The real goal is to experience every type of hunt that I can, and a list helps do that. This is no surprise to anyone. Of course if you draw a bighorn in the states it will be cheaper if you dyi and also if you hire an outfitter. David. My favorite caribou hunt (and the only one I'd repeat) is Mountain Caribou. Since you are going after one animal from each group, it becomes much more doable (i.e., harvest a black bear and the bear category is crossed off). "I think its great to have a dream and to be motivated. I would not want undermine a man who has killed ten quality animals of any species. I fear that isn't true today. I may compare my successes and animals with what others have taken BUT I am not in competition with them. But, as Mathew Man states you can only get to your goal one animal at a time. This is like going to college and focusing on the parchment and not getting the education! I've done Newfoundland three times and loved it. That's where paying more up front for a good outfit may save you in the long run. I have had a couple friends draw goats in Montana relatively quickly in the process. Have 1pt for both. They definately do a ton of hunts. David. North American Sheep. Hopefully have 8 by the end of January 2014 ( Sheep & Lion ). I got tired of trying to draw so I went to BC for that. I'm also trying to draw a resident bison tag but that's just luck of the draw here. What do you guys recommend? One wwould have no idea how a super 10 holder got to be one. No better state for antelope. I plan on chipping away at the NA 29 for the next several years. Looking to do the Greenland musk ox hunt in the future . Look for muskox rather than bison. Chill out folks,'s not a competition. International Capra. At 23 you need to be pounding your IRA so in 30 years you pay for any hunt your desire. 3. David. First ever elk hunt. Whenever the boards get slow, Nick starts reading years-past Bowsite. I want it with a bow only. If you are serious about this goal, move to Alaska or be ready to shell out over $75k. A DIY mountain lion is not realistic whatsoever without a friend who runs hounds willing to take you. Sheep and moose, put in for points in as many states as you can, but plan on shooting a cow or ewe to get there by 35 or start saving your pennies! 2. Bison: I will begin applying for MT but this is the one hunt I am not that excited about. I think one could legally take the DoubleRoyal slam in a single spring season....that's 10 toms in a little over 2 months. That kinda went awry as it has progressed for me. For moose, you can go guided in Newfoundland for the cost of many drop/float hunts and success is fairly high. No expensive guided hunts unless necessary. A lot of self promoting and messpelleded wurds. I might have to look it to that! Super Slam of North American Big Game. Deer, Elk, Bear, and Antelope are the easy ones. You also may get a chance at a bear. Resources. best bet a "guaranteed" EWE tag! Then I heard about "Super 10" and thought that would be a really neat goal. I will look to book a Buffalo hunt for 2014 and I have a Woodland Caribou hunt booked for 2017, which I can move up earlier if I chose to. Need to live out west. It is about experiencing all that God has created and enjoying it. Might look at guided hunt in ID but open to ideas. Box 310727 Birmingham, AL 35231 Phone: (205) 674-0101 Fax: (205) 674-0190 Not looking to do the 29 fully but will hunt as many as I can and enjoy the different experiences as I go. Awesome species in awesome country. It's good to have a goal but have a good time along the way. But I don't think you can count an animal unless it was taken from a free ranging herd as defined by P&Y or B&C. The only caribou I need now is Barren Ground. My goal is to live in MT. I shot a dall in the NWT but it will be more money. Click Here or Use Coupon Code "STAFFORD" to Receive 5% Off Regular Orders and 10% Off Loyalty Program Orders! I never even remotely considered completing the Super Slam as an option in my lifetime. My most memorable hunt to date we came home empty handed. At 23 you need to make sure you have a future of gainful employment so you will be able to afford these hunts- they cost both Time and Money and its hard to have both at your age! Very appreciated. This is what I see if you really want it before 35-. AK would be another option. If you want to, check out some of our hunting videos on youtube. It may take me 5, 10 or even 15 years to complete this goal, but God willing, I WILL get it done. We thrive in an environment in which there is a tangible, visible goal that can be achieved. 1. Look at applying to a few more states for sheep and consider desert sheep to expand your options. You also have to plan on at least 25% of your hunts will be unsuccessful, and need to repeat the hunt. Enter the Super Ten. Congrat's Scott, I need a bison for my ten too. The Bou hunts aren't cheap, look at AK and try getting a combo for Bou and moose (do your research and make sure they are both in the area). StickFlicker 09-Jul-13. Probably some where in the middle is just about right. JJ. Goat: Currently applying for mountain goat in MT and UT. After I send in the check to register and the annual membership fees I will be validated as a Spectacular, albeit not Super, hunter. Think sheep in NWT and Yukon going for 15k-19k range. Moose: AK is cheapest DIY for bull, best bet a "guaranteed" tag is cow in WY with high success, Sheep: statistically you will never draw a tag unless you are a Resident of a state and even then 20-100yrs. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Every species was a new adventure. You will not draw a lower 48 goat or sheep by 35, without a serious golden rabbits foot. I may even get to have my picture taken on stage with other Spectacular Six guys that will be my new found peers. fantastic adventure! Mountain Lion: you will need a guide or contacts with hounds. Alaska residents can knock em down no doubt. Like some, that wasn't a goal. What the @#@#@, The sixth can be anything one needs to get a sixth species. I will say this...When you go on a guided hunt, do the best you can afford. I too hope to have these crossed off by 35, but only because AK residency will give me somewhat easy yearly access to Goats, Sheep, All 3 bears, Moose, Bou, Bison and Musk Ox...and a "guide" wont be needed for any but the Ox and Bison. Went spring 2012 but unsuccessful. I just told myself that I would like to accomplish certain slams within my lifetime. Stone Sheep will be my 19th species. I will continue to do the hunts I love such as whitetail back at the family farm in ND. The main thing is I don't want to look back and say man I wish I would have tried to do that. Surely they enjoyed some of the species enough to want to hunt them over and over...if not, I think their goal was not to experience hunting a bunch of animals but to put their name on a list and they really missed out on the enjoyment of hunting.

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