ozonolysis of aromatic compounds

Relationship between acceleration of hydroxyl radical initiation and increase of multiple-ultrasonic field amount in the process of ultrasound catalytic ozonation for degradation of nitrobenzene in aqueous solution. Vittorio Ragaini, Elena Selli, Claudia Letizia Bianchi, Carlo Pirola. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. Jie Cheng, Chad D. Vecitis, Hyunwoong Park, Brian T. Mader and Michael R. Hoffmann . p-Aminophenol degradation by ozonation combined with sonolysis: Operating conditions influence and mechanism. Effects of Surface Active Properties on the Cavitational Degradation of Surfactant Contaminants. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, Pello Alfonso-Muniozguren, Mohd Hazzwan Bohari, Anita Sicilia, Claudio Avignone-Rossa, Madeleine Bussemaker, Devendra Saroj, Judy Lee. * The presence of participating solvents such as water or methanol had a pronounced influence on conversion and identity of the functional groups Kashyap P. Mishra and Parag R. Gogate . Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation. Remediation of wastewater: Role of hydroxyl radicals. R. J. Emery, M. Papad Aki, D. Mantzavinos. Li Gao, Yukai Zhai, Hongzhu Ma, Bo Wang. Effect of process intensifying parameters on the hydrodynamic cavitation based degradation of commercial pesticide (methomyl) in the aqueous solution. Chunde Wu, Xinhui Liu, Dongbin Wei, Jinchu Fan, Liansheng Wang. Liu, Y.X. A. Lundstedt, M. J. Webb and H. Grennberg, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Ricardo A. Torres,, Christian Pétrier,, Evelyne Combet,, Florence Moulet, and. Degradation of linuron by ultrasound combined with photo-Fenton treatment. Corresponding authors, a Material from this article can be used in other publications Sonolytic ozonation for the remediation of hazardous pollutants. At 20 kHz, there appeared to be an enhancement due to sonolytic ozonation, while at 500 kHz, an apparent retardation was seen. Kohei Kishimoto, Yuya Kumazawa, Tomoyuki Kuroki, Haruhiko Yamasaki, Masaaki Okubo. Hideyuki Katsumata, Satoshi Kaneco, Tohru Suzuki, Kiyohisa Ohta, Yoshihiro Yobiko. Kinetics and Mechanism of Photoactivated Periodate Reaction with 4-Chlorophenol in Acidic Solution. Wayne F. Chan Institute for Environmental Studies and the Department of Civil Engineering , University of Illinois , Urbana , IL , 61801 , USA & Richard A. Larson Institute for Environmental Studies and the Department of Civil Engineering , University of Illinois , Urbana , IL , 61801 , USA . A Review on Sonochemistry and Its Environmental Applications. Influencing investigation of metal ions on heterogeneous catalytic ozonation by ceramic honeycomb for the degradation of nitrobenzene in aqueous solution with neutral pH. The effects of ultrasonic irradiation in combination with ozone on the reduction of residual ethion of tangerine (Citrus reticulata Blanco cv. Beware of the other ways “acetic acid” can be written in addition to HOAc. Please reconnect. Ultrasonically enhanced electrohydraulic discharge for removal of organic compounds. Kinetics and mechanisms of the sonolytic destruction of non-volatile organic compounds: investigation of the sonochemical reaction zone using several OH monitoring techniques. Sonochemical decomposition of hydrazine in water: Effects of coal ash and pH on the decomposition and adsorption behavior. Analysis of Ultrasonic Pre-treatment for the Ozonation of Humic Acids. Sonochemical degradation of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxins in aqueous solution with Fe(III)/UV system. nanotubes powder prepared via rapid breakdown anodization. Efficient Sonochemical Degradation of 4-Chlorophenol Catalyzed by Titanium Dioxide Hydrate. Mechanistic features of the sonochemical degradation of organic pollutants. Hugo Destaillats,, Thomas W. Alderson II, and. Limitations of Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions, Orientation in Benzene Rings With More Than One Substituent, Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds From Benzene, Arenediazonium Salts in Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution, Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Practice Problems, Reduction of Carbonyl Compounds by Hydride Ion, Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones with Water, Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones with Alcohols: Acetals and Hemiacetals, Acetals as Protecting Groups for Aldehydes and Ketones, Imines from Aldehydes and Ketones with Primary Amines, Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones with Amines-Practice Problems, Reaction of Aldehydes and Ketones with CN Cyanohydrin Formation, Hydrolysis of Acetals, Imines and Enamines-Practice Problems, The Wittig Reaction: Examples and Mechanism, Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives-Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution, Ester Hydrolysis by Acid and Base-Catalyzed Hydrolysis, Esters Reaction with Amines – The Aminolysis Mechanism, Ester Reactions Summary and Practice Problems, Preparation of Acyl (Acid) Chlorides (ROCl), Reactions of Acid Chlorides (ROCl) with Nucleophiles, Reaction of Acyl Chlorides with Grignard and Gilman (Organocuprate) Reagents, Reduction of Acyl Chlorides by LiAlH4, NaBH4, and LiAl(OtBu)3H, Preparation and Reaction Mechanism of Carboxylic Anhydrides, Amides Hydrolysis: Acid and Base-Catalyzed Mechanism, Amide Dehydration Mechanism by SOCl2, POCl3, and P2O5, The Mechanism of Nitrile Hydrolysis To Carboxylic Acid, Nitrile Reduction Mechanism with LiAlH4 and DIBAL to Amine or Aldehyde, The Mechanism of Grignard and Organolithium Reactions with Nitriles, Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives Practice Problems, Alpha Halogenation of Enols and Enolates Practice Problems, Aldol Reaction – Principles and Mechanism, Aldol Condensation – Dehydration of Aldol Addition Product, Aldol Addition and Condensation Reactions – Practice Problems, Crossed Aldol And Directed Aldol Reactions, Crossed Aldol Condensation Practice Problems, Acetoacetic Ester Enolates Practice Problems, Michael Reaction: The Conjugate Addition of Enolates, Robinson Annulation, Shortcut, and Retrosynthesis, Dieckmann condensation – An Intramolecular Claisen Reaction, Crossed Claisen and Claisen Variation Reactions, Enolates in Organic Synthesis – a Comprehensive Practice Problem, Naming Amines: Systematic and Common Nomenclature, Organic Chemistry Multistep Synthesis Practice Problems. Synergistic effects of high-frequency ultrasound on photocatalytic degradation of aldehydes and their intermediates using TiO2 suspension in water. When the reactions were conducted in the presence of nitrite ion (0.5-1.0 × 10−4 M), a nitration reaction occurred with three of the five aromatic compounds (4-chlorophenol, 2,4-dichlorophenol, and 1-naphthol). Kinetics and Mechanism of Pentachlorophenol Degradation by Sonication, Ozonation, and Sonolytic Ozonation. Development of a Rectangular Airlift Sonoreactor Combined with Sparging Ozone. The use of power ultrasound for water treatment. Rajpure. Mahmoud Abbasi, Ali Reza Soleymani, Jalal Basiri Parsa. Sonochemical degradation of polycyclic aromatic sulfur hydrocarbons (PASHs) in aqueous solutions exemplified by benzothiophene. Why Are Halogens Ortho-, Para- Directors yet Deactivators ? Sonochemical Degradation of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) in Landfill Groundwater: Environmental Matrix Effects. Kei SAWADA, Yamato HAYASHI, Hirotsugu TAKIZAWA. The effects of preozonation on the biodegradability of mixed phenolic solution using a new gas-inducing reactor. Eva Fathul Karamah, Setijo Bismo, Widodo W. Purwanto. Combinative and Hybrid Sonophotochemical Oxidation Processes for the Treatment of Pollutants in Water. This article is cited by A review of the effects of dye-assisting chemicals on advanced oxidation of reactive dyes in wastewater. Please enable JavaScript Degradation of p-nitrophenol by DBD plasma/Fe2+/persulfate oxidation process. Claudio Minero,, Mirco Lucchiari,, Davide Vione, and. Morphology Control of Silver Related Materials by Ultrasonic Irradiation. They are: [AcOH, CH 3 COOH, CH 3 CO 2 H] This type of mechanism is referred to as ozonolysis with reductive workup. Hydroxyl radical’s role in the remediation of wastewater.

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