python is bad for functional programming

The best argument against functional programming in Python is that imperative/OO use cases are carefully considered by Guido, while functional programming use cases are not. Author David Mertz touched on many basic concepts of functional programming in earlier Charming Python articles: "Functional programming in Python", Part 1 and Part 2. Ever. Java Hi there! No. I’m the language of the cool people. Plus, just SQL in general is a nice, clean, simple scripting language.. until you want to do some complicated stuff with it.. like hook together 20 tables b/c some DBA thought it’d be cute to hyper-normalize the database without any slight denormalization to put common ID’s in a few tables in order to do the same query with 5 tables instead of 20. Subreddit for posting questions and asking for general advice about your python code. But, you have not made an insult at HDL languages… especially VHDL. 9. Get beyond the basics in Python and you will discover how limiting it is and just as hard on the eyes and problem solving as any other language. You say you can help? It’s awful reading through someone’s web code who wrote it all horribly and trying to constantly switch brain gears to see if their HTML, JavaScript, ASP, etc is wrong or not. Makefile. C# So let me get this right. @JacobB List comprehensions were available in functional languages about 15 years before Python was invented and 25 years before Python gained an implementation of the feature. Maybe I've misunderstood you and that's not what you meant, but I am perplexed by "functional people are, List comprehensions are tricky at two levels already: three is unreadable. Personally, I don’t think anything should auto-commit to a change unless you explicitly did a …. Do you have metaclasses you can work with in Java? But I will not speak of it, for it is a language so foul, it must never be repeated'”. Shell. Why is a link in an email more dangerous than a link from a web search? We run a cult, and pretend it’s a programming language. Makefile. Guido doesn't/didn't understand that. I don't think Python is a good language for functional programming. I have to quote this. But it seems a bit of a pain if you cannot use globals or classes? Now, if you go through python and check how well the language and libraries supports, Until you start digging into the object prototypes, closures and the whole “a function is an object” thing. @Lloeki: iterate would simplify that code significantly, and (x for v in a for x in kidsFunc(v)) is much clearer as concatMap(kidsFunc). Instead of using another language to code a loop statement that I feed a SQL statement through.. let’s just create a procedural version of SQL that lets folks code loops WITHIN SQL! Finally, after a lot of requests, here is Rust. But, that seems to go against the way most everything else in python works, where you would assume that…, … wouldnt’ do anything, b/c it’s sorting x, but there’s no value to set it to, so nothing happens…and if you did want to have x store the sorted list you’d have to do…. So after a function is called, there is a sort of semiglobal variable instantiated within the class (for all functions within class). I prototype everything in straight C and implement it with finite state machines on a white board. I'm not even sure now what I meant by that comment to be honest. VISIBLE “Javascript is a programming language because it’s Turing complete. You did all that up in Query Analyzer, which was basically a dumbed-down SQL IDE / glorified text editor. Oh, and now your exec wants you to automate the output as a daily report, b/c they saw you writing code, and EVERYONE knows that “code = automation”. Haven’t really seen SQL listed .. probably because it’s more of a scripting language. Anyways it turns out that map( foo() , x ) * map( foo(), y ) is the same as map( foo(), x * y ). Why is reading lines from stdin much slower in C++ than Python? Powershell : Sucks just like everyone else here, except you get the problems before you even start to code. You can definitely use classes with functional programming, you just need to be careful (since Python doesn't enforce anything but syntax). Go on, do it. In programs running multiple threads, for example, you don't want the result of a function to depend on an internal state of any object, because it would make the program dependent on how the threads are being run, and thus, unreliable. Better functional languages recognize these mathematically based relationships and automatically perform the optimization. :-). No. Squirrel – the language that will drive you nuts (yes, the source files have file extension ‘.nut’), Don’t forget Matlab, which costs 100000000 dollars to do the same thing as Python but with confusing 1-based array indexing that you will forget about every single time you use an array for anything, that is to say, EVERYTHING :/. This is ugly as hell. So, in using Python, it’s hard to tell what methods will auto-commit an object to whatever it’s doing, and which ones require you to “x = …” to commit it. Bash This comment by Gergely Szabo explains it all: “Shell. Where should small utility programs store their preferences? Node.js is just as bullshit as javascript, or even worse. 5 about VB, it is also impossible to make fun of excel which is used to disarm nuclear bombs: A pointer to some source would be useful. Why was/is Wayne County Michigan so consistent in support for Democratic presidential candidates? Mutability in functional languages has brought with it a lot more utility and dare I say it: Functionality. x = [1,3,2,4] The ones who buy one cup of coffee, and sit for 8 hours in Starbucks to get free wifi. print(“z = ” + str(z)) Another reason not mentioned above is that many built-in functions and methods of built-in types modify an object but do not return the modified object. Another great comment on Rust on Reddit by secretpandalord  (which can apply to many languages, especially all functional ones too): Well I mean, the easiest thing to say about any language is that its community is made up of poseurs and tryhards. If you need more help in writing messy code, I’m sure Perl can help. Had a nice laugh at this one. Each line of the recipe runs in a separate shell. It's "functional lite". Posted by 1 year ago. @Jules, do you mind sharing a guideline for the use of tail call optimization in Python? No projects in the real world will have a display "no classes allowed!" VB6 is one of the most used languages today. If I have forgotten any language, feel free to insult it in the comments. it should get some credit for beginning the end of the world. Python Functional Programming Functional Programming by Wikipidia: “Functional programming is a programming paradigm that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids state and mutable data". The question you reference asks which languages promote both OO and functional programming. 23. With classes and metaclasses you can emulate (almost) all other constructs in other languages, and this is anything but limiting. Actually you can pretty much search for “why {programmingLanguage} is bad” and I am 100% sure you will find at least one well written long article that explains that why that language sucks so far.

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