range vs cooktop and wall oven

Get much more info via our Ranges & Ovens Resource Guide. You'll also find dual-fuel ranges that take advantage of electric and gas. Using a cooktop and oven allows for the creation of separate cooking and baking zones. Then a double oven setup might be in order. However, there are sleek versions of ranges, as well. The range combines the oven and cooktop surface into one appliance which takes up less space. The ease of access of a wall oven will also allow cooks of all ages to use the appliance making it the best choice for an aging, in-place kitchen. Now, two areas of your kitchen are dedicated to cooking, thus taking up more valuable space in your kitchen. Coping with a compact kitchen? Do you have back issues? Because ranges are generally limited (though not always) to one oven, wall ovens are the way to go if you need two full-sized ovens. Because there are so many options, the choice between a range and a cooktop/oven combo may come down to looks. It can be a mistake to design the entire kitchen for that one annual meal. Remodelista, Gardenista, 10 Easy Pieces, Steal This Look, 5 Quick Fixes, Design Sleuth, High/Low Design, Sourcebook for the Considered Home, and Sourcebook for Considered Living are ® registered trademarks of Remodelista, LLC. Remodelista’s members-only directory of architects, designers, and landscape professionals. Heading somewhere? Having so much space dedicated to cooking appliances can be limiting, and costly. If these two boxes are checked and there’s room to spare, I love the functionality of a cooktop.”. A gas range lasts about 15 years, electric ranges and wall ovens will last slightly less at about 13 years. A wall oven at arm and eye height is likely a better choice for those with bad knees or backs. You can find a reliable range for under $1,000, but some of the highest-end brands can cost thousands of dollars. The 48-inch range does have two ovens, but one is much smaller than the other and gives you more of an oven-and-a-half situation. As you plan for your new kitchen, whether it's a new construction project or a remodel of your existing space, there is one appliance question that will need to be answered at the beginning of the process as the space is being designed: Do you want a wall oven or a range? How to decide which combination to go with? How often do you use your cooking appliances and how much capacity do you need? You get your oven and cooking surface in one purchase, and this can save you thousands of dollars, of course, depending on the brand you choose. Kitchen of the Week: The New Old-World Kitchen from Noodles, Noodles & Noodles Corp. Viking Professional Custom Series 30-Inch Double Wall Oven, Shop Owner Makié Yahagi’s Charm-Filled Loft in SoHo, New York, Steal This Look: Minimalist English Kitchen, Kitchen of the Week: Arjan Lodder Keukens Kitchen in the Netherlands, Let There Be Light: Habitat 6 in Los Angeles, Townhouses Designed for Brighter City Living, Remodeling 101: What to Know When Replacing Your Range. Wall ovens are just easier to get to than ovens in ranges. Electric ranges and cooktops have components that may wear down and crack over time. Or, you may prefer the look of a copper hood over a range that can also serve as a focal point in the kitchen. Another feature of what makes a wall oven attractive is that it's easier to handle hot cooked food, especially heavy food, because of the oven's height. Be mindful, however, of wall oven placement in relation to your height. And the design team at Henrybuilt notes that a benefit of using a cooktop is that “the countertop line can carry across for a much more streamlined and linear look.” This is often an important consideration in setups where the kitchen and living areas blend together. The back of the appliance is easily accessible for a professional servicing the appliance. Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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