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No new hairstyles for male night elves? there are some velf hair styles that dont have any void parts that still are way better tho. The beards on the other hand, I hope so!, I can't see a reason not to include those, the beards to a good job of hiding the douchey looking mouth that these elves have. Yannila-silvermoon (Yannila) May 30, 2020, 11:23pm #1. Broken! Anyone know if DK's can change their eyes in the game? No eye colors for night elves? Remove anything but Night Elves from the game. I don’t think they’ve enough spells to be classified as a class but this could be debatable since we’ve classes in-game that don’t have many spells. It’d be about time. This doesn’t take much effort to add. As “Death to the living” I am, I still want Alliance players to also enjoy the game, but I also want to see the pure absolute anarchy that would cause in the community. In this post, we take an early look at some new Blood Elf character customization options in Shadowlands, including skin, hair, and eye color. They’ll probably just give you the runic tattoos the Blood Elf on the TBC cover has. Now Shadowlands would have been a perfect time to release said class, for Night Elves and Blood Elves; however this wasn’t done at Blizzcon. 47 Likes. New Customizations for Shadowlands Build 36401 - Void Elf and Blood Elf Eye Color criado 22 dias atrás por Neryssa A new customization option was added for Void Elves in Shadowlands Build 36401 - Void Elves have received a new eye color option, a purple color with a defined iris and sclera. As a Horde player I feel kinda bad for the Alliance players who wanted desperately for High Elves. The Sunwell is mixed with Light AND Arcane. New classes need testing, years before the expansion. grimtotem taurens, fel draenei, red orcs, etc if it doesn't matter go balls to the wall with it and make some cool skins. I wouldn’t mind if Blizzard introduces High elves, still, I’m curious what could happen if they give Blood elves those infamous blue eyes. Horde get High Elves despite being canoically Alliance. No full beards for blood elves / void elves? Este hilo está cerrado. Considering that some of those hair styles have void-related visual effects baked into them, we can assume the baseline answer would be "No, not currently.". The hype was pretty real, but for new classes, they use these conventions as a ways to draw in said hype and get people excited about the new class. So, stopped reading comments on the second page - quite sick about the complaints I'm seeing. I mean, this isn’t like Gnome Hunters, which were just added in without much thought, because it was an existing race and existing class. Commento di Izlandi on 2020-07-08T11:54:37-05:00. Again, this wasn’t done at Blizzcon, which leads me to believe that Dark Rangers, as a class, will not be coming. Now are we going to get some pink orcs so white people don't get upset? Sick of getting spat in the face by blizzard as an alliance player. That's cool since for example, a ranger wouldn't be as exposed to fel or to the light (as a warlock for fel or a paladin for light). The green and golden eye options have versions where one eye is blind. Stenhorde-earthshaker September 24, 2020, … I'm assuming the blue eyes are for High Elves NPCs that use the same models as blood elves in game right now. 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Some new hairstyles would also be nice, but Blood Elves are already the most spoilt for choice when it comes to hair in game really. Yuline-twisting-nether January 6, 2020, 6:07pm #3. I find the red eyes and marking could truly go well together. :P, Hopefully it will indeed be blue eyes for Horde players :D. No red Dark Ranger eyes?That makes me a little sad.I'm also not convinced those blue eyes are player options. And while I don’t have a male character, I would adore it if the males got some real facial hair rather than whatever the hell they have glued to their face currently. It’ll be like them adding Female Night Elves with golden eyes and Male Night Elves with silver eyes. Zanaito-stormrage 19 August 2020 22:35 #1. You guys are welcome over here though. Will void elf receive new hairstyles with shadowlands? Everyone talking about red, purple and blue eyes. I just want some shorter hairstyles that doesn't look like they've been taken straight out of some animé. Blue eyes aside, let us have the other NPC colors please! This is the laziest addition of black characters possible.I don't really care, but blood elves aren't black in lore. "The Body Jewelry customization option added last week has been removed"Why? Go for it. They just look burnt...Like, its not even a realistic shade of black. As I said, I pretty sure Blizzard will not implement an Undead skin for Blood elves but I could be wrong. The NPC's looked better. Shadowlands Pre-Patch PTR. SAME RACE. Try Nightborne, those poor souls. Commento di Kelthos on 2020-07-08T11:54:41-05:00. I hope male BE also get jewelry, at least Necklaces, Then saying they're for Blood Elves is clickbait. The few referring to eyes, and skin tones. ok, probably a dumb question but will we be able to use these options for existing characters? Darker skin looks really really stupid, almost makes them look like they're made out of chocolate, if they're just going to toss lore out the window too why not just open up every customization option for races and let them be every class? No HD hairstyles (like void elf hairs) for blood elves? Especially necklaces. Can't help but feel a bit jealous over the customization options many classes have been getting, I play Pandaren and ours are extremely underwhelming to say the least, at least other races can enjoy good customization. I’m not a Sylvanas supporter, well… I just don’t care enough about her character and I’m not a fan of her current state; that said, in my honest opinion I think Dark Rangers are somewhat interesting. The core problem I have with a Dark Ranger class is that it’s specific to only two races: Night Elves and Blood Elves. I hope they add the normal hairstyles and colors next. Some examples include: Pink Night Elf Death Knight hair now available to all other Night Elf classes; Blue Blood Elf Death Knight hair now available to all other Blood Elf classes No new hairstyles for male night elves?Still waiting on those :(. I want those pitch black eyes! I am pretty sure that they will not add Dark Ranger type of skin but red eyes are possible since there were elves with this eye color (living ones). Oh how the Alliance will cry over these blue eyes... Oh well. The hair is a definite no, and the beards are a solid maybe-but-probably-not. Would be nice for Dark Ranger RPers and Shadowy types.Also those new hair, necklace, and ear options are lovely. I JUST WANT SOME SHORTER HAIR. I’d like to add, I think Blizzard could give Blood elves some red or pale tattoos. in my honest opinion I think Dark Rangers are somewhat interesting. Non puoi inviare una risposta.

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