slugs in compost bin

You can sign in to vote the answer. Strangely I have no issue with slicing slugs in half but then I come across a snail and lose my bottle. Hopefully, that will work for now. Slugs and snails give me the willies! Just pick em out and toss em in the yard they are harmless if you really think they crawled in you can put a ring of salt on the floor around your bin. A compost bin will not hold them unless it is an air-tight one, and as pointed out by others they would just breed like billy-o in there. All funds go towards our new project -. They love slugs, and will march around your garden eating them. by Helen (Caldwell Cnty., NC) I have been raising worms for at least 17 years & now for the first time one of my bins have a lot of "small slugs" in it, mostly on the lid but some on sides. Along with other detrivores, compost heap dwelling slugs are … It's easy to do. It's likely there were eggs in lettuce. Slugs in worm bin. Fill the cup with (cheap) beer to about a half inch from the top. check out the. is this good or bad i have killed a few it feels like im protecting my plants from them all the time and now i might as well be breeding them, how do i kill them without damaging my compost. There are a number of slugs which do not have strong enough rasping parts (raddula, they do not have teeth, more like files) to eat fresh green material. Thanks, I did wonder about the eggs, I have only put a few in there, I will destroy them from now on. Far better to accept them as part of your composting team. The rim of the cup should be at ground level., If this is your first visit, be sure to How? Add salt like the other guy said and it wont hurt a thing. Can Marijuana seeds still grow if you poop them out? Gardeners, Nurseries, etc are needing Worms, Castings, Tea and more. Can you tell me what causes them & what can I do about them? I used to feel really really guilty and go to bed worrying about the mass slaughter I had just commited but soon enough you realise that if you leave them to their own devices you end up with no food for your table and so the guilt subsides. In this respect they shouldn’t prove a problem in your garden. Vegetarian Recipes | If you don't want to use chemicals, try leaving it to nature and encourage predators into the garden. Just shake it on there like you would food and mix and repeat. Try to layer some scrunched up newspaper at regular intervals to aerate the bin. Just don't let them get near your plants! It's a combination of iron phosphate and spinosad (a naturally occurring, soil dwelling bacterium). Attach copper strips around the base of your pots or compost bin. Instead, they actually pick the critters off plants and toss them in the compost bin. How do you think about the answers? How? Slugs are also cannibalistic. Ugh - just the thought turns my tummy! I have a small compost bin (1metre x 1 metre X 1.5 metres) in a suburban setting. Get My 560pg Revolution Complete Package Free, Join in and write your own page! Still a few about but spring application of Nematodes seems to have done wonders. This is an cheap and easy remedy. You should never use slug pellets or other pesticides in your compost because they will also kill other beneficial creatures that are vital to the composting process. Tiggs, slugs live in the soil, they quite happily burrow through it, that is how they can munch your spuds in the ground. I find secateurs work really well on slugs. I have been putting any slugs I have found in my compost bin (from the council), is this a good idea ?? It's not bad but it may indicate that you're not turning the compost often enough or it's too wet. You don't want to spread the eggs around your vegetables. An ornamental solution is to keep ducks, if you have the space. I've seen eggs and bug nests at the base of lettuce befor especially organic. Normally I wouldn't care but now I'm afraid to use the compost from this bin on my vegie patch in case I am spreading slug eggs all over the place. This type live on decaying leaves and as such they help the process of turning plant material into compost. You can purchase a 2 1/2 lb container for approximately $26.00. If you're trying to protect a garden, attach the strips to landscaping bricks or fencing. One pound treats 2000 square feet and lasts up to 4 weeks. However, because the compost bin is such a haven for them, they are quite happy living there and therefore are not interested in heading further afield to your plants and veg. 25 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, Throw them in a bucket of salt and water instead. I've read everything on raising worms & haven't seen this problem. Don’t worry too much that slugs in compost may end up in … Just don't let them get near your plants! 1634 Racine Posts: 547. Houseflies that feed on garbage can visit your compost; houseflies do process waste, but also carry disease and invade homes. A compost bin should contain a lot of creatures that break down the vegetable matter and make it into compost, and that's what the slugs are doing. How to multiply Your Worms over 100x in 90 Bays! Slugs and snails do have predators and it seems there are quite a few, including centipedes and beetles, which are probably in the bin too.

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