standard enthalpy of formation of chlorine gas

Binary equilibrium systems with solid carbon dioxide, and Informatics, Computational Chemistry Comparison and Benchmark Database, NIST / TRC Web Thermo Tables, "lite" edition (thermophysical and thermochemical data), NIST / TRC Web Thermo Tables, professional edition (thermophysical and thermochemical data). The standard enthalpy of formation of any element in its standard state is zero by definition. © 2018 by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce [all data], Stull, 1947 For a generic chemical reaction:nA A + nB B + …   Wikipedia, Measuring instrument — Captain Nemo and Professor Aronnax contemplating measuring instruments in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea …   Wikipedia, Born-Haber cycle — The Born Haber cycle is an approach to analyzing reaction energies. Ref. ; Lewis, G.B., SRD 103b – Thermo Data Engine (TDE) for pure compounds, Eng. Giauque, W.F. View plot Chem., 1947, 39, 4, 517-540, Requires a JavaScript / HTML 5 canvas capable browser. Re-writing the given equation for 1 mole of NH, The standard enthalpy of formation of NH3 is -46.0 kJ mol^-1. [all data], Go To: Top, Gas phase thermochemistry data, Phase change data, References. The additional information, Standard molar enthalpy of formation, Δf H^Θ is just a special case of enthalpy of reaction, Δr H^Θ. TRC - Thermodynamics Research Center, NIST Boulder Laboratories, Kenneth Kroenlein director, log10(P) = A − (B / (T + C)) National Institute of Standards and Standard Enthalpy of Formation ( ... • for diatomic gases, the bond enthalpy is twice the enthalpy of atomisation • the smaller the bond enthalpy, the weaker the bond and the easier it is to break Chemical Energetics 2815 1. 1, 2] enthalpy of formation based on version 1.118 of the Thermochemical Network This version of ATcT results was partially described in Ruscic et al. the Thermodyn., 1979, 11, 1089. This may take some time to load. Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.15 K; mean of 5 measurements with thermocouple and Pt res. Estimate the average S-F bond energy in SF6. ; Coefficents calculated by NIST from author's data. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. The standard enthalpy of formation or "standard heat of formation" of a compound is the change of enthalpy that accompanies the formation of 1 mole of a substance in its standard state from its constituent elements in their standard states (the most stable form of the element at 101.325 kPa of pressure and the specified temperature, usually 298 K or 25 degrees Celsius). However, NIST makes no warranties to that effect, and NIST J. ; Powell, T.M., Standard Enthalpy of Formation* for Atomic and Molecular Ions Cations ΔH˚ f (kJ/mol) Cations ΔH˚ f (kJ/mol) Anions ΔH˚ f (kJ/mol) Anions ΔH˚ f (kJ/mol) Ag+(aq) +105.9 K+(aq) −251.2 Br−(aq) −120.9 H 2PO 4 −(aq) −1302.5 Al3+(aq) −524.7 Li+(aq) −278.5 Cl−(aq) −167.4 HPO 4 2−(aq) −1298.7 Ba2+(aq) −538.4 Mg2+(aq) −462.0 ClO have a standard enthalpy of formation of zero, as there is no change involved in their formation. Copyright for NIST Standard Reference Data is governed by Note that the table for Alkanes contains Δ f H o values in kcal/mol (1 kcal/mol = 4.184 kJ/mol), and the table for Miscellaneous Compounds and Elements contains these values in kJ/mol. article provided that the correct acknowledgement is given with the reproduced material. Most are defined in kilojoules per mole, or kJ mol-1, but can also be measured in calories per mole, joules per mole or kilocalories per gram (any combination of these units conforming to the energy per mass or amount guideline).In physics the energy per particle is often expressed in electronvolts which corresponds to about 100 kJ mol-1. Dasent, "Inorganic Energetics," 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, NY, … been selected on the basis of sound scientific judgment. in these sites and their terms of usage. This is done by subtracting the sum of the standard enthalpies of formation of the reactants from the sum of the standard enthalpies of formation of the products, as shown in the equation below. Data from NIST Standard Reference Database 69: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) If you are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from NIST subscription sites provide data under the Verwandtschaftsl., 1920, 96, 312-42. Data compilation copyright Data Program, but require an annual fee to access. NIST Standard Reference .     P = vapor pressure (bar) [all data], Thiele and Schulte, 1920 Additionally, applying Hess's Law shows that the "sum" of the individual reactions corresponding to the enthalpy change of formation for each substance in the reaction is equal to the enthalpy change of the overall reaction, regardless of the number of steps or intermediate reactions involved. NIST-JANAF Themochemical Tables, Fourth Edition, E/(2*t2) + G All elements in their standard states (oxygen gas, solid carbon in the form of graphite, etc.) All rights reserved. It is possible to predict heat of formations for simple unstrained organic compounds with the Heat of formation group additivity method. [], and was also used for the initial development of high-accuracy ANLn composite electronic structure methods []. The sum of all these values will give the standard enthalpy of formation of sodium chloride. Welcome to Sarthaks eConnect: A unique platform where students can interact with teachers/experts/students to get solutions to their queries. or in a thesis or dissertation provided that the correct acknowledgement is given Ambrose, D.; Hall, D.J. For the reaction \[\ce{H2}(g)+\ce{Cl2}(g) \ce{2HCl}(g)\hspace{20px}ΔH^\circ_{298}=\mathrm{−184.6\:kJ} \nonumber\] CODATA Key Values for Thermodynamics, Hemisphere Publishing Corp., New York, 1984, 1. Vapor pressure of chlorine, The standard enthalpy of formation of aluminium chloride has been measured by reacting aluminium with chlorine gas in the presence of an excess of liquid chlorine in a glass combustion vessel inside a calorimeter at 298 K. Complete reaction was achieved.

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