strategies for gender equality

This inequality is magnified for women and girls, many of whom have little say in the decisions that affect their lives, their families, and their communities. Why Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. Read our updated, Maternal, Newborn & Child Health Discovery & Tools, Global Framework for Advancing Women's Economic Empowerment, Conceptual Model for Women and Girls' Empowerment, The power of parity: How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth, Embedding a Gender Focus Across the Foundation. For societies to … Along the way, we seek to advance women’s economic empowerment by improving the collection and use of data on gender issues so women and girls can be counted and considered in policymaking. When women and girls are expected to remain in the home, perform all domestic work, and defer to parents, male relatives, and husbands on important decisions, they cannot participate freely in the economy or fulfill their aspirations. I work for a private sector company Gender equality policy and strategy 2016 - 2020, Click on the map to browse videos and stories highlighting GPE results. The power of parity: How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth. These countries represent some of the largest economies in their regions and are home to promising efforts focused on women’s empowerment. As the global community has become increasingly aware, education plays a key role in realizing progress toward gender equality, empowering girls and boys with foundational skills, knowledge and skills for work, leadership capacities, increased livelihood opportunities, influence and autonomy. (206) 709-3100 ext.7100, Open: Tues - Sat © 1999-2020 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gender Equality Strategy Overview Print. If we do not take gender differences into account, our efforts will miss the people who would benefit the most. We are developing clear gender-related metrics and targets to ensure that everyone at the foundation holds themselves accountable for success, and we provide ongoing assistance to our partners so they have the resources they need to make their own work more gender aware. Investing in gender equality and women’s empowerment can unlock human potential on a transformational scale. Structural barriers such as discriminatory laws and restrictive policies limit their participation in the economy and their earning power. Staff members in grantmaking roles receive additional training, including in how to use our custom Investment Marker tool. At the same time, gender equality is indispensable to achieving educational goals that will make sustainable development possible. 1 Include news about and for women. You can help achieve gender equality in your classroom by challenging traditional stereotypes … The disproportionate numbers of women affected by intimate partner violence, sexual exploitation, and forced labor face additional challenges to mental and emotional well-being, as well as increasingly limited participation in the broader society. By considering how people of different genders face different norms, opportunities, and barriers, we can have a greater impact through our grants and programs while avoiding unintentionally favoring certain people and further disadvantaging others. Core to this approach is ensuring that our foundation’s global work is conducted through a gender lens, from our strategies to our programs, advocacy efforts, and research. In countries and communities around the world, gender affects whether and how individuals can access resources and how much control they have over them. In the foundation’s work to reduce inequity, it has become clear that the undervaluing of women and girls is at the root of every problem we are working to solve. The gender equality policy and strategy covers the same span as the GPE 2020 strategy, 2016 to 2020. Even programs that focus specifically on women and girls, such as maternal health initiatives, undergo continuous, rigorous examination based on gender-related factors. Admission: Free. We are training the foundation’s entire global staff in best practices for gender integration, including lessons learned from partners. (1) If the world can unleash that power for three billion women and girls, we will begin to untangle some of the most persistent roots of poverty. 440 5th Ave N. We work to understand the role of these norms, and we design and test policies and programs that strengthen women and girls’ agency so they can earn money, benefit from economic gain, and have the power to make decisions about their incomes and lives. The formation of the Gender Equality team in 2020 has put gender equality … At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center, you’ll find stories of work that is improving lives, from Seattle to South Africa. I work for a civil society organization Working with partners, we collect and analyze data, design and test policies, and support governments in implementing reforms that ensure greater gender equality and lead to higher-paying employment opportunities for women and girls. The new Strategy outlines the goals and priorities of the Council of Europe on gender equality for the years 2018-2023, identifying working methods and main partners, as well as the measures required to increase the visibility of results. Our work to close the gender gap falls into three broad areas, with an emphasis on reaching low-income women and girls in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, including Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. With an emphasis on reaching low-income women and girls in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, we support the work of partners to break down structural barriers to women’s equality and help individual women overcome existing, day-to-day barriers. As the foundation’s programs develop or refresh their core strategies, our gender integration team works with the program leaders and teams to ensure that they apply a gender lens to their work. In partnership with governments in eight countries, we seek to ensure that more women receive digitized social payments deposited directly into their own bank accounts. Evidence from dozens of emerging economies shows that when money flows into the hands of women, and when those women have the power to decide how and when to spend it, their lives and the lives of their families are better. I work in journalism / media I work for a research organization We aim to understand the structural barriers women face—such as lack of affordable childcare, educational opportunities, and access to bank accounts and credit—and support proven methods to break down those barriers. I work for a government agency (1) McKinsey (2015). Sometimes we lack evidence entirely. The formation of the Gender Equality team in 2020 has put gender equality on par with all of the foundation’s other global programs, ensuring that gender equality is not just part of our collective agenda—it is our agenda, as we work toward a world where equal is greater. A self-help group in Jharkhand, India, meets with foundation and partner representatives. Their benefits extend to individuals, families, communities, and society at large. All Rights Reserved. Women can successfully participate in and benefit from the economy only when governments and institutions provide them with opportunities to gain employment, access services and support, and earn fair compensation for their work. If women don’t feel safe, the toilets may end up being used predominantly by men, which limits the impact of the program overall and marginalizes women and girls. Gender-responsiveness must be a core priority throughout the work of the Global Partnership for Education, given the vast mutual importance of gender equality and education.

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