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Developer on Java based web application (Coral Reef). System administrator for Java based web application. Designed and developed interactive web applications for, including quiz, survey, slideshow and video Q&A, Integrated four different ad platforms (FreeWheel, Google DFP, LightRail, YuMe) into various websites and video players, which accounted for an additional $1 million in revenue, Investigated and enhanced searching algorithm based on Apache Solr to provide more accurate search results and smart content recommendations to visitors, which increased page views by 15%, Developed a webpage content scraping and keyword extraction engine to generate content matching playlists for video player and other customizable widgets on target websites, Created a VAST/VPAID compliant HTML5 video player that provides video contents and advertising across all screens, resulting in a 20% audience engagement increase, Built a Flash advertising plugin for JW Player using ActionScript 3.0, Led development efforts on a video content sharing platform based on MongoDB for syndication partners, Scored an average of 95/100 on 5 years' annual employee evaluations. Facilitated customization of systems by encouraging software engineering team to adopt emerging standards for software application development architecture and tools. Writing a great System Engineer resume is an important step in your job search journey. Led effort to migrate the iDEN Digital Signal Processor team to new iDEN common tools and methods of working with ClearCase, which reduced SCM effort needed to maintain ClearCase-related tools and enabled iDEN developers to support teams within iDEN more easily. The multithreaded server (refer below for details) developed for the UNIX client was redesigned and implemented to run under Windows NT 4.0, using Visual C++ 5.0, Microsoft's Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM), and Win32 threads. Served as a technical lead for a project, to create a new pressure and temperature transmitter, involving ten engineers in India and multiple U.S. locations. Eliminated incorrect line count measurements for new files by creating Software Size Measurement Attribute Reporting Tool. Maintained and supported production system. The ideal candidate should demonstrate in his or her resume programming skills, managerial experience, leadership, creativity, and communication. Performs pre-build assessments, executes builds, creates software packages, releases and delivers software products for 5 iDEN teams. Worked with team to produce three major releases (6.0-8.0) and several incremental releases of the PowerBuilder product set. Senior Software Engineers create and implement computer applications and are also in charge of coordinating developer teams. AMY JONES Used Struts 2, Spring, and Hibernate as Java Framework for the web application. Worked closely with the integration test team to develop & execute functional test cases. Contract was for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under a Department of Homeland Security initiative. Lead a group of up to 10 members in planning and developing simultaneous releases. System is currently in production servicing thousands of users nationwide. Senior Software Engineers create and implement computer applications and are also in charge of coordinating developer teams. Provided user requirements analysis, design and programming support for enhancement of Web application accessed by 5 million users worldwide. Do you need to re-engineer your resume to better showcase your software engineering skills? Developed REST service tier components as well as Java components. Primarily built SIMS (Simple Invoice Management System) which is a full service online and interactive legal invoice auditing/approval system. Oversaw project build environment and collaborated with quality assurance team to verify test plan and check features. Reviewed and worked on software efficiency by resolving bugs and code optimization. Managed technical discussions with engineers in the U.S. and India to provide solutions to code defects found during multiple test cycles for flow computers and transmitters. Used Node.js and React frameworks to build a modern web application frontend and dashboard for new and legacy Android malware detection tools. Freed up server resources and eliminated need for development, SCM and IT to resolve runaway process issues by creating tool to find and terminate Solaris runaway. Developed and released software for the FDA approved LightSheer LS medical laser product. Worked with a third party company to design and implement a CAD software model for waterjet specific application. Prepared weekly project status report for five-member team. Project involved the ground-up re-design and development of a mission critical, paper based legacy application. Since software developers are both highly creative and highly … Designed a process management scheme for the client in C++, using ILOG Views, a cross-platform GUI library. Developed mobile applications for Android (Java) and iPhone (Objective C) to leverage Coral Reef web services. They help the engineer to avoid common mistakes that one can make while building a resume. Senior Software Engineer Resume Examples. Writing the career objective for software engineer resume can seem strenuous especially if you are applying in a firm you’ve always dreamt of, you don’t want to miss the opportunity. Provided direction and support to assigned software engineering sub-contractors. Implemented VPN solution using OpenVPN 1.3.5 Linux based (Ubuntu) virtual appliance. Developed application utilizing JSP, JSP custom tags, XML and J2EE components utilizing IBM Websphere application server, Struts framework, EJBs and Oracle. Decreased product test duration by creating VoIP software test tools including Voice "ping", dial-plan simulator, message simulator and trace. Assisted in the analysis, design, development of programs and in creating technical specification documents. Maintained several hosts running VMware ESXi 3.5. Work towards resolving issues with the java bean, shell script based scheduled jobs. Developed Petrel UI Automation and framework which saved company's budget and saved at least 7 person days for each product release. Lead team analysis, design and implementation of IS95/GSM/IS136 specifications. Developed Web service, ASPX pages (User Interface - UI), Data layer and Business components. Added functionality to and fixed problems with proprietary management application (PCCentral) running on Windows, including XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Supporting android and web-based mapping applications for the DARPA TransApps project. Investigated issues found by the test team and helped direct engineers to fix the issues. Develop and customize software for diverse client base. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Developed and enhanced web based case record management system utilizing SQL server 2000 & 2005, VBscript, Jscript, dynamic table driven interfaces, IIS 6. Participated in sales presentations due to ability to translate user needs into easy-to-understand software solutions. Engineer systems for processing and delivering electronic insurance claims via EDI using C# .NET. Designed and developed product features, such as for example, Vista, Windows 7, 64-bit support, license scheme changes, code refactoring, and made various bug fixes. Want to double-check that your resume is at its full potential? Converted existing Access VBA programs into SQL Server stored procedure, SSRS report service, and C# web application. Documented system errors in Engineering Problem Reports (EPRs). Data was calculated based on client requirements and reports were generated. Merged two separate Java applications that performed the same function, running on two different platforms and OSs into one application that would run on any platform. Provided interoperability translation services to vendor products by designing H.323 Gatekeeper number registration and call control software. If so, view this sample resume for a midlevel software engineer that Isaacs created below, and download the midlevel software engineer resume template. The server was implemented using C++, IBM's CSet++ Collection Class Library, TCP/IP and UNIX domain socket based inter-process communication, and the DCE Pthreads thread library. History Today is a web application which is developed for one of the leading firms in [company name] materials. Maintained ongoing collaboration with engineering, marketing and technical support to present and discuss ideas to enhance product features, functionality and reliability.

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